ID Gun Nuts Start New Year With Three-Day Mass Slaughter Of Wolves And Coyotes

Anyone who participates in  “killing contests” needs their head examined. It’s a sick, sick thing to do. Killing animals for fun and prizes?  Did someone drop them on their heads when they were babies?


What Are the Common Results of Prefrontal Cortex Damage?


Are Trophy Hunters Psychopaths?


California Bans Wildlife-Killing Contests

Regulators call shooting coyotes and other animals for money ‘unethical’ and an ‘anachronism.’

“Wildlife contests perpetuate a culture of violence and send the message to children that life has little value and that an entire species of animals is disposable,” wrote Louis Gauci in a Sept. 21 letter to the commission.

“Wolves, coyotes, bobcats, mountain lions and etc. are not commodities for people to make money,” wrote Kimberly Blaquera in a Sept. 15 letter. “They are our heritage.”

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