The Most Stupid Animal on the Planet

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  1. I couldn’t agree more!!


  2. I love it! After just finishing telling a couple of people almost verbatim the same!


  3. As I’ve said before, I am convinced there is something fundamentally wrong with the human species at the genetic level. A mutation gone awry? The human species is not within the natural order of things.

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  4. As I have noted elsewhere, I think it would have been better if the first group of hominids (the primates that eventually led to human beings) had been run over by a rhinoceros stampede. Maybe then the next evolutionary attempt would have turned out better. Just wishful thinking, I know. But I agree there does seem to be something really ugly in human nature. We have the intellectual ability to think of enormous ways to cause harm, to injure and kill, but we lack the moral capacity or the impulse control to stop, and we are too arrogant to care about the lives and welfare of any other creatures except ourselves.

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  5. What happened to us? Why are we becoming more evil and aggressive? I’m thankful I’m a senior but sad to think I’m leaving the planet in the hands of this human madness. I do my part to try to change things but nothing seems to work. In the end when it’s too late, we’ll discover money and oil is not nutritious.


  6. Human populations have been successful – a social species that fits into a peculiar niche: An invasive species, or introduced species.

    We are a tropical animal, and without a clothing like the natural fur of the wolf, for instance, could not inhabit temperate areas during winter. Without the ability to build shelters, our populations would be very thin.
    Without the use of fire (begun by another hominin, which had migrated from Africa a couple million years before ours was formed), we would, again, be a very thin population.

    Social breakdown occurs relatively naturally in humans – too many people together and many will choose to migrate – this is a driver (the wolf must also migrate from the parents’ home range, btw) of that alien species we are, which for most of our history caused us to spread into places where the animals were naive, not at first knowing how violently dangerous and exclusive we were.
    Herders killed native animals. Farmers killed native animals and plants. Humans took over the most fertile areas, lowland areas with sufficient water.
    Those areas were once periodic, seasonal homes of ungulates and their predators, which kept them moving, and unable to remain long enough to seriously or permanently damage their habitats.

    So, we do differ, although not so much in any factor truly intelligent.

    The moral breakdown has been shown to occur within many, many other social species when confined to areas of a certain density (since I have written this before, just look at one , Dunbar’s Number, for a single dimension of overdense behavior in anthropology and other social science).
    Unless humans seriously diminish their exploitation of the Earth, and cease to pretend that it belongs to them, they will most likely continue to kill, murder, destroy.
    Some good signs, though, are that biological, behavioral, and nerual sciences are showing that other animals have social , cognitive, and moral behaviors, and firmer grasp of these understandings can lead to the extension of our own moral sense toward independent, self-willed “wild” animals.


  7. Yes, we’re the only species on the planet, so horribly brainwashed, we are wiping out our only nest, masterfully. We can’t breathe paper monies, jobs, concrete cities/tombs, and dead buildings made of dead trees. Science maintains the appearance of trees and plants on the land’s surface an evolutionary event that provided life as we know it. And, we’re slaughtering the very species that is the salvation of the evolutionary event that provided life as we know it.


  8. Personally I don’t think this is the first second or even third time that we have been down this road as a species.

    Lots of ways to do just a bit to alleviate the horrible suffering going on. Going vegan is one. A big one.


  9. Aha, I was worried for a minute, I thought you were going to name a sincere animal. You are correcto.


  10. People who do this crap are sub humans they need there pethapathetic Ass kicked and serious jail time


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