Minnesota Wolf Hunt Goes Over Limit Before Closing….

Minnesota Goes Over Limit Dec 9 2014


Minn Wolf Hunt Goes Over Limit December 9 2014

December 10, 2014

The Minnesota wolf hunt is over but not before they went over-limit 19 wolves. The “target” was 126 dead wolves in the “late season hunt”, they’d already killed 124 wolves in the “early season hunt”. BUT as you can see from the first chart, trophy hunters killed 145 wolves, 19 wolves over quota. Do fish and game agencies have problems with basic math? It’s bad enough wolves are hunted at all but we just went through this with Wisconsin going over-limit and now a Minnesota repeat.

The Northwest zone was over limit 21 dead wolves, the North East zone was over limit 6 wolves. They did close the East Central zone early but that was only after hunters were well over-limit especially in the Northwest zone.

I hate even writing about “wolf hunts”, “harvests” and “quotas” but wolves should not be made to suffer more than they already have. Apparently wolf lives mean nothing, right, what’s a few extra dead wolves?


This was a state that vowed to have a five-year moratorium on wolf hunts if wolves were ever delisted. BUT as soon as Minnesota realized wolves were being taken off the ESA,  their state legislature scraped the five-year moratorium. So much for integrity.

Minnesota Just Another Wolf Killing State After All…

November 3, 2013



Here is Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton’s contact info.You can write and let him know what you think about wolf hunting in Minnesota.


Wolf paw print Sawtooth National Recreation Area, Idaho


Top two graphs: Minnesota DNR

Bottom photo: Wikimedia Commons

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