1827 Dead Wolves -Northern Rockies/Great Lakes 2013/early 2014

gray wolf USFWS

Update: November 21, 2014

Putting this all together, adding the current 2014 wolf mortality numbers of 443, plus the 1827 wolves killed during 2013/early 2014, minus the 11 wolves who died of natural causes, adds up to 2256  wolves killed between January 2013 and November 21, 2014. They were wiped out by hunters, poachers, Wildlife Service control actions, ranchers and accidents. I believe the numbers are much higher than this. Many more wolves have been killed illegally and will never be counted, so we can only speculate on those numbers but I’m sure they’re not insignificant.

 In less than 23 months over 2200 wolves have been killed! This is an absolute outrage. Wolves cannot sustain these high mortality rates. Something must  be done to stop the carnage.

In the coming days I’ll be exploring a way in which wolf advocates may be able to challenge this slaughter. It’s been written about and discussed but hasn’t been tested.


November 20, 2014

My previous post dealt with the ongoing number of wolves killed in 2014. This post deals with total 2013/early 2014 wolf mortality in the Northern Rockies/Great Lakes.  It’s a huge number! A slaughter!  What’s behind this madness? It’s certainly not because wolves are harming humans or are a threat to the livestock industry.

From Wildearth Guardians:

Livestock Losses


Myth:  Wolves, coyotes, mountain lions, bears, and others kill lots of cattle.

Truth:  Less than a quarter of one percent, 0.23%, of the American cattle inventory was lost to native carnivores and dogs in 2010, according to a Department of Agriculture report.

The government’s own data show that the real killers of cattle are not a few endangered wolves or other wildlife – it’s illness and weather.  Yet, the predation myth has directly contributed to a federal, 100-year, paramilitary assault on millions of native carnivores.

The livestock predation myth is a big lie imposed on the American public. While lethal predator control does little to help the fat cats of agribusiness, it ensures that the USDA-Wildlife Services stays in business. While the feds assault millions of our native wolves, bears, cougars, and coyotes, the true cattle killers are illness and weather.  The Wildlife Services’ lethal predator control program must end, and the taxpayers, wildlife, and wildlands will reap the benefits.

Read the full report here

Wolves are being wiped out in record numbers, driven by a hate filled anti-wolf movement Their numbers are small but unfortunately for wolves, the haters dominate policy in wolf states. They also have powerful allies, like The Safari Club, The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Sportsman for Fish and Wildlife, Cattlemen’s Association, etc.  The profit motive is also driving the killing machine. State fish and game agencies win in two ways, a top predator is killed off to inflate ungulate numbers for their customers, the hunters and the state makes money off the sale of wolf hunt tags. Wolves are also the target of ranchers, Wildlife Services and poachers. Anywhere wolves turn,  they’re in danger. Even Yellowstone National Park wolves aren’t safe. Many collared park wolves have been shot by hunters when they step one toe outside the park. The most famous wolf in the world, the Lamar Canyon alpha female, better known as O6 (her birth year), was killed by a hunter’s bullet.

No wolf is safe in America.


Northern Rockies: 2013 Wolf mortality

Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf Recovery
Program 2013 Interagency Annual Report


Northern Rockies or NRM -2013 Wolf Mortality

In 2013,  922 wolves were killed in the Northern Rockies. This USFWS chart, shows the breakdown of  wolves mortality in each state. Hunting (Harvest), Control, Human (Poaching/Accidents), Natural Causes, Unknown.

Wolf Mortality Chart NRM 2013

Idaho – 335 wolves

Montana – 473 wolves

Wyoming – 109 wolves

Oregon – 3 wolves

Washington – 2 wolves


Total 2013 Northern Rockies:  922 dead wolves



Great Lakes -2013/early 2014 Wolf Mortality

Unlike the Northern Rockies, the Great Lakes states combine 2013/2014 wolf mortality  numbers.  In my previous post I did not include the 2013/2014 wolf hunt mortality numbers in that total.



2013/2014 Hunt 238 wolves (previous hunt in 2012 killed 413 wolves)

2013/2014 Control Actions 127 wolves killed (previous control actions in 2012 killed 295 wolves)

*No numbers for poaching, accidents or natural mortality

Total wolf mortality Minnesota 2013/2014: 365 wolves



Wolf hunt 2013/2014: 334 wolves

Control actions 2013/2014: 65 wolves

Total wolf mortality Wisconsin 2013/2014: 429 wolves



Wolf hunt 2013 : 23 wolves

Control actions: Since there’s no breakdown on the number of wolves killed in control actions between 2012-2013 I’m going to half the 73 control action numbers to 36 for 2013.

*No numbers for accidents, poaching or natural mortality.

 Total wolf mortality Michigan 2013: 109 wolves


Great Lakes/Total Wolf Mortality 2013/early 2014 – 903 wolves



March 2013, 1 radio collared female wolf, from Wisconsin, found dead


North Dakota

1 year old male wolf killed by a deer hunter -2013



Total wolf mortality Northern Rockies/Great Lakes – 2013/early 2014

1827 dead wolves!

whats waiting for wolves 1


Top photo: USFWS

Bottom Photo: Idaho Wild Wolf Images Copyright 2011

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  1. We are going to have our hands full with Mitchy M and Johnny B. They are both the same, not a clue to reality, let others do the work and somehow they may get credit, they are banking on it. As to the wolves, I call the White House each day and leave a message for the President to keep the wolves on the Endangered List and we have a huge number of murderers out there that don’t care about life, just themselves (actually I bet they hate themselves!!!!) How are we going to save these animals and others? May be an idea if others want to call the White House each day/often and give a similar message of your choice about the wolves. Congress will be absolutely WORTHLESS!!!! My opinion. Let me know what you think. Thank you.

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  2. so bad but this is what america relay is the land the people and the worst of all your governement’s. it is i very bad countery and all what the need is money.and when you are strong and you are rich you get the rite. so it was in the beginning before it was america. the kill the food from the wolf the buffalo. this is what happen the wolf hunt on the buffalo but what happening the american now there was something more on the land and it was gold. the came more and more from fare away for the gold the hunt not for food but for the sport our the fun than was no buffalo anymore the wolf can hunt no moore .so what happening the people came whit cows so the wolf need food to surefire and he hunt and kill the cows. and the farmers don’t like it so he go and speak to the governement’s and that was the wolf get the blame from for something that the people deed. and know the hunting and kill the wolf for the one mistake. sorry when something in the spelling is not so good. but i em not american but a belgen our duits


  3. Wolf hate:: It is a visceral, irrational, hysteria based on belief based thinking rather than pre-frontal lobe, cognitive based thinking. It is also characteristic of far right wing nut thinking in politics. It is genetic I think. If you try to tell these brains the facts, the science, to dispel the folklore, they completely ignore you and double down on their beliefs, and will actually say, “I don’t believe that!” and then go back to reiterating all the folklore, myths and lies, which like the far right, the republican brains do in the company of their kind, their echo chambers. I think that it is also a reaction to conservationists and these people who see wolf recovery and conservation coming from others and being imposed on them. It is also a simple, raw, basic conflict of values. These minds need continual education on the value of wolves in the ecology. These minds need to have their folklore, lies and myths confronted over and over and over and over. Most importantly wolves need protections from them long enough for recovery and for them to concretely see that their fears were visceral and hysterical. State based management of wolves should always be under federal oversight. Wildlife ecology is a regional matter, not a state by state matter, which politicizes predator management and turns it over to state wildlife agencies that are largely of the same ilk as the anti-wolf groups (hunters, ranchers, and rural conservative minds). When I read Chris Mooney’s “The Republican Brain” it was clear to me that wolf haters are same: Their thinking is a belief based way of thinking resistant to facts, logic, reason, science, concrete. Change with them is slow taking repetition, show me, examples; and law such as re-listing wolves and keeping them listed for a long time.

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    • Roger,
      the wolf is a political symbol to the laissez-faire ranchers
      (only 26,300 or so ranchers graze 3.2 million cattle on 254 million acres of Public Lands –
      this area is the size of CA, OR, WA, and ID combined.
      94% of BLM land is grazed in 16 western states,
      35% of US Federal Wilderness has active grazing allotments).

      Due according to Todd Wilkinson in “Science Under Seige: The Politicians’ War on Nature and Truth”, and numerous wolf, conservation, and other biologists, to the problem with 1934’s Taylor Grazing Act, (BLM operates under influence of “Grazing Advisory Boards” under this act.

      What political scientists call an “Iron Triangle” is formed by local, county, and state governments controlled by the large ranching interests in combination with small, independent ranchers (and of course, huge hunting and gun groups, who control state wildlife agencies), in combination with such advisory boards, state and federal politicians elected through those monies in those states.

      Here’s a couple actual political goings-on:
      Debra Donohue, a Law Prof at Univ of WY showing how ranchers destroy public lands, erode, overgraze, poison & shoot native animals, use USDA Wildlife Services to grave excess in additional killing, was attacked by the big Cattlemen groups, Republican (remember republican ideology? feds are only for warmaking, states control everything else) state senators etc, threatened University of WY, even to the point of attempting to close their school of law.
      Clinton’s 93-94 attempt to raise public lands grazing fees to cover administrative costs and get closer to market value, was perhaps the single most important reason for Republican takeover of legislature in 94, due to the $$$$ of ranching industry, on state and therefore fed politics.
      Those huge ranching corporations (remember JR Simplot in ID back in these years and in the Bush/Cheney years? (Cheney was the NO wolves, nohow, guy, repeating it numerous times in his career) – Simplot is one of the massive Fortune 500 companies, and agribiz (comments get too long fast when identifying public lands ranching corps) with whom and sometimes from which the big$ ranchers come as hobby) control US political decisions.

      Once, in New Mexico, state ranching politics prevented Mexican Wolves from being released on the big Gila NFand linked wildernesses. So they had to choose politically to go to the smaller and more heavily roaded (I have mentioned that roading is dangerous to wolves, because it is related to human caused mortality – illegal there, but as you see by the ongoing failure due to poaching Mex Wolves, bad) Blue Range in East AZ.
      Hopefully the critical habitat proposed south of I-40 in both states will relieve that problem soon.

      But expect , EXPECT, that antiwolf riders will be attached in the coming congress. I have written asking that my Senators do NOT allow this corruption, and to Obama to veto ALL riders unrelated to the must-pass spending bills to which they are attached.



  4. Obama is not going to undo his evilness. He took the wolf off the Endangered List for blood money and political favors. We have to find another way to have to wolves put back on the Endangered List. Now that the politics and the number of politicians won’t be in his favor…we might have a chance, but I would like to know who we should contact or petition. We are at square one, but it’s a bigger emergency. The wolf can’t wait…neither can we.


    • Yes, under this administration, Democrat, Jon Tester darling of most wildlife groups, worked diligently to delist wolves. He is also a rancher. The NRA and the Livestock Industry have paid off most of the politicians that matter. Many of the politicians in the West have ties with the Livestock Industry–or are ranchers themselves. The system itself is corrupt to the core. If one still believe we have a Democracy–think again. The problem is, most people on a blog like this are nice, caring people, and it is hard to believe that the other side of this coin is so Evil. But it is. Talking with them, trying to educate them, voting for “better” Democrat, etc, only encourages them. Perhaps we need to think more radically–after all, the word radical means “getting to the core of the problem.” Perhaps we should not vote at all in the coming “election.” A general strike might just be in order, but I do not think people are ready to this. What a great message it would send, though!


  5. WHY Can’t we all join under one wolf conservation banner, collect dues, and lobby congress the same way hunters payoff politicians to kill?
    Surely there are many many more wolf lovers who would contribute
    a fee on a yearly on going basis!!
    I never see one clearly delineated banner to rally under.
    Instead we all receive email asking to protect or act for one cause or another.
    What’s needed is one over arching fund to directly impact top
    I know many people who feel the same way: the would donate if they
    knew the funds were actually being used to conserve wildlife.
    Instead we hear about how 90 cents of every dollar went to
    fund someones vacation homes.
    If you want to fight wolf haters you must pay the same paymaster!
    Elected officials in congress.
    Why is the NRA so powerful, when so many more millions of people
    are for sensible gun control?
    Because those many many millions are unorganized under one
    gun control banner collecting fees to payoff congress!!!


    • Read my “iron triangle” part of my coment far above:
      The political iron triangles are institutionalized, and are generally resistant and NOT subject to majority rule, or change.


      • Additionally, understand that YOU CANNOT CHANGE THE LEGISLATURE:
        A discussion of how they gerrymandered House districts to assure Republican (and make NO mistake, it is the Republicans who kill wolves ( the Democrats doing so have through this sold their souls to get elected). I live in the West, have attended wolf and other related issues in different counties and contacted biologists and wildlife agencies of several states, and it is NO secret, but active policy. Republicans kill wolves, whether by state fiat, corrupt influence trading on local to national levels, AND by attempting to give or sell US public lands to states and private interests):
        that discussion of why you will not change through merely voting is here:


      • Here is a new review of why it is difficult for the vast majority of people to be heard on wildlife issues, and the entrenchment of “consumptive users”: gun and trap killers:

        Study: Non-hunters contribute most to wildlife

        this comes STRAIGHT OUTTA WYOMING, and so the words are well-minced, but it is a great possibility for a hole to be torn into that corrupt particular iron triangle!

        It mentions the failure of the Montana wildlife stamp proposal, which would have changed FWP’s funding and therefore make inroads into its warped mandate. It failed, but just the attempt is historical change.


    • Your impression or facts are inaccurate.
      While I do not personally support some large .orgs, many are doing great work. Center for Biological Diversity, Earthjustice, Defenders of Wildlife, and numerous smaller orgs work together on lawsuits, two of which made a difference in the planned wolf killing this year.
      I support one or more of those, and some smaller more local orgs, and even have and intend to support an independent wolf biologist’s work.

      You cannot have it simple, when the issues range across some vastly different states, localities, tribes, and federal institutions.
      their laws and rules are all different, and it takes sophistication to fight against the sociopathic mindhold of those 26,000 ranchers I mentioned, along with the HUGE gun/hunting/outfitting $-makers who keep the pols and intimidate the agencies and biologists either impotent against them, with short careers, or actively create pawns.

      You can act directly, go to school to learn wildlife biology ecology, behaviour, or financially support the most determined orgs. In addition to these three things, you can use your voice and personal & internet media to widen the howl – Nabeki has chosen to work hard on the last, and is probably an important arouser.

      Become sufficiently aroused, rather than rage to those who agree with you, or ask for simple and proven-impotent methods.


      • While I do have communication with many of these groups, most of them still compromise and collaborate with hunters and ranchers, which is why wildlife are losing.


  6. Let’s go viral with #1827slaughteredwolves


    • Barbara,

      The number is actually 2270 dead wolves in just over 22 months, combining 1827 and the new count today for 2014 is 443. Unbelievable! And it continues.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  7. It’s so sickening that people partake in such a horrid crime. What have wolves ever done to us? They deserve so much better. May the wolf hunting stop.


  8. Reblogged this on Mind Chatter and commented:
    Myth: Wolves, coyotes, mountain lions, bears, and others kill lots of cattle.

    Truth: Less than a quarter of one percent, 0.23%, of the American cattle inventory was lost to native carnivores and dogs in 2010, according to a Department of Agriculture report.


  9. The wolf population in the south east is a mystery they were hunted out of existence over a hundred years ago! And there aren’t enough carnivores to keep the deer population in balance so we kill them with our cars by accident!


    • Purposeful illegal killing goes on.
      The last wild Red Wolves, survived in east Texas and West Louisiana, into the 1970s. USDA Wildlife Services over the previous 40 or so years had killed over 20,000!

      (right now the most pure ones have genes mixed with coyotes, as wolves do get lonely. I can tell you more about the genetics problem (which is at the root of arguments from NY and Maine to the deep South – more below*) – that problem was the cause of the fed assault on delisting last year: Wolves from the Plains West were noticeably different from Eastern ones; genetic studies of the Algonquin Park wolves in Ontario led to the maneuvering.

      * New York’s Adirondack State Park is a vast area, larger than Yosemite, Yellowstone, Glacier ut together, and has been eyed by wolf biologists for reintroduction for over 40 years.
      New Hampshire & Vermont have some linking land of forest suitable for many more wolves, but NH, I think (no longer sure – I don’t keep up on eastern politics at ALL) passed a law like Texas did, saying NO reintroduction.
      Maine has a vast mostly private logging company forest suitable for wolves, and it has also been suggested that Feds buy it for National Park; but like Adirondack Park, this largely privately owned area, is a bureaucratic nightmare to get rolling, even though there is a large group in NY wanting for these past decades to restore the Wolf . Support them, if you are back there!


      • Oh, I got that Red Wolf massacre number way off!
        The actual number killed by USDA Wildlife Services between 1937 and 1983 – about the last time (before reintroduction) that a Red Wolf walked free:

        Lest that not sink in, it was 50 thousand wolves – effectively extinguishing the species, even while reintroduction was being worked on throughout the 70s by wildlife biologists.

        We have to address how to remove the idea of killing wolves among hunters – many disagree with wolf hunting, while others believe that all life should be “managed” into domestic herds for their personal burning bullet death or maiming.
        “Recreational trapping” should be an important target, as you will see when Nabeki posts the number tortured without hope, to their slow deaths, in the coming state trapping seasons.


  10. We don’t have wolves in our country but are famed for Irish Wolfhounds. Why do you think this would be the case? When they are gone they are gone forever … Conservation is the answer not death and mutilation. Good campaign. I am with you 100%


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  13. We need to take a stand. These wolves were here before we were. Let us learn from the past. We took the indians land and there are very few left Let us adapt to the wolves they change but let us change with them. We need to stand up for what we believe in. SAVE THE WOLVES.


  14. Well, as far as Idaho goes, I believe the correct statistic is that 62% of the land is federally owned. To me that means that every citizen in this country has an ownership stake and should have input on what happens on those public lands. It infuriates me that BLM approved Idaho “for” Wildlife’s 5-year app to hold a wolf/coyote derby. How many people in the U.S. would support that? Why don’t we have a say in what happens on OUR portion of the land???

    And secondly, the perverts on the Idaho Fish & Game Commission (making policy for killers, by killers) and their comrade-in-arms perverts in the Fish & Game Department who implement the Commission’s policies believe that THEY, and they alone, “own” all the wildlife in this state and have every right to torture and kill. It may even be in the constitution. The system is rotten to the core, but on federal lands I still say we ALL have something to say. How about “STOP KILLING”?


    • Read martin Nie’s “Beyond Wolves.” I am doing so now.
      It’s subtitle is “the Politics of Wolf Recovery and Management.”

      there are other texts to find, to understand the entrenched wolf-haters.

      But right now, wolves are in for a seriously bad time.
      Expect the Republican legislature to attach wolf delisting and endangered species law-repealing riders to must-pass bills.
      I am constantly exhorting calls for strong use of VETO by Obama, who will keep compromising until the real masses urge him at the end of his term of office. He is a politician, and will do whatever YOU convince him to be of value.


      • Makuye,

        “I am constantly exhorting calls for strong use of VETO by Obama, who will keep compromising until the real masses urge him at the end of his term of office”

        Not really sure what you mean by this statement. Obama delisted wolves in the Northern Rockies, mere months after he took office in 2009. Sadly it’s Obama and the Democrats who are responsible for the mess wolves are in. Not only have Montana and Idaho wolves been hunted since 2009 but they were delisted permanently by the Democrat controlled Senate in 2011. Jon Tester inserted the wolf delisting rider into the must/pass budget bill and Harry Reid allowed it to stay buried in the bill. It’s interesting because there were two other riders in that bill. One to defund Obamacare and the other to defund Planned Parenthood. Reid pulled both of those riders out of the bill and allowed an up or down vote on them. They were both defeated. But Reid did not want to force an up or down vote on wolf delisting and none of the Dem Senators wanted to go the record delisting wolves so they left it in the bill. When the bill passed and Obama signed it, the wolf rider was never mentioned by the Senators. I’m not a Democrat or Republican but an Independant and yes I do believe the Republicans are just as bad on wolves but we can’t blame them for this one, it’s all on the Dems to save Jon Tester’s Senate seat and hold onto their Senate Majority. Wolves have been paying for Obama’s policies since 2009.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,


      • Thanks for the history Nabeki, as it should continually be made available to all.

        It will not change unless exposed.

        Obama himself was not necessarily privy to the choice – he had appointed rancher Salazar to Secretary of Interior, and Obama being urban and utilitarian, just as MOST humans of the larger culture are, only listened to encapsulations of agency scientists, who are of course, rather ruled by the utilitarian philosophy of “management” to produce numbers of a species population, for human use.
        Tester was a candidate who succeeded in Montana due to his embrace of wolf-killing. This legislative action was part of democratic strategy to obtain or retain power. Alaska has problems similar to MT, and although CO has officially no wolves, any successful Democratic contender has to agree with the general no-wolf policy, or face the heavy Rancher/hunting lobby wolf exclusion agenda.

        The outrageous political use of the Wolf, is somewhat like any other sacrificial culture, in which the death of another is devalued, whether as scapegoat or collateral damage, or regarded as “heroism” or sacrifice to a “higher” goal.

        However the history does prove your gut feeling accurate on Obama: he continued torture, death of innocents, death of willing self-sacrificers, and conflated those with “purpose”, “morality” (in that the humans of this nation are better in some way, serving some more useful or valuable purpose, than other humans or any other animal), and thus can be seen to participate in the very same fallacies that everyone loves to excoriate in past German Nazis:

        Moral Exclusion – some groups, human, or animal species, regarded as inferior, and if troublesome, to be removed oir eradicated.
        Removal is the common term used by wildlife agencies to mean execution, termination of life.

        Obama has indeed shown himself to be subject to that fallacy. It was not so visible to most before his initial election, but I am not sure that any person elected to US Presidency can avoid becoming a slave to the idea, in the present culture.

        An effective strategy for those who wish the wolf to return home, is to attack the utilitarian hilosophy inherent in primarily state wildlfe agencies, and certainly in Federal agencies, although unless the management for hunting ideal is first removed from individual state agencies, cahnge for the better in USfWS will only cause a more intransigent stand in states against federal Endangered Species law or any stronger protection than now exists (which is close to nil, as we see by the continuing attempts of the Feds to abandon wolves to states).


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  16. The enemies of wildlife–the livestock/ hunting/ trapping industries, along with their cohorts in the wildlife agencies & their politicians, will not be swayed by reason, wildlife studies, or us becoming “collaborators” with them. It has not, and is not working. Too many “wildlife/conservation” groups have been shamefully working with these people. And, it isn’t just the Republicans, but Democrats as well, who worship the Humanist Ideology of controlling & manipulating Nature, who are voting for more wildlife extermination.
    Jon Tester, the darling of the Democrats and the Conservation Voters Alliance, is the major player in this latest assault on wolves in the West. He is also a rancher. Here in New Mexico, we have a Democrat darling, supported by many liberals, conservation and animal groups: Martin Heinrich–Big Hunter, and proud of it. He also openly supports Public Lands Ranching in the West.
    No wildlife will be safe the way things are going. I personally will not be a part of any group that compromises, or works with these enemies. By the way, Wild Earth Guardians has a hunter on their staff. I used to be a loyal member, but found such groups seem to feel they must be friendly with the very industries who manipulate, exploit and kill wildlife. And, it isn’t just wolves. Coyotes should be protected, but are still considered Vermin–or Varmints–as the ranchers like to call them.
    If this kind of human behavior by so-called “wildlife groups” is the norm, there is no hope for saving any viable populations of native wild animals.
    Until All Public Lands Ranching is off the table for these rancher-moochers, there is no hope. (Most ranchers also are hunters). Wildlife need these lands, particularly now with Climate Change upon us. So, which side are we on folks, and what are we willing to step up to in order to save remaining native wild lands and animals? This battle–and it will be one–will not be easy nor pleasant. But, what is happening out there to innocent wildlife is not pleasant either.



    • Please identify the hunter on Wild Earth Guardians staff


      • Erik Molvar joined Wild Earth Guardians, with a degree in “wildlife management” and his original bio when he joined this group, stated he “enjoyed antelope hunting.” We were still members at the time, so we contacted Director John Horning whom we have known for time, and let our feelings be known. As word got out to others, interestingly, the hunter’s bio was changed. No mention of hunting anymore, but my partner still has the original bio on this hunter. I was a dedicated volunteer and donor with WEG, but left after this discovery. Of course, this group is not alone in adding hunters/ranchers to staff or boards.


  17. Stop it right now !!!! No more!!! Don’t kill wolves they do not deserve it.
    Grrrrr. Stop it


  18. This is beyond horrific! This world is getting worse with cruelty of children and animals! Our laws protect to many guilty people.


  19. Reblogged this on sirtan1.


  20. You wolf lovers are on top of the idiot pile. You don’t even know how many wolves are paid to be killed by the govt hired professional marksmen in Michigan’s lower peninsula!


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