Thanks To All Who Called Wisconsin DNR – Zones 3 and 6 Will Close 12/5 – Wisconsin Wolf Hunt Will End!!

Wisconsin DNR Will Close Zones 3 and 6

December 4, 2014

Thank you to everyone who called the Wisconsin DNR and put pressure on them to close zones 3 and 6. As I stated in my previous post, Wisconsin went over limit by 18 dead wolves in zones 1 and 2 earlier in their “season”. Even though they set a  quota  of 150 dead wolves for the hunt, the Wisconsin DNR was keeping zones 3 and 6 open, which would have pushed the number of dead wolves over limit.  As you can see by the above chart zones 3 and 6 will close tomorrow! The death toll now stands at 151, one wolf over limit. I’m expecting that number to increase by tomorrow but it could have been much worse if you had not called and protested. Every wolf life is precious and we grieve that so many wolves died in this hunt and especially the wolves who were being chased by up to six dogs per hunter, since the “wolf/dog fighting” season just opened.

Thank you again for taking the time to call the Wisconsin DNR to protest! Many, many HOWLS!!!!

For the wolves, For the wild ones,


Remote camera pictures of the Minam wolf pack in Eagle Cap Wilderness of Wallowa County. Photos taken Dec. 14, 2012. Photo courtesy of ODFW


Top graph: Wisconsin DNR

Bottom Pic: Courtesy ODFW Minam Wolf Pack In Eagle Cap Wilderness

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  1. FWIW, do you have to use the word “harvest” too? Perpetuating it’s use, even if only passing on what other’s have said, is quite detrimental to animals. food for thought, dave

    David Forjan Creative Director The Animal News Hour 607-427-9131


  2. 151 and counting murdered Wolves for nothing but sick people to kill for fun.

    I am sad for every wolf that was lost.


    • Thank you to ALL of YOU!

      Harold, I’m replying here because of the desire you express to value the life of every wolf.

      I have been working on comments and alerts concerning the proposed Mexican Wolf Reintroduction, promoting Alternative 3 with significant revisions to reflect
      1. Their proposed recovery goal of 300-350 is far too small. Numerous conservation biologists have studied the Minimum Viable Populations to avoid extinction, and the numbers they have arrived at tend to be from the 4000s to the 7000s.
      What that means is that vaster critical protected habitat must be added, including Kaibab, San Juan, and parts of Coconino and Cibola NF’s and large areas of BLM lands in Northern AZ and NM MUST be included. I addressed the necessity for dispersal corridors allowing historical gene flow with Northern Rockies C. lupus, in other comments.
      2. Here I want everyone’s efforts in developing an alternative to lethal management of wolf/ungulate conflicts, and wolf/human conflicts during and following reintro.
      Here is my first draft of a letter to the Wolf Sanctuaries most likely to accept “problem” wolves (I can’t open my files on this computer, to give the names and must go to another, but the issue is so vital that I want to alert you all to the issue and to ask for your comments (SUBSTANTIVE! we need to specifically dispute problems w/ Proposed EIS Record of Decision
      and offer & create viable alternatives).

      Here’s my draft to the sanctuaries:

      Dear Administrators and Members of Wolf Sanctuaries (full list below – please add any which you may regard as probable sanctuary, live-trapping/transport resources):

      Because USDA Wildlife Services claims insufficient funds to support Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants: Proposed Revision to the Regulations for the Nonessential Experimental Population of the Mexican Wolf!documentDetail;D=FWS-R2-ES-2013-0056-8790
      in their proposed Record of Decision:

      Click to access MW_EIS_ROD_draft_11-25-14.pdf

      I would like to ask for the support of your organization through your declaration of willingness to accept Mexican wolves that would otherwise be lethally removed cue to conflict/depredation as determined by that agency or agents of USDA WS, USFWS, AZ Game and Fish Dept., New Mexico Game and Fish Dept., and Commissions of these states, agencies, or other agencies involved in regulation or removal of wolves deemed problem.

      I am certain that the wider public of the United States would be eager to support your live-trapping, transport, and maintenance of these animals for life, or until sufficient tolerance would allow their subsequent release.

      You have experience and skills in keeping wolves for genetic resource, and these wolves are invaluable for that purpose.
      I would like to:
      1. Gain your assent to be named in public comment before December 27, 2014, as willing alternative live-trappers (should you have any in that capacity), transporters, and sanctuary, for these likely future wolves,
      2. Be named in a letter I am composing to large environmental/conservations organizations (Defenders of Wildlife, Sierra Club, Center for Biological Diversity, Earthjustice, numerous smaller orgs providing material/financial support to Gray Wolf recovery/protection), to whom I will either, first send proposal to you for your assent to be named and contacted by these orgs, before sending them such communication.
      3. And of course, wish you to consider working to develop programs with the purpose of reimbursing your costs by these orgs, and through any other method you see fit.
      4. Also contact USDA – APHIS – Wildlife Services, in an effort to provide that agency with an alternative, as they have registered support for Alternative Four – No Action” in restoration and recovery due to financial inability.

      The genetic pool, and therefore survival of the Mexican Wolf, has already been in many of your hands, and it is very important that your expertise and ethic of kindness be recruited to continue this, and your, important work, to assure its long-term road away from extinction.
      Thank you,

      Can you give a great effort to this issue? I intimately knew a wolf for years, and interacted with a few others; his relationship and life was the most important, beautiful, fulfilling experience, and your intuition about the individual value of the life of a wolf, leads me to believe that you will understand and wrok your best to help them come home!


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  5. I posted on my Facebook, only to have someone comment about all the cattle, horses, sheep, goats, etc. that are lost by wolves and coyotes. I want to respond smartly to that. Please help and give me numbers please. Thanks so much


    • Deb, I’ll get back to you soon with figures but wolves are way down on the list of predators that kill livestock. The main killer of livestock is non-predation, including weather, respiratory problems, other diseases, altitude sickness, etc. The main predator of cattle are coyotes and domestic dogs. You can search my blog and there are lots of posts about the red herring of wolf predation. The wolf haters like to use it as an excuse to kill wolves.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  6. Finally, the needless slaughter ends…for now.


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  8. What WONDERFUL news!!! I just had to reblog this to my own followers. Hoping now that the Scandinavian goverments will leave our wolves in peace as well. Thanks Nabeki ❤


    • Yes great news, Wolf is my Soul! I just wish the hunts would end in Minnesota, Idaho and Montana.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

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