The New Christmas Story & Commandents

Exposing the Big Game

by Marc Bedner & Rosemary Lowe
In the beginning the Great Felidæ said, “Let the Earth bring forth every kind of living creature. And we will make cats in our image, after our likeness. They shall rule.”
And it was foretold: the wolf & grizzly shall once again roam free, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and a little kitten shall lead them.
And it came to pass, after much begetting, that many cats had gone astray, and there was no room in the shelter. Then an angel of the Felidæ came to Mary and Joseph and said, “we need foster parents.” And she delivered to them a kitten wrapped in swaddling clothes.
And lo, three wise men came to bring gifts to the baby kitten and to worship her. The kitten had many titles: wonderful, counselor, princess of peace, Queen of Judæa. The wise men wondered…

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  1. Beautiful black cat. He looks like ours. Have a Blessed New Year everyone!


  2. If cats ruled and we had those ten commandments, I would go back to church.

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    • If cats (and dogs) ruled and we lived those ten commandments, we wouldn’t need to go back to church! 😉


  3. and here’s how it all happened:
    Happy New Year everyone, Let’s make 2015 a better year for all species and the planet.


  4. I would be moved to do better with my life! Animals show more sense than humans!

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  5. i have been watching 4 wolves today in blackpool zoo it is so crule


  6. Hi, I just wanted you to know that I have nominated your wonderful blog for the One Lovely Blog award, I admire all that you do many thanks.


  7. I just read with great sadness that “Echo’ the Grand Canyon wolf has likely been gunned down in Utah.. I’m sick from the news..God help the poor wolves of the world.


    • Yes Bert…It’s heartbreaking, a wolf isn’t safe anywhere is this country even with the protection of the ESA. The reason? There are no consequences. The perpetrators get away with a slap on the wrist. I’m hoping it’s not Echo but whichever wolf it is I mourn for her.

      And lastly if I hear “I thought it was a coyote” excuse one more time, I think I’ll scream.

      Wolf killed in Utah may have been famed Grand Canyon wanderer

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  8. Amen!!!


  9. […] This content was first seen on “The New Christmas Story & Commandents “. […]


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