Albania hunting ban takes aim at depopulation

Exposing the Big Game

Wildlife numbers falling rapidly, but a controversial new ban on hunting seeks to protect Albania’s animals.

Last updated: 22 Nov 2014

Tirana, Albania – Bujar Hyka and his friends headed out in their jeep west of Albania’s capital on a recent Sunday morning. Dressed in camouflage, the men navigated the vehicle through rough terrain with three restless English Setters eagerly waiting to jump out.

A year ago, this would have been a hunting trip. But under Albania’s new anti-hunting law, Hyka and his friends have been forbidden to kill animals and now simply hike weaponless through the country’s pristine wilderness.

“The government doesn’t understand that hunting is a sport; they are1907320_10152809923380861_1562740061849294556_n ruining our sport,” said Hyka, 59, head of one of Albania’s hunters and fishermen’s organisations. “It’s like someone taking a football away from footballers.”

Earlier this year, the Albanian government imposed a…

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  1. Hunting isn’t a sport. unless you are killing for feeding yourself and/or family it is nothing but killing for the ‘fun’ of it!

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  2. Savages.

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  3. Just savages Albanians


  4. Oh hunting is a sport? I would laugh, but it is unkind to laugh at people with a mental illness.


  5. Hmmmm . . . Soccer balls are less lethal.
    From the description, it looks like the gun-crazed killers in camo so popular as folk in the USA/Canada, have overpopulated every non-asphalted area of Earth.
    (you know, in the mountain community of 3000 I lived in for 15 years, camo dressers were equated with the Kazcynski- and conspiracy-nuts. There was only ONE. But now that I all-too often visit communities of 30,000 I find that the urban places are FULL of them; and we see, unfortunately that the original associations were all-too correct)

    My car was hit by bullets the other morning – even though it was only about 80 feet from the road. It was a most interesting event, as I had not heard bullets whizz by me for a few years now. All were ejected by “sportsmen.”

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    PLEASE GO THERE Here are just a FEW of my issues (I wrote 4 comments so far, but cannot address some human social problems, unless I get ok from some orgs, whose names I intended to use for support)
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    Although option 3, the most environmentally preferred, has a few laudable goals, The extremely minimal recovery goal of 300-325 is profoundly insufficient for a number of reasons:
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    Repeated studies have made this clear.

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    2. L.W. Traill, et al.
    Minimum viable population size: a meta-analysis of 30 years of published estimates; Biol. Conserv, 139 (2007), pp. 159–166
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    I also wish to establish the idea that USDA Wildlife Services, in arguing for D, no action due to insufficient funds – is the wrong choice. We need to
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  7. So I passed a bow hunter’s 4wd the other day at a major shopping centre in the middle of a highly populated area, around about 20 metres from a discount grocery store. Clearly the owner of the vehicle hunted to feed him/herself because there was no other options open to him/her.


    • “Clearly the owner of the vehicle hunted to feed him/herself because there was no other options open to him/her”
      Good catch John!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


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