Animal Lovers: Don’t Hesitate to Feel Your Hate

Exposing the Big Game

Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson, 2014. All Rights Reserved Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson, 2014. All Rights Reserved

Living in Earth’s out-of-the-way places, surrounded by prime wildlife habitat (as I’ve always chosen to do), an advocate must eventually make a choice—either stand with your wildlife friends, or join in the “fun” (made increasingly more popular by repulsive “reality” shows like Duck Dynasty and so many evil others) and go around shooting everything you see.

I made my choice long ago and decided the only way to live in such a wildlife-war-torn area is to have as little to do with the people as possible. To quote Sea Shepherd’s Captain Paul Watson, referring to his native land, coastal New Brunswick, Canada (where clubbing baby seals is the local pastime), “Love the country, hate the people.”

Author Farley Mowat, another selfless Canadian animal advocate in league with Captain Watson, ultimately came around to that same sentiment in A Whale for…

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  1. Won’t let me share to face book!


  2. Humans make it hard not to be a misanthrope.


  3. Absolutely! While I admire individual humans, who stand up for the wild and non-humans, I do not hold any hope out for Homo sapiens as a whole. This species’ ignorance, fecundity, greed, savagery, and stupidity is causing the extinction of millions of other species, and destroying the last pristine places–which are the last refuge for non-humans. The sooner Homo sapiens goes, the better. Unfortunately, it will take most or all, of the complex Biodiversity of the planet with it.

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    • Simple thing like not having children can help. There are enough humans in the world as it is, unfortunately you get the types who just breed and think of petty things like ‘babies are cute’ and are possessed by the ideology that we are born to procreate or proclaim that abortion is evil without considering the full story of what kind of life that child or its parents will have after it comes out of the womb.


  4. God tells you to love all living creatures, but ignoramuses like such low-lives as those on Duck Dynasty and those of similar shows, I find impossible to love. Such shows as that, where they encourage harming animals should be banned from…life. To be dumber looking than (as they would probably say) a cross-eyed frog, sitting in a burning campfire looking for his lily pad is pitiful in itself; but to portray a good human-being is just pain sick when their payment is blood money. Shame on you Duck Dynasty and all the other shows like you!


  5. Isn’t come on people now on a kentucky fried chicken commercial? The problem with this stance is that you eventually back yourself into a corner( believe me I know) because this hatred should not only be limited to hunters but to EVERYONE and I mean everyone who hurts nonhuman animals in any capacity. This will include every relative, friend and acquaintance that fuels the demand for nonhuman animal flesh, embryos and secretions. It will include every little kid you see munching on a happy meal. It will include the despair fueled hatred that you feel on every single holiday. It will include people who claim to love certain nonhuman animal while noshing on other animal’s flesh.It will include every ovo lacto abuser claiming to be compassionate, It will include every speciecist AR activist condoning the humane myth and eventually it will include yourself. Why should I have high blood pressure and other stress related illnesses?
    I will NEVER back down and I will always be the voice for other species.What I have had to do is funnel that hatred into outrage with a coating of civility- but that doesn’t mean a voice inside my head isn’t humming the DK’s lyrics from the song moral majority- god must be dead if you’re alive.

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    • Amen. These comments reveal that I’m not the only one out there who is so full of disgust at the state of the world and the behavior of so many of the people in it. Just think, by the middle of the century there could be 9 billion of us. Well, that thought just ruined by day.

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  6. I absolutely agree! Those of us who care about animals are often called misanthropic, which I believe is a bullying tactic meant to get us to apologize or back down or list all the things we do for people and all the ways we REALLY put people ahead of animals.

    Well, I’m for animals. People get virtually all the help in terms of programs, charitable contributions, news coverage of harm, calls for assistance, etc. Animals get almost nothing. So I donate for animals, e-mail for animals, and look out for animals that may be in trouble. Those who don’t like that or find it misanthropic can go jump. And, yes, there are many distractions out there, such as Duck Dynasty and other dumb and coarse shows. Often they are callous towards animals and lead to the kind of clueless thinking that doesn’t see anything wrong with hunting, circuses, rodeos. There is a lot of “guy” stuff on TV now too, usually violent and stupid, that again supports abuse and exploitation of animals and nature. I remove myself from much of the culture and focus and what I can do to help.

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  7. Having relocated from northern CA back to the Midwest, rural Missouri to be specific, to live in the trees and near my wild brothers and sisters I resonate with the tone and tenor of this piece. Compassion expressed for the wild beings or the many domestic animals here who are treated often so badly is typically looked upon as a weakness.

    I feel surrounded by vulgar brutality and an inability for those human beings to step outside of that sort of behavior to cherish and help along those beings who are so obviously being harassed and disappeared to death. At least, the wild ones.

    It is beyond despair this world we seem to be living in. To help each and every animal that we are able is the mission.

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  8. Yes, and it is so infuriating to hear the comments against PETA, against hunting, against all abuse. There was an article on Mercy for Animals that described a terrible fire in which thousands of baby pigs died. There were jokes about “yummy, bacon” in the comments on some sites. I could not believe that kind of callousness! Hard to be sympathetic to people when some of them are so unfeeling about the lives and suffering of every other creature. I think the members of this group should keep communicating on this issue. I’m sure many of us feel marginalized and isolated in this society. Just nice to know that not everyone is a good old boy with a rifle and a hatred of everything in the woods (and many of our fellow travelers who aren’t in the woods!).


  9. Latest bad news! A judge overturned the California ban on foie gras, so the goose and duck torture can start over and the gluttons can rejoice. The trolls are on line with their usual crass and mean-spirited comments.

    Time for the ultra conservative judges shuffle off the bench. But it’s no big surprise. If money can be made by any kind of exploitation, it will be excused. Now with the new Congress in session, life will get worse for animals.


  10. So incredibly sad that Alot more Wolf Advocates dont take REAL Action for Wolves to get positive media attention for Wolves. To Make our Demands Actually Heard Across America in the National Media!. Walmart Workers did it for increased wages. America did it to stop the vietnam war, and alot of other injustices, but not for the War on Our wolves and Wildlife, yet. Because make no mistake, thats what its going to take. Its very disappointing to have learned how few of us actually are willing to protest and do peaceful civil disobedience at statehouses with a Media plan. . But the Dedicated members of Wolf and Wildlife Action Group’s Wolf Warriors that did in 2014, that actually went to most of the 8 Actions we in WWAG organized, i have the utmost respect for, just like i do for Paul Watsons Warriors. Ordinary Citizens sacrificing so much, doing Extra ordinary Actions for those who cannot speak for themselves. Wolves and Wildlife across America are counting on you to TAKE ACTION. Every day that anyone ignores this truth, more animals suffer and die. Killing contests, Trapping, the Wolf extermination, the Mustang round ups/slaughter…. its really up to you. I am 75. i have done peaceful civil disobedience since 1975. it works to stop unjust laws. Wolves and Wildlife across America are counting on you to TAKE ACTION.


    • We were only recently made aware of derbies that are being organized in Montana and Idaho where prizes are awarded to the murderer that slaughters the most wolves and other wildlife.

      We all should be enraged enough to take real action.These animals are an important part of our history and our ecosystem.They deserve nothing less than an all out battle to save them.

      Enough with the talk. God bless Peter Souza not only for what he said so well and what is the absolute truth, but also for continuing the fight to save them.

      We should all get out there and fight for these incredible animals that on their own are no match for human evil. Our family is involved in a massive letter writing campaign but we want to do more. We believe there should be prime time coverage of this story accompanying appeals that are of the same nature as those produced by the SPCA and the United States Humane Society.

      Our entire family are wolf and wild horse warriors. We have been in this war for a very long time. The attacks on our wildlife are getting worse. Our suggestion is that organizations that care should ban together to put power in numbers and get some real energy and creativity into saving the wolves, wild horses, and other wildlife NOW… before it is too late.

      Again, Thank you Mr. Souza


  11. We are NOT helpless! We can turn any injustice around! by well planned organizing of Peaceful civil disobediences, an easy and safe plan is at Statehouses in Wolf killing states….


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