Wolf hatred has spread west to Washington State

Teanaway pack wolf after collaring WDFW

And don’t forget WDFW aerial gunned the Huckleberry pack alpha female back in August, so that’s two breeding females killed in Washington state this year, where they are supposed to be federally and state protected. What a disgrace!

Huckleberry Pack Alpha Female Shot Aerially by WDFW Contract Sharpshooter

September 10, 2014


Exposing the Big Game

From Defenders.org:

Yesterday, we learned that the alpha female of the Teanaway pack was shot and killed, throwing the entire pack’s future into jeopardy. Disturbingly, the killing may have been intentional and a criminal investigation is underway since wolves in Washington State are protected under both state and federal law.

Fear and demonization of wolves is like a virus.

Defenders of Wildlife and our conservation partners are offering a reward for any information leading to the apprehension and conviction of the wolf’s killer.

There are barely 60 known wolves in the entire state of Washington. With the tragic loss of the alpha female, the fate of the Teanaway pack is now uncertain. This is a major blow to wolf recovery in the Pacific Northwest.

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  1. Karma is waiting for you killer/s of these beautiful animals and ALL animals. You can’t run and you can’t hide, cowards.

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  2. People have to find things to hate! The wolf is a easy target!! It saddens me how anyone can kill these beautiful animals that bring no harm to anyone!!

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  3. What is wrong with these people? Wild animals are wild!!!!!!!

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    • These people should be hunted down, not the wolves.

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      • I completely agree that these people need to be hunted,NOT the wolves and animals!!!!


  4. Sadly, I don’t believe the first killing by aerial gunners was “accidental” either. The propensity to lie has been evident in our dealings with wolf haters and the ability to get away with it is shocking and shameful in an area that professes wolf protection and then winks at deliberate destruction of the key leader of the pack.

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  5. I do not believe the killing of either of the alpha females was accidental. Whomever killed these females knew they were the alphas and did it knowing the future of the pack would be uncertain. I am so saddened by the ignorance of some people.


  6. this needs to stop now


  7. Over in Whitman county, just across from Moscow, Idaho, a rancher pursued and shot a wolf. We shall see if WA district attorney will prosecute.
    Up in the Cascades, on the East side, ranchers occupy nearly every valley, and have vowed to quietly kill wolves they see.

    Wolf hatred is the general mindset of the ranchers who moved in from Europe during the late 1800s and 1900s.
    The problem is really that wolf extermination was originally allowedd in the USA (not to mention Canada where much still goes on). I mentioned “every valley”; mountain valleys, as some know, are where mammals migrate down in fall and winter to areas where they can eat. Because ranchers have been allowed to take over most mountain valleys in the West, and because their activity is subsidized by governments, they have constituted the rationale for that killing.

    It is common to read on pro-wolf websites, the words “shameful”, “shocking”, and other like expressions, but RARE to read any determination whatsoever.

    On this site, we have seen a comment by a well-known biologist suggesting that wolf advocates begin to develop strategies to counter the murderous mindset of these welfare ranchers, who have consistently defied conservation of natural ecosystems and species, taking the lives of natural predators at will, in spite of law, and further continuing to defy the will and wisdom of the majority of Americans, who now understand the need for preservation of natural wild systems and the life within those systems.

    As you have seen by the recent elections, anger and rage define the benighted few who actually vote and thus you have the violent haters entrenched in government – of states, localities, and in federal govt.

    advocacy, and protection are not accomplished with comments of “shocking” and Shameful.”

    It is done through actions. In order for the actions to be successful (which they CAN be, as a huge majority of US citizens support the wolf), strategy, knowledge, and a determination greater than that created by financial loss or gain, must be developed, in EACH of you.

    This present culture is one of violence, of the acceptance of violence and hate; it is unlikely that direct participation in rhetoric and mutual hate will suffice to change it.

    I’d bet that most of you have children, and I would also bet that you fail to purposely expose, educate, and impassion your children to understand the wolf, to value real, in-depth exposure and learning within nature and natural areas ( I do NOT speak of crowds rafting down rivers, military-like summer camps, motorized crushing over the life there – I speak of supporting individual exploration and learning afoot, developing familiarity, competence in simplicity, and care for the other life dependent upon the earth. This does not have to include guns – which by the way have been SHOWN not to reduce bear conflict, etc. Only knowledge of EACH individual ever does so)

    Mining, roading, logging, offroad vehicle using, housing developments, privatization (and those who advocate for it in govt and in the mainstream) are all forces which right now are destroying and fragmenting nature. Each of these things lead to greater legal and illegal killing of wolves.
    If you support or participate in these things, you are part of the problem. You do NOT “need” more things, you need to discover your integrity and confidence in the wild, and bring this to the development of strategies to counter the exploitation that drives the killing of wolves.


  8. Now people are hunting wolves in Washington! Just outrageous.


  9. Wolf hatred, unfortunately, is native to Washington. Some brutal people live in my state. They are not the majority, but there are enough of these creeps to cause serious problems because many of them live in or near wolf country. Some of the worst offenders run their cattle on our public lands for almost no fee, then whine about wolves. This latest wolf was killed even though no evidence of dead livestock was found. Someone just wanted to kill a wolf. I hope he or she is caught and punished.

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  10. We know it’s the ranchers cabal. I think they even had the brass to say they were going to do it in a signed Petition after (a preposterously high number) of their sheep were supposedly attacked by the Huckleberries?

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  11. I pray that getting rid of Obama’s wolf slaughtering blood money politicians will give us a chance to put forth new pleas for the wolf to be placed back on the Endangered Species list. The Republicans won because of Obama’s policies and his evil pen. People were and are fed up with the democrats, Obama’s lackies. Let’s hope that our beloved wolves can hold on for a while longer until the newly elected Republican governors, the Republican stronghold in the Senate, and winning the House back takes over. Maybe then we will have a chance to have the wolves reinstated on the Endangered List…undoing what Obama did when he ILLEGALLY removed them (for favors) from the Endangered Species List.

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  12. It’s heartbreaking.


  13. (I note the highly fictional assessment of one of the comments in this column, which is a transparent attempt to demonize one party and falsely elevate another into “protectors” of wolves, when the latter is most emphatically NOT the truth)

    Relevant to politicization of the polarization of attitudes on wolves is the political fact in the USA that the 3 domestic policy agendas regarded as major by political scientists are:
    1. social welfare
    2. racial issues
    3. issues of culture: religion, education, divergent partial perceptions of morality, values of self-interest vs. generosity, justice vs. compassion.

    You will note that nowhere is there objective environmentalism, but only as related to perceived human welfare.

    What this means is, that at present, the value and welfare of other species (whether plant, animal, or other) is regarded only in relation to that of humans.
    This makes for extreme difficulty for predators like the wolf.

    We have all aligned our environmental concerns with that of those who are primarily concerned with their effects on humans; yet we see little or no empathy for the wolf or other, as regarded intrinsically valuable within the realm of local regional or national politics.

    In order to create actual change, this failure must be addressed.
    objective or empathic values must be added to the 3 domestic issues regarded as valid by elected officials and political parties.

    I do hope Nabeki will remove the most egregious political falsehoods from comment columns, as it is counterproductive to promote such politicization, and instead create a forum for development of ideas, strategies, and tactics to save the lives, genes, and pack social structures of the Gray Wolf from every further bullet.

    If a change can be made with the wolf, it is likely that all other species and natural systems of life will be valued and assisted in survival.

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    • What this means is, that at present, the value and welfare of other species (whether plant, animal, or other) is regarded only in relation to that of humans.

      Yes, absolutely! If you only knew how much I hate this human-centric mindset we have, and I won’t do anything to further this kind of agenda. I’m willing to take a chance that another party couldn’t be any worse, and might actually help. While the liberal party concentrates on spending their waking hours legalizing pot and other hedonistic persuits.

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      • ^^oops, make that ‘pursuits’.

        The thing that bothers me the most is that all of these human issues never change; so very little time and energy gets spent on pure environmental and wildlife issues (again, only as they relate to human recreation, and this is especially bad with Jewell.) Somebody has to stand up for wildlife and the environment, and that’s what I’m doing.l

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      • I value your input, Ida,

        I hope we can go on thinking about the issue here:

        We know through polls that very large majorities in, for instance, two largely conservative states, DO regard the gray Wolf as a valued neighbor. In AZ and NM, over 80% and 70% feel this way.

        I m right now looking at an issue I regard as sociological, but is presented as political science:
        http://www.jstor.org/stable/3088434?seq=11 Party Polarization and “Conflict Extension” in the American Electorate”
        Geoffrey C. Layman and Thomas M. Carsey
        the authors there have hypothesized that partisan politics leads most often to polarization , alignment of party-idenitifers with party agendas as their own beliefs, and suggest that such psychosocial identification leads to extension of conflict, rather than resolution.
        This is what I come away with so far, , and their longitudinal study further leads me to opine that wolf advocates, in particular, should somehow avoid alignment with a particular party.

        We know already that wolves have been politicized, and that is why Democrat strategists responded by promoting John Tester, for instance, in MT, and some other problematic decisions (if you study the works on wolf reintroduction from 70s onward, you will understand that wolves were a strong hot-button issue in the Rockies states) . They are aware of citizen opinion on such emotional issues.

        Yet, since Layman & Carsey show pretty convincingly that when an issue is grabbed by one party, it polarizes, and that vast majority in the US (in MI a few days ago, we see the majority diminishing due to appearing partisan, although it is still in the 65% and 55% favored range there) could easily disappear as individuals,like that latter party, throw wolves under the bus for $ and whatever else they believe worthy of grasping.

        Politicians of the past have been notable in changing their opinions, plans, and faits accomplis, 180 degrees when confronted with a significant majority. More recently, they attempt to mold their larger agenda by including an issue as vehemently partisan.

        Only personal interaction can reduce the volatility of another’s toward any that that person holds in low regard. General politicization will doom wolves.

        I hav ewatched the NSA spying issue creating initial chaos in parties, but then become marginalized and poiticized into a neutered issue due to institutionalized partisanship.
        Some other issues have the capacity to break up this problem. Incumbent Dems in Louisiana and a couple other states desire Tar Sands pipeline, stripping entire watershed in the West for urban areas far away, and always both parties sacrifice species, environment, and the Earth for growth.

        The polarization needs to be countered by wolf advocates, as well as advocates for the living Earth. A list of those political powerholders (they should noT be called leaders, as that has become the cognitive problem!) in favor of environment and wolves in the midcentury last, would surprise most. We have to turn this tide, in order to prevent grave loss of what traditional peoples accurately recognized as other people of the Earth (and here, too, is a conceptual view of value in promoting the necessary cultural change).


  14. Is there a petition or something I can sign and get all my friends in america to do so as well, this is heartbreaking, wolfpack alpha, all in our pack must sign if there is one


  15. I reside on the East Coast and have had 2 Wolves that I rescued from the Dog Pound. They were wonderful to share space with and they were great with the dog and the cat. I notice that when one is West of the Big Muddy, animal abuse is far more prevalent, and not just by the rogue Government Agencies. It makes me ill to read reports of children beheading their pet Turtle with a steak knife, puppies thrown out of windows, and cats set on fire.

    Animal Protection Legislation is weak and the State of NJ has the worst of them all. Until there is Federal statute that improves upon the Animal Welfare Act we are stuck with the State Statutes. Federal trumps State every time so we must work to make the Animal Welfare Act as strong as possible. Trouble is this next round of Politicians in intent on destroying all the gains we have made!


  16. Its sickening that this country killed all its wolves that Mexico and Canada had to give us these rare beauties, but Americans still continue to destroy whats left of our wildlife, destroying our ecosystem.


  17. Wolf haters spread throughout time.. It’s like a disease one person gets it and then another and then another. Wolf hate ranks go up and down.. They always stay up on the High meter why is that..so stop and think Why does this happen and then reply because matters are only worse when a wolf is in pain..
    For the wolves, for the supporters. ❤


  18. Many yrs ago met couple at Yellowstone from Washington state vehemently hated wolves. My opinion hasn’t spread always been there. Today people hate their own neighbors God help poor wolves.


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