To Montana and Idaho Wolves, You’re NOT Forgotten….

Gray wolves

What better Christmas gift than to see Great Lakes Wolves relisted? First Wyoming and now Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. BUT the relisting, as tremendous as it is, came after Minnesota and Wisconsin wolf hunting “seasons” ended with 426 dead wolves. Both states went over-limit.

For Montana and Idaho wolves there is no reprieve!  As of today 229 wolves have been killed in their state hunts and the suffering is far from over. Montana’s hunt stretches to March 31, right through wolf breeding, denning and pupping season. Idaho’s wolf hunt is seemingly endless, with wolf hunts taking place on public or private land most of the year.

So remember what we’ve lost, what we’ve gained and during this Christmas season, as we rejoice over the relisting of the Great Lakes wolf population, remember Idaho and Montana wolves are still dying.


    Montana Wolf Hell

Idaho Wolf Hell


Montana is a backward wolf massacre state

The Billings Gazette
December 17, 2013 12:00 am
Regarding allowing ranchers to kill perceived “threatening wolves” (Senate Bill 200): Montana policy wolf qualifies it, from wolf conservationists’ perspectives, as a backward wolf massacre state.

This attitude is evidenced by $19 tags for five wolves; not having a real quota; by having a trapping season beyond and through the hunting season; an attitude of “we need to drive down the population” without any science behind such thinking; an attitude of not holding the rancher responsible in any way for taking preventive, good husbandry, measures.

It is political management, not scientific management. Now it will be in evidence with a policy of allowing a rancher to kill a wolf “perceived” as a threat, which to a rancher and guests will likely mean any wolf seen, which will all equate to open season on wolves, with much of it on leased public land.

Wolves kill around 65 cattle annually in a state that has 5.5 million which is 0.001 percent. There are 3,776 leases on BLM land and 772 on national forest lands. Ranchers are reimbursed for losses. Oregon has a model for Montana, although Montana rule makers are too backward and obstinate to listen and learn. The Oregon wolf management model requires ranchers to have nonlethal deterrents in place and to have used them, and then only kill chronic offenders.

Wolves are not vermin. Wolves are apex predators that are good for wildlife ecology, having a positive cascading effect throughout the food chain versus ecological unhealthy man wildlife killing.

Roger Hewitt

Great Falls


Idaho’s Wolf-Killing Atrocity Continues

Posted: 03/24/2014 2:25 pm EDT Updated: 05/24/2014 5:59 am EDT
 When it comes to killing wolves, Idaho has an appetite that just can’t be sated.

State lawmakers just approved a bill that sets aside $400,000 to exterminate 500 wolves. Adding insult to injury, the bill takes management away from the state wildlife agency and places it in the hands of a “wolf depredation control board” that will consist solely of members appointed and overseen by Governor Butch Otter, who said in 2007 that he wanted to be the first to kill an Idaho wolf after federal protections were taken away.

Just a few months ago, Idaho sent a bounty hunter into the woods to wipe out two wolf packs and more recently announced plans to kill 60 percent of the wolves in another part of the state.

The slaughter continues and Idaho’s political leaders seem to bask in the carnage they’re leaving behind.

It’s exactly the kind of ugly behavior that we feared when Congress in 2011 stripped Endangered Species Act protections from wolves in the northern Rockies, where some 1,600 wolves have been killed since protections were lifted. And it’s clear, more mass killing is on the way.

This isn’t supposed to be happening. The United States worked for 40 years to return wolves to the American landscape. Canis lupus had been driven to the brink of extinction in the lower 48 states as settlement moved west, ranching moved in and government sponsored programs trapped, poisoned and shot wolves into oblivion.

The Endangered Species Act allowed wolves to begin recovery, at least in a few places like the northern Rocky Mountains and Great Lakes states. After reintroductions in Yellowstone National Park and parts of Idaho, wolves came back. New packs formed. Families were built. Ecosystems, now with a keystone predator back in the mix, began to function like they had historically.

Politicians in Congress, though, pulled the plug and unceremoniously stripped federal protections. We were told that wolves could be responsibly managed by state wildlife agencies in places like Idaho.

Truth is, wolves are being persecuted in Idaho with the same kind of repulsive attitude that nearly drove them to extinction 100 years ago. Only now it’s happening under the official state flag.

And here’s where it gets worse: the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service now wants to take away federal protections for nearly all wolves in the lower 48 states. And, just like in 2011, we’re being told that wolves will be fine. They won’t be. Wolves today live in just five percent of their historic habitat.

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Photo: FWS

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  1. The wolves in Montana and Idaho MUST be placed back on the Endangered Species list. Just because they walk on different blades of grass, run over different rocks and drink from different streams does not mean in any way, shape or form that they too should not be included under the protection of the Endangered Species Act. They too were illegally removed from the Endangered List by the corrupt Obama signature. It’s time this country stands up for what is right..what our forefathers made this country. Obama is not an emperor as much as he wishes to be. We are a nation of laws and no one person has the right to break our laws..not matter who he is. It’s time that a big wrong is made right..All wolves must be placed back on the Endangered List….ALL wolves!

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    • There are biologically strong reasons supporting your assertion that the Wolf must be protected from the chaotic violent social and personal harm done by humans.
      More of these reasons have come to light through the dedicated wolf naturalists, through statistical studies , and of course, known to a few, the lives of individual wolves.
      Short as they seem to us, wolves are a being with complex and highly attentive awareness and understanding.
      Wolves (and I speak from personal experience) have an exquisite understanding of the ages of their own kind, your kind, and other species. They, being what shorthand word I often use, are adults, knowing and appreciating illness and disability, in their tribe and others, responding in the appropriate way, whether that be consideration of those afflicted in the family, or in prey.
      I was just describing this morning a Wolf who would place his alligator-size mouth around my leg to convince me that he knew best, and at other times, nipping fiercely to communicate things very specific about moods, changes, priorities.
      I have watched wolf assess others clearly showing that they know the pupness of others, able to guess that a canid was 4 months, 6 months, 12, and under 18 months, through merely observing the obvious signs of the assessor toward the young one. I watched the development of relationships, the wariness of those who didn’t want to disagree with one another. It is difficult to even speak of complex relationships so obvious , especially to a species that has now a culture with no such useful awareness.
      Instead I meet slavering utilitarian nihilist humans, with their guns and unawareness of the powerful and silent intelligences surrounding them, whether wolf, bear, raven, snake, or even bovine (my experience of the other lives is broader and longer than this, but these are relevant here, when speaking of the ignorant slob mighty white hunters and ranchers who believe the world is to be manipulated for $, the first and final god they invented to make themselves blind, deaf, and moronically stupid.

      Perhaps you believe I ramble here; on the contrary, I can hardly find the way to speak to a kind who has so accepted that hellish utilitarian view that has made humans lose most of life – as if they are all zombies they so much love to evoke.
      Unable to even converse meaningfully with a Montana “wolf specialist”, who studied, touches and measures living wolves, and accepts that wolves must die for merely eating what is naturally theirs. I do not. There is no sacred thing about these humans’ financial or emotional arrogated sanctity, those who came and took the valleys and watercourses from the coherent world, in order to buy their pickups, tvs sports, guns, daughters fences incessant poisonous lights.
      Last night I stumble again in the moondark, remembering how I once walked just barely seeing the flowing wolf , with his eyes and assurance, taking us to food and shelter and rest, he being content to stop high in starlight as long as I could tolerate the cold which is the pleasure of his hot life.

      Someone from a people who are still named “Wolf” in original North American language asked me about him last night. I said where I left him, placing him facing North to his kind.. They will come again, when the cracks in the highways of men sprout new trees, splitting their works into rubble.


      • For the hunters and ranchers, there is no reason, there is no science, and there is no spiritual connection with animals or nature. They understand these three things: greed, hatred, and death.

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  2. Signed more of the petitions. This just breaks my heart.

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  3. Is anyone working on a suit to stop the killing or do we need to
    put together a group to file a law suit to stop the killing as you can
    see the courts want the ESA to work and will take away control if
    you kill for fun.
    We need to get together with a plan to stop the killing.

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  4. Though I am overjoyed by the decision to relist wolves in the Great Lakes region, my heart goes out to the wolves in Montana and Idaho that continue to needlessly suffer. The fact that there can be no judicial review of the delisting in these states is extremely frustrating–and infuriating. How anyone entrusted with interpreting the Constitution could ever uphold such a decision is positively mind boggling. Wolves of Montana and Idaho–we feel your pain, and you are not forgotten. We will continue to fight for you…always.

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  5. The only way to get wolves in Idaho and Montana back under protection is to ramp up protests and push for the budget bill rider that delisted them to be repealed. Repealing that budget bill rider is not just about the wolves. It is also about our constitutional rights to challenge the government judicially on different issues and our freedom as Americans.

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  6. Reblogged this on Exposing the Big Game and commented:
    as tremendous as it is, came after Minnesota and Wisconsin wolf hunting “season” ended with 426 dead wolves



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  9. Tonight I watched the amazing story called “She Wolf” about the iconic female that lived for six years in Yellow Stone and then died at the end of a bullet. Her pack fell apart after her death and her mate died and so did most of her pack without her. The good news is her daughter now named “Gray” and has taken her place and starting a new family of her own. Hunting outside of Yellowstone has cost 12 wolves there lives. Because she was collared its very disturbing to know its legal to kill a wolf that has given us so much. It should be against the law to kill a collared wolf. I am for the protection of all wolves. When is the slaughter going to end?

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  10. Wait.. Wasn’t it just, literally just yesterday that wolves were put on the endangered species list… i think so, yes i remember it like it was just yesterday, cause it was yesterday.. Are you kidding me, what is wrong with Montana and Idaho Federals, and the people who ran this? What is wrong with you!!!!!! you really think that we are gonna back down, yea yea no. I’m not going down without a fight, sorry if that doesn’t float your boat Montana and Idaho but thats how it will be, you got a new enemy, Me. Hi 🙂 How about you get us our wolves back on that endangered species list, and off the hunting zones list, cause right now i bet your getting a lot of hate over this. you let them go over the hunting limit, TWICE!!!!!! <—- Like seriously..
    I dont understand why you think its just like a bump in the road huh? oh i just hit a bump in the road, eh i will check my tire thats problably got a new hole in it, oh well 🙂 is that how you thought this would work? cause thats not how, the wolves are a purpose, a soul that was a amazing bond, not just a animal, a friend.. a survivor.. a fighter. a warrior.. and thats how i hope you know thats what wolves are too me, and hopefully everyone else. think about what you have done. Then come back..

    #HowlingForJustice. ❤ 🙂


  11. We need to protect the Wolves and stop people that hate them from killing them. All the people that kill wolves and support the killing are sick.

    If you read the court ruling that put the wolves back on the list and
    reversed the FWS you will see the failure of the government and the
    FWS for violating the ESA as to Wolves. If you do not like the ESA
    then you need to ask Nixon

    Wolves are not like rats they keep the numbers in control with the prey.
    They make the system work and people are the ones the FUCK it up.

    You need to read the court ruling so you can see that the court is not
    a wolf lover but following the law. The same law that says we can not

    This makes my Christmas and I thank God for the Wolves.

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  12. Hi, I want to learn wolf howling, is there study materials? (hi from holland


  13. While I agree with everything that has been written before me, there is one there’s one thing that will not change. I’ve had the pleasure to get to know a lot of ranchers over the years, and for the most part, they are level headed, fair folks. I do understand some of their legit concerns though. We can show them all the science in the world and it won’t matter. Supplying them with Range Riders and Dogs, won’t matter. They see it as we are strolling into their back yard and telling them what they can and can’t do. They’re too stuck in the “old ways” of doing business. Generation after generation!


  14. Just got news that one 3 year old female wolf got shot and killed near Grand Canya, people saying that is the same female young wolf who traveled hundreds of miles to Grand Canya? It’s heart broken to hear that!!! I always think about that lonely brave wolve, how sad!!

    Sent from my iPhone


    • It’s very sad Amy but I think she had a target on her back, the wolf haters were livid that a wolf dispersed to the Grand Canyon, we can’t have that now can we? I’m hoping it’s not her but it doesn’t look good. I’m sad for which ever wolf it may be but how many 3 year old collared wolves are roaming around Utah, just under 200 miles from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon? And of course the coyote excuse is being used, once again.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


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