Wolves: Hunting Affects Stress, Reproduction, and Sociality

Wolves in lamar valley_ Earth Justice

This goes to the central issue that wolves are highly social, sentient beings. They aren’t just numbers. Counting wolves as if they’re inanimate objects, to achieve the lowest common denominator, of reducing the wolf population to negligible numbers, is not only wrong, it’s bad science. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that indiscriminately killing members of wolf families, in a sick game of annual Russian Roulette, causes wolves tremendous stress. Wolves have just a 1 in 10 hunt success rate, that means their lives are not easy, even under ideal conditions.

The cruelty of hunting, especially trapping and now legal wolf/dog fighting in Wisconsin, has turned their lives into a living hell. A wolf is a wolf is a wolf perpetuates the idea that wolves are interchangeable. That if hundreds of wolves lose their lives every year in the hunts, it’s OK because wolves will just make more wolves. There is no consideration of pack structure, hierarchy or the importance of alphas leading and teaching their young. What happens to the young wolves who lose their parents at five or six months of age? What chance do they have of surviving and becoming good hunters? I think we all know the answer to that but fish and game agencies don’t care about wolf society or their social interactions. They care about their customers, the hunters and maximizing ungulate numbers to make as much money on hunting tags as possible. If they have to slaughter wolves to achieve that goal, they could care less.

I’d like to see how brave these trophy hunters would be without their high-powered weaponry, baits, traps, snares, AR-15’s, et al.  They wouldn’t last two seconds.

Exposing the Big Game

Harassed wolves show elevated levels of stress and reproductive hormones

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  1. Leave wolves and ALL animals alone!

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  2. People all across the United States have shown they are incapable of treating all animals, including Domestic companion animals, with kindness and consideration. The statistics coming from Defenders of Wildlife and other animal protection groups tell us we have led hundreds of Species to extinction. Our Department of the Interior has to be replaced and staffed with Biologists and Ecologists. There is not one employee at any of the Interior agencies that is worth a damn.

    I have shared my home with 2 Wolves (at different times in my life) and they were dumped at the dog pound. I rescue horses and dogs and cats as well. The Pound knows to call me and Wolves are allowed where I live. These Wolves were chained and kept scent marking even after they were neutered.

    I brought them home and they both did the same things. They hid underneath my Grand Piano for a few weeks. I fed them separately not because I feared they would go after my cat and dog but because Wolves like privacy. The Cat ruled the roost and he would keep the dog and the wolf trapped on the landing at the bottom of the staircase. I would notice my Canine and my Lupine were missing. The dog was a Barkless Basenji and she loved Wolves and Cats. She considered herself a Lupine and had no use for Canines of any size or breed. The dog and the wolf would engage in mutual grooming which I thought was incredible.

    All of my pets passed away at ages of 12, 16, and 18. They all passed within 18 months of each other. I am waiting for the next dog, cat, or wolf to present itself to me because I never go looking for pets. They find me and that goes for the horses too.

    Our Animal Welfare Act does not a stiff enough Penalty. The FBI is now taking the most horrific cases of abuse and is investigating and Prosecuting. WE MUST RE-STAFF both the Department of the Interior as well as the Department of Agriculture. FDA could use some shaking up too.

    Fingers crossed and always saying Prayers for the animals…


    • Thank you Manes and Tails for your compassion and dedication to animals in need.I loved hearing about the wolves. ❤

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

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  3. Thanks you at Manes and Tails. Each life has a value unknowable to those not in contact with it. That value in part reverberates along time, affecting individuals and changing the world.

    Historical documents and captive wolves have shown that wolves, healthy, can live as long as 15 years, and many of the documents show that healthy, functioning wild wolves have managed for 14 years.
    Even damaged, wounded, wolves have had functional lives in the wild nearly as long.
    This was before the modern heavy incursion of humans into their habitats, leading to unrelieved severe stresses.

    The primary source of mortality in wolves has for the 20th (and of course the 19th) and 21st century, been mostly intentional human persecution, with some unintentional and unadmitted accidental death being a significant part of the number.

    Both studies and indigenous & visitor lore in the NWT, Yukon, and boreal areas have consistently shown that interpack activity was far more congenial than what is detected further south, where both population density and human interference has been greater.

    Sometimes I am sad when I encounter information sourced from the likes of Marc Bekoff: like so many wolf biologists, ethologists, ecologists, they all seem to have been around for 40 years, meaning that they won’t be here for the very possibly long time it may take to grant wolves he tolerance and freedom from persecution they deserve as highly intelligent highly emotional individuals, with lives of that value I hint at above.

    Although I came to my understanding of the value of wolf emotional lives, of their vital individual existnce and cognitive capacities through several avenues other than Marc’s, his work and overview can instruct those who intuit and otherwise understand the value of wolf as individual and species, to those who care and those who desire to link their life to this way of learning of higher values; here’s an excerpt from one of his books, hinting of the neural, functional, experiential and intuitively obvious case for not merely tolerance, but for our development of a respect and reverence for their lives equal to that commonly reserved only for humans (Many other species share or exceed a great number of human capacities, and we cannot hold in a valid way to any idea that we have any superior sensory, emotional, or experiential value to these others of other kinds):


    (coming down from the wet mountains this morning, I hope you pursue advocacy for every wolf’s life, in every way you caqn; this’ll include avid reaqding and explorqtion of the work of others communicated through human words!)

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  4. Lots of extra q’s on my keyboard!
    Although the Center For Biological Diversity has mapped out what they call available suitable Gray Wolf habitat – there’s a small scale map on this page:

    That map does NOT include all the area available. In Southwest Washington, parts of SW Oregon, and Northwest California, for instance, there are large contiguous areas of forest owned by logging companies, which although managed for tree exploitation, are heavily vegetated, with large populations of ungulates. These rather huge areas have the advantage of not being available for hunting (or limited to those who are employees, who have access through locked gates), and are terrain difficult for most humans to negotiate (this is personal experience, with many hours, days, over the years of life of a Wolf i knew: lots of encounters with deer, and may findings of winter “deer “yards” – trampled areas where they remain together in inclement weather)

    I mention these, because they constitute both a much larger useful habitat, and importantly, they link areas scientifically studied as excellent historical and present refuge for the wolf,
    like the seemingly isolated Olympic Mountain anad offer more extensive Roosevelt Elk habitat, right to the Pacific coast in some areas.

    Human highways are a big source of wolf mortality, and structures have been built in Canada exclusively for wild species crossings, which could be duplicate over Interstates in the USA.

    What we seek are large areas with little or no human traffic, as modern wolves must quickly learn to avoid our kind, or they suffer the same fate as most of their relatives from humans.

    The map and review of suitable habitat is obviously part of CBD’s developing strategy in the face of the coming catastrophe of an even more highly inimical federal US legislature.

    Agency staff not appointed by the govt. (contrary to the generalization made by Manes and Tails) are professionals, who are composed of many different people mostly desiring to retain their positions, and who do different work assigned to them.

    Wholesale presumptive firing is , just as the implied pressure by Nabeki in a past post to vote re[publican, a grave, grave mistake.

    Certainly a different mandate is required for wolves, carnivores, wildland preservation, but this imperative must be aimed at:

    1. Changing the mandates of USDA Forest Service, USDI BLM, USDA APHIS Wildlife Services.

    2. Changing the ignorance of present US children, students in formal education institutions. hunters, cattle and sheep growers (many in he latter three populations cannot be changed in their views, but interaction with individuals possessing a more empathic ethic, can reduce their active attempts to kill carnivores).

    3. Changing the elected members of state and federal legislative and executive branches (they each have personal views, and historically their individual views change less than that of those who do not seek political power).

    4. Some of the state and federal judiciary also have intractable views, and those with prejudicial views toward and about carnivores in territory claimed by the USA, are too dangerous to allow office.

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    • The Department of the Interior is a Rogue Department. They are driving the Wild horses and Burros to extinction. They do what they want and there is a video on YouTube created by a former Fish and Wildlife Service employee. He describes how they love to get that ‘gut’ shot so the Wolf can die a slow and painful death. They leave them for about a week and then dispose of the corpse.

      Ecologist Craig Downer was once a BLM employee and he knew Velma Johnston very well. Nothing has changed. He is on the Board of my 501(c)(3) as is Dr. Lester Friedlander. Craig has done extensive research and has gone on foot and in a light Plane to see how the horses and Burros are doing. He has a great plan but the Secretary of the Interior is not interested in what he has to say. She wants to get campers and let them drive around in ATVs! Maybe they will pass by Madeline Pickens ‘Eco Resort’ and meet her NON REPRODUCING HERD OF GELDINGS.

      Filmmaker and Actor Orson Welles was a strong animal advocate. Marlboro Cigarettes wanted him to do a commercial. He said it had to be how he wanted it. He spoke of the wild horses being chased by planes and slaughtered for dog food. He interviewed some ‘Mustangers’ and one guy tried for years to get a particular Black Stallion. When he got close he shot the horse in the face, The commercial was 8 minutes long and made the Marlboro Man look like a fool.

      These people are no better than the Slaughterhouse workers that beat, drag, cut, and throw all so called ‘food’ animals. We here in the US are deplorable when it comes to the treatment of animals. Animals occupy the same Ethical Sphere as do Children. Society at large is responsible for stepping up and saying or doing something to help vulnerable populations. This is not about ‘Animal Rights’ however, there are some excellent arguments for that.

      I understand that the Forest Service Horses are the responsibility of the Department of Agriculture. The Parks Service is responsible for the Nokota horses. Despite the Fossil record, people still insist these horses were escapees from the US Cavalry, Some were but not nearly all. The American Livestock Breed Conservancy has every type of Wild horse as ‘critically; endangered. Wolves are the same. Fish and Wildlife Services creates and maintains the Endangered Species list. Polar Bears were removed and they are now mating with Grizzly Bears!

      We have so many obstacles created by people who either know very little or should know better, I just want the Wolves and all the other wildlife to be undisturbed!



  5. Not surprising, but an extremely interesting study nonetheless! Just comes to show that animal behavior needs to be taken into consideration when conserving and managing wildlife populations! Also more evidence on why wolf hunting should be banned! 😉

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  6. still can’t figure out why the majority is not outraged at this killing. people need to speak up and show up at demonstrations, visit our politicians and advise them that killing predators is unacceptable.

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  7. Here is some great news for the Red Wolf in North Carolina. It comes from the Animal Welfare Institute and Defenders of Wildlife and others. Here is the link to the Press release:


    Our disgusting Department of the Interior again gave its ‘Blessing’ to yet another revolting ‘Predator Derby’ in Idaho. Derby? The Kentucky Derby for 2 year old Horses is bad enough. Anytime humans create a situation where performance is rated always has horrible effects on the animals, no matter the Species. BTW horses are not physically mature until the age of 4. I know because I have 4 former Racehorses in my rescue now. These horses are suitable for advanced riders in the discipline of Dressage. No jumping, no Barrel racing, just Level I or II Dressage.

    I have converted my family to Veganism but they don’t discuss it because they don’t like the comments they get. I have seen so many slaughter videos of all animals that I still cry. I have a hard time watching but someone who cares must bear witness to this unnecessary suffering.

    I am thrilled for the Red Wolves victory and incredibly depressed about the Derby in Idaho. I hope the Wolves find new places to hide. People generally don’t care about how we treat animals of all species, East of the Big Muddy we have less problems with the Feds when it comes to animals. Where there are States that allow hunting of Brown Bears it is because the NRA has lobbied hard to get these statutes passed.


  8. Changing the names of any of these agencies does not change their antiquated policies. Some states, like Maine & others call themselves “inland fisheries and wildlife” or some other more nice sounding titles. But, their barbaric and savage killing of predators and other native wildlife continues. The is most people, politicians organizations lack the fortitude to go against the status quo. While most people do not hunt or trap, (over 95%), the majority accept the game agency policies, and often still believe that “wildlife management” (hunting, especially) is “needed” to “control” populations. This is a myth, of course, but even caring, wildlife lovers fall for this lie. They also still accept the lie that livestock can “co-exist” on public lands with native wild animals. This is why native wildlife is losing.



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