Minnesota Wolf Hunt Goes Over Limit Before Closing….

Minnesota Goes Over Limit Dec 9 2014


Minn Wolf Hunt Goes Over Limit December 9 2014

December 10, 2014

The Minnesota wolf hunt is over but not before they went over-limit 19 wolves. The “target” was 126 dead wolves in the “late season hunt”, they’d already killed 124 wolves in the “early season hunt”. BUT as you can see from the first chart, trophy hunters killed 145 wolves, 19 wolves over quota. Do fish and game agencies have problems with basic math? It’s bad enough wolves are hunted at all but we just went through this with Wisconsin going over-limit and now a Minnesota repeat.

The Northwest zone was over limit 21 dead wolves, the North East zone was over limit 6 wolves. They did close the East Central zone early but that was only after hunters were well over-limit especially in the Northwest zone.

I hate even writing about “wolf hunts”, “harvests” and “quotas” but wolves should not be made to suffer more than they already have. Apparently wolf lives mean nothing, right, what’s a few extra dead wolves?


This was a state that vowed to have a five-year moratorium on wolf hunts if wolves were ever delisted. BUT as soon as Minnesota realized wolves were being taken off the ESA,  their state legislature scraped the five-year moratorium. So much for integrity.

Minnesota Just Another Wolf Killing State After All…

November 3, 2013



Here is Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton’s contact info.You can write and let him know what you think about wolf hunting in Minnesota.


Wolf paw print Sawtooth National Recreation Area, Idaho


Top two graphs: Minnesota DNR

Bottom photo: Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Murder.


  2. Same b.s. by the same people all over again.

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    • john, the wolves are caught in Ground Hog Day, rinse and repeat.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones


  3. Another state totally out of control. This hunting of wolves was a huge mistake, and not sustainable. What a mess.


  4. What is it going to take for these bozos to see the light?? People that do this can no longer saying they’re doing it for ranchers, etc. Problem is we’re dealing with egos and, in some cases, hatred and dominance.


  5. you think this is bad wait till they take over both houses the right will take away more wolves and wildlife in general. This is horrible to see all these beautiful getting killed. For nothing !


  6. More flagrant abuse by a state wildlife agency owned by special interests, and more proof that the states are entirely incapable of “managing” wolves. Somehow, some way, we must get wolves permanently protected under the ESA. The way they are being made to suffer is a complete and utter travesty.


  7. So sad as the states with Wolves need to murder them as fast as they can to make sick hunters happy against the voters this happens every time.

    So sad to see a state ware the voters do not want wolf murder but the few in power and money scrap the voters and kill as fast as they can.

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  8. It helped a little to write to Minnesota’s governor in memory of those wolves: http://mn.gov/governor/contact-us/form/


    • Thank you Tena, good idea. I’ll attach the governor’s link to the post. It can’t hurt.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


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  10. Obama needs to tell Sec Jewell to shut down all the hunts…the states can’t manage them properly…the evidence is right in front of their eyes…and ours…and the wolves apy with their lives.
    His BAD policy and poor environmental stewardship means many, many wolf deaths …I love the work Wolf Patrol did in Wisconsin. We need more feet on the ground like this to help the paws survive.
    We need to keep vocalizing the atrocities happening to our wolves and tell all your friends… Make donations to your favorite groups they are all helping ..Project Coyote, Wild Earth Guardians and Wolf Patrol are my list of best of the bunch!


    • Yeah right Rebecca (not being sarcastic), asking Jewell to shut down anything that has to do with an animal is like talking to a tree. She is literally useless in this job. She has absolutely done a thing about our wild horses being rounded up, horses being sent to slaughter, slaughtering buffalo, slaughtering wolves etc etc.


  11. The NRA and other hunting groups have paid lobbyists that have lobbied Minnesota Politicians for this slaughter. Wildlife Biologists are claiming this slaughter is wrong and unnecessary! The majority of Minnesotans are against the hunt! Let the people vote, similar to Michigan. Let the people decide!


  12. Keep killing, you lowlife scums, until you wipe these beautiful and necessary animals from the face of the earth. Open your eyes now, before it’s too late, you moronic idiots!


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  14. The bastards knew they were over the quota but just ignored it. The terrorist organization, NRA, and their wimpy little insecure followers also known as “the hunting and trapping groups” is behind this slaughter and much money passes hands for the worthless authorities to look the other way.


  15. There is that Minn. sate biologist/ wildlife…whatever, guy in the movie Lords of Nature who looks right into the camera and proclaims that wolves will not be hunted once they are recovered for at least five years. He is so sincere and official looking… I would like to send a copy of that to the governor, but instead I just wrote and told him how my Biology students have watched this man lie for the past couple of years and added that I it is no wonder young people don’t vote or have any confidence in our government.


  16. Anyone ever seen a wolf eat an animal alive?


    • Q…Apparently you were born in the city and don’t know anything about predation. Ever see a lion kill an antelope? Ever see a leopard kill a monkey? Ever see a bear kill an elk? What are predators supposed to do, tap their prey on the shoulder and ask them if it’s OK to kill them? They make the kill however they can since they don’t have AR-15’s, compound bows, bait, snares, traps, predator calls, etc. They actually have to work hard for their dinner. They don’t have the luxury of stopping at the mall to pick up a meal. Only one in ten wolf hunts is successful. Stop making ridiculous statements!

      Ever see a hunter stomp a wolf to death that was caught in one of their traps? Ever see a hunter gut shoot a wolf to increase it’s suffering? Ever see a wolf choke to death in a snare set by a hunter? Ever see a hunter smiling beside a dead wolf corpse they’ve murdered? Ever see a hunter shoot an animal with a compound bow and track it’s blood trail until it bleeds to death? Ever see a hunter shoot out of their rig at anything that moves while drunk? Every see deer and other innocent animals wandering around the woods with arrows in their bodies, gee I wonder how those arrows got there? Ever hear of a hunter who accidently shot a boy at a bus stop in Oregon? Every see a hunter shoot someone’s pet dog? Ever hear that hunters kill almost a 100 people a year in hunting accidents in the US and Canada and wound another 1000? I could go on and on and on.

      I suggest you put down your anti wolf talking points and get a clue! Humans are the most brutal predator on the planet, bar none.


  17. […] Minnesota Wolf Hunt Goes Over Limit Before Closing…. […]


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