Where Are the Protests?

Howl Across America Protest Rally August 20_2011

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked myself this over the last 5 1/2 years. Wolf Warriors speaks out for wolves every day. Ann Sydow and I created Howl Across America to encourage people, from around the country, to be a voice for wolves, wherever they live. Howling For Justice has spoken out again and again, along with other grassroots groups, for a call to action, yet things have gotten worse. Although wolf protests have happened, the turnout is small. That doesn’t garner media attention. We need big numbers!

What will it take for Americans to wake up and truly commit to saving wolves? How many more thousands of wolves have to die? The wolf hunts roll on year after year. We must find a way to liberate them from this hell and stop listening to the compromisers, who only contribute to the status quo.


HOWL ACROSS AMERICA before it’s too late!

Exposing the Big Game



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  1. Howling!


  2. Wish I could be at every rally. I’d be howling my heart out! Unfortunately this oxygen hose only reaches so far, but I howl from here. Can still attack any and all wolf haters from here and any politician that allows any and all atrocities inflicted on our beloved friends. For many decades I have been fighting for the wolf and I shall continue until the air runs out.


  3. Cannot stop howling, breaks my heart twice and ten times over. I will go to my grave speaking out for the wolves and wildlife of this country.

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  4. I’m howling!


  5. I cannot go everywhere mainly because running hospice for my 13yr. old German Shepherd who is a long-coat and so (or did) resembled a Wolf I was constantly asked on our walks if she was a Wolf. I have been fighting and crying for the Wolves since the early70’s when I first discovered Alaska and their killing fields – had an on-going verbal war w/ an Alaska magazine about what I thought should be done w/ the fat white stupid men killing. I also was terrified when they reintroduced the Wolves to Yellowstone – I KNEW WHAT WOULD HAPPEN and the fat, white republican male killer is even more difficult to stop. The tech people should hack into all of this mess including Sea World and Ringling Bros. BUT IF the very explicit images of those poor animals does not even stop fat, white America from attending the venues there is not much hope. Too bad CNN didn’t pickup those idiots surrounding the Elk and killing whatever they could, but they keep referring to “Lone Wolf” and their anchors are wearing what looks like an Artic Fox around their parka so what can I say?


  6. The corporate media doesn’t cover what is happening to our wildlife and wild places. That is because they protect corporate interests, and protecting and preserving nature threatens corporate profits. The only way to get the media to cover issues like these is to do something it can’t possibly ignore.

    The American public would be outraged if they could see with their own eyes what is really happening, as they were during the civil rights era when images of peaceful protesters being sprayed with fire hoses, bitten by police dogs, beaten, etc. were shown on TV. We need to figure out a way to make wildlife issues “big enough news” in the eyes of the media. It won’t be easy.


    • Agreed. A lot of money goes into avoiding some news stories. Also the powerful special interest groups have too much control, and I suspect some reporters/outlets do not want to anger the big gun, hunting, and ranching groups who are also among the wolf haters.

      Then add to this the major religions who maintain that God gave the earth and all its nonhuman inhabitants to people as resources to use as they want for their benefit.

      As for people seeing with their own eyes what is happening–yes if the truth would put out there, some people would be horrified and demand change. Unfortunately, there are other people who would be angry at being upset by the horrific images of killing and abuse, and that would be more important to them than the abuse itself.

      Again, the special interest groups do not want people to see what is going on in the woods or on factory farms. That is why some states are trying to get ag-gag laws, and why the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act was passed–to crack down on the dissemination of information and on protests that might curtail the exploiters “fun/recreation” or hurt their bottom line.

      Marcia Mueller/ahimsaforever


  7. Good question and one I have been thinking about even since the protests at Ferguson, etc. If the supporters of wolves could find such numbers, the deaths in the woods would stop. If people horrified at Mercy for Animals and Compassion Over Killing would rise up over the undercover videos of the abuses on factory farms, more people would become vegan. If people would be outraged over the transport of horses and farmed animals reviewed by Animals’ Angels, those animals would not be suffering and dying on trucks. What is the matter with human beings that they cannot imagine the pain of other animals and resolve to stop it?

    Marcia Mueller (ahimsaforever)


  8. I would be more than happy to protest daily if they had them in my city or nearby. I agree, we don’t garner the media attention with small numbers. What can we do to get the inhumanity of wolf slaughter on mainstream tv and news?


  9. Actually, Wolf and Wildlife Action Group WWAG/ The Wolf Howl heard Around the World ( founded Dec 2013)has had many Protests/ Peaceful Civil Disobediences across the Nation in 2014. At great personal sacrifice and expense, our trusted small group has succeeded at gaining Statewide Media at 8 Actions. March 24, Wyoming…. March 24, Helena,… Mar 24, Missoula….. May 19, Boise….. July 1 Boise. ….Sept 7, Boise. …..Oct 24, Helena…… Dec 8, Madison. Many links to very Excellent Positive Media for Wolf is on my timeline and on our pages. In fact in January 2014 we were going to be The Howl heard Across America but Ann Sydow complained so we changed our name . You dont need a huge group to gain Media attention, you need a good Media strategy that attracts media. A Good plan would be to do every state on the same day. But we truly do wish other groups would step up and do their own actions That successfully Attract Media or support WWAGs Strategies / Actions that guarantee Media Attention. We have received far more critisism and even outright sabs than support, its disheartening and disappointing, however we will not stop our efforts for Wolf and Wildlife protection. We are very grateful for our True supporters and our group of trusted Warriors.


  10. And Thank you Nabeki for All your Hard works for wolves!!


  11. Peaceful Civil Disobedience is what will grab the media’s attention. A thousand people standing around with signs is the same old, same old. WWAG has been doing PCD for almost a year now. Each time they’ve
    had media coverage. The way to play the game is to keep trying, keep thinking up new strategies to garner media attention. Sure, WWAG’s strategies are “outside the box”, but it’s all about reaching more and more people. Educating them to the atrocities being inflicted on our wolves. Hopefully, people will read an article about what WWAG was doing at the statehouses in the wolf killing states, and say, “what the heck is that all about”. If every wolf advocate would take part in a PCD action, the whole country would know the real truth about what is happening to the wolves.


  12. Nabeki,
    You have seen me at the rallies and protests and you are right about the small turnout at the events.
    One reason that more people do not show up is that they are concerned about their safety.
    That concern is realistic as hunters shot at my fence and property after I dared to write a pro-wolf article that was included in local newspapers.
    Another problem is that wolf haters have infiltrated our organizations and they are causing “in-fighting”. I have heard pro-wolf groups saying negative things about other groups when I was at Yellowstone.
    The negativeness has got to stop and we need be united as a group if we are going to save the remaining wolves.
    We need to be 100% behind any cause that could help our wolves including a Wolf Stamp, if that ever becomes a possibility.
    It does not take a published wildlife biologist to be involved in this mission. Anyone with a love for wildlife and an appreciation of our wilderness areas should understand the significance of wolves in maintaining a healthy stock of game animals and be aware of the role wolves play in providing food for other animals.
    Toni Stark
    Truth About Wolves


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