Another Wolf Kill Zone Goes Over Quota: Silence From DNR

I’m not surprised, Wisconsin has jumped the shark on wolves. The state is going to feel this cruel behavior in their wallets. People are not going to travel to Wisconsin or buy their products! Boycott Wisconsin!

Our Wisconsin, Our Wildlife

This picture out of the Wisconsin killing fields has been making the rounds on the internet.  This is just one of the 85 wolves reported killed since last Wednesday. This picture out of the Wisconsin killing fields has been making the rounds on the internet. This is just one of the 85 wolves reported killed since last Wednesday. Source unknown and used under “Fair Use.” 

“Screw the DNR. Keep shooting boys. .22 in the guts and watch em run. SSS.”

The above comment was posted yesterday to the Facebook anti-wolf hate site “Wisconsin Wolf Hunting.” While ghoulish in it’s own right this comment is just a small taste of the bloodthirsty anarchy being fomented on that and the other anti-wolf sites infecting the internet regarding Wisconsin’s third wolf slaughter season.

This past weekend the DNR slowly released information that 85 wolves have been “reported” killed since last Wednesday. Of the six killing zones two of them, Zones 1 and 2, reported kill numbers well over the established quota. Zone 2 was 14 (14!!!!) over the kill quota of…

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  1. FCK all Wolf killers !!!


  2. Human beings are stupid creatures! Yeah, keep killing wolves and other wildlife until they’re all extinct! We’ve already killed over 40% of the total wildlife population around the world.And for what? Greed, profit, ego, entertainment, phoney “medicinal” treatments, especially in Asian countries. By the time most people realize what’s happening, it will be too late. We need to wake up NOW!!!


  3. I can’t bear to look at that poor animal’s expression – with a monster approaching to kill him.


  4. Please stop killing the Wolves they belong on Earth just like you and I let them live


  5. If I could live my life again, and knew of the cruelty to animals throughout the world I would want to be a lawyer championing the wildlife of the world, and I would strive to have the killers imprisoned for life for murder.!


  6. The wolf in the picture lies down like my beautiful Kisii, a HUGE white Geman Shepherd Dog. It breaks my heart.


  7. To know that wolf in the picture is dead kills me and hurts my sole.


  8. Heartbreaking and leaves me with nothing but more loathe for most of mankind.


  9. This image above of the wolf in the trap was posted by a well known bear hounder who has put videos on his page showing 12 hounds ripping coyotes and other indigenous animals to shreds. The Law Enforcement Division in the DNR is corrupt and they cannot be trusted to enforce any wildlife law. The Great Lakes office of the USFWS has all the documents they need- compiled by some of the best biologists in the country- including the architect of the FED peer reviewed Wisc Wolf Plan, Richard Thiel. The USFWS needs to take responsibility and relist the wolf in Wisconsin.


    • You’re right william…as long as the state’s have control of wolves nothing will happen to help them. Relisting is the only option. And nothing is going to happen as long as Obama is President, he could care less about wildlife issues, he’s proven that again and again with his picks for Interior Secretary and signing the budget bill wolf delisting rider into law.

      Would Bilary help the wolves, after all it was Bill Clinton’s Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt who reintroduced them. It’s their responsibility to fix this horrible mess.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,




  11. Stare, at this photo alright? Stare at it for a while.. And tell me what your soul says. It’s saying, why, why this animal is taking all the heat, and we do nothing… It hurts, does it not? I show these posts to my mom, she and me sigh, I stare there wanting to bleed into tears, and I just wanna die, these animals are a true beauty.. And what now we just let this happen, the wolf is chained up for the sake, it’s horrible to see a animal in distress like this.. It hurts to stare at this photo and what I say is. I’m, so sorry.. That’s all I imagine is that animal feeling sorry.. I feel sorry!!!!! How can this happen.. You know what, every time I hear a post of an lf getting killed, hunted or even chained up. I think to myself.. One more bullet, one more arrow.. One more chain, and this species is gone for good, is that your main goal wolf haters? Is it? Is it really.. You let that arrow, bullet, or chain go that animal could just break.. Did you ever stop, and think wait a minute.. What am I doing to this creature.. No you didn’t did you? Exactly, I will just be depressed if this species is poof, extent I will think how dare you, touch the one thing I live for.. It’s hurtful.. To lie awake at night and think, right now this animal could be in a chain, this animal could be in the middle of a arrow, or a shooting.. I would get off my but, and I would say no more! No more of this! One question for you wolf haters/hunters, did you ever think that some people actually like that animal? Yea it’s true. Surprised? I’m not, I love wolves.. This is dear, wolf haters or hunters

    Dear, wolf hunters, haters,
    Hi! You cruel, rude human. Why do you do this.. I love wolves, they are beautiful. Why do you see less of them? In my eyes.. I see wolves, beauty.. And you see a black red eyed evil wolf? Why.. Cause if you do you need your eyes checked.

    For the wolves for the supporters,


  12. For the DNR to allow not only one but two of the six wolf hunting zones to exceed their quotas – one by almost twice the quota – is mind-blowing! And I though that the DNR’s job was to, you know, make sure that the “harvest” (kill) rate does NOT exceed the quota that is set to ensure that the wildlife population is not decimated! Either they are not doing their job properly or they just don’t care! In either case, the wolves are suffering even more because of this and it is very frustrating to think that the DNR is even allowing this to happen!


  13. It is time to BOYCOTT Wisconsin and their dairy products.
    Idaho had trouble selling their potatoes this year because supporters have been boycotting them. Wisconsin should not be allowed to get away with such barbaric practices and such cruelty.
    Toni Stark
    Truth About Wolves


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