The Hate Wolves Face in Idaho….

Anti wolf signs in Idaho_ Martin Kaste NPR

There are no words for such hate!

What a betrayal by Congress and the Obama administration that they turned their backs on wolves and handed them over to their mortal enemies on a silver platter. I wonder how they sleep at night?


Photo: Courtesy NPR (Martin Kaste)

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  1. Psychopaths aren’t known for having pangs of conscience or empathy.

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  2. Heartless, brainless. Ignorance is so pathetic.

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  3. Cruel Anti-Wolves. Hate is what anti-wolves live for. Their not even respectful cattle ranchers that feed this country America. Their human killing machines murdering, persecuting, executing wolves and they do it in the most horrific way a human could murder an animal. Wolves need more protection from these vile verman wolf-HUNTER SUBHUMANS LOW LIFE, CARELESS, COMPASSIONLESS MONSTERS.

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  4. Why is it always the minority (of people) that get the upper hand? And therefore the freedom to kill.
    Surely the majority of American people do not hate the wolves to the point of wanting them exterminated? There should be a major up-rising to stop this slaughter of wolves.

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  5. It’s constant proof of the old saying:
    “The only thing necessary for Evil to succeed, is for good people to do nothing”.
    And there are lots of us “good people” who do nothing. . . . . .

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    • are right – it does not rank high enough to take action or choose candidates over.

      Theree are several people involved, though, with wolf advocacy, who understand that the first unethical delisting was done by John Tester a MT democrat. He was also a rancher, and Cattlemen’s Associations and Farm Bureaus are determined to prevent any wolves alive inn the USA.
      But, to go on:
      This HIGHLY unethical legislative attachment of riders to must-pass bills, is now become re rigeur for any party.
      What the advocates MUST understand, is that corporate Dems like Clinton, Obama, etc, are NOT different than republicans. BOTH are deadly to the wolf.
      I vote Green, even though that party has a severe anthropocentric agenda. It is as close to right as I can get .
      Lucky, this forest district has an extremely good Rep, a Dem, in the house, who will protect the wolf.
      A few Oregon dems will, but a movement built around tolerance and value for nature is the only way in which the US will ever develop policies that will preserve Norrth America from trophy hunters, haters, welfare ranchers on public lands, etc.

      Until then, animal behaviorists like Marc Bekoff and the increasing number of wolf biologists , must be enabled to get their work into the public eye.
      John Vucetich and others are looking into ethics of human-wolf relationship.
      It is up to every wolf advocate who comes here, to begin to work FOR the wolf, rather than complain – we KNOW who the intractable humans are, and they need to be properly marginalized.

      Looks like my last comment, to someone in the column who now has a captive wolf, was rejected.
      Those of you who know the wolf in any way, MUST speak about your experiences, and help humans to respect, learn to tolerate, and value the wolf.
      Learn as much as you can, and never stop bringing it up in conversation or at school, or wherever. I even bring it up when speaking to Dept of Transportation and state wildlife agents on other issues, and dog owners, .
      My Brother Wolf, who died last summer, grasp something of the real mea ning of life – Please do this for those who have lived, do live will live, whether we can know of them or not!


      • Makuye, you’re absolute right. Particularly in the Mountain West, the Democrats are at least as bad as Republicans. Republicans threaten, while Democrats carry out the killing.
        Here in New Mexico, we’re stuck with Democrat Martin Heinrich, the darling of the Sierra Club and other influence peddlers. Heinrich is carrying out his campaign pledge to increase hunting on federal lands with his aptly named Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act. (See elsewhere on this site for details; I noticed this blog is set to reject any comments with links, so I can’t include a link to it.) Not surprisingly, Heinrich just announced that Tester has joined him as a cosponsor.


  6. The LAST time we had a friend of the Wolves in our despicable Government was when the Secretary of the Interior was Senator Mark Udall the first. There was not a single Wolf anywhere in the United States. Secretary Udall IMPORTED packs of Wolves from Canada. They were protected on the National Endangered Species List for YEARS. People whom do not understand the way Wolves live and their survival behaviors simply do not believe that WOLVES STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM HUMANS AS POSSIBLE. They don’t go on Ranches where Humans are as they know that Humans are their mortal Enemy.

    Just as with the Wild Horses and Burros, they too are shot from the air in Helicopters or light weight Planes. This is caused by those Welfare Cattle Ranchers in the West. They don’t want the Wolves, or the Wild Horses and Wild Burros. They have the ability to buy their Reps and Senators. I am neither a Republican nor Democrat. I am a registered Independent. For what that is worth, there are never any Independents running seriously, but at least I am not supporting either Party.

    Republicans, I have observed, are those crazy ‘Anti Vaxxers’. Vaccines do not cause Autism Spectrum Disorder, that existed long before vaccines of any type existed. They say it is a violation of their ‘Right to Privacy’ to not give their kids Vaccines. Well, that is false as there was a Supreme Court Case in the 1940’s that compelled a group of Quakers to get vaccines for their children.

    I speak about vaccines to show how determined, paranoid, selfish, and greedy these people are. It is not just Republicans, Democrats are a bit, but only a bit, better when it comes to the Environment. We all know that President Obama is afraid of animals and that the dogs travel in a Private Plane and not on Air Force One when the First Family goes on a vacation. What does that tell you about him? He made a campaign promise to stop the round ups of the Wild Horses and Burros, and pledged to protect our Endangered Species. The Fish and Wildlife Service who controls the Endangered Species list DE-LISTED THE POLAR BEARS! Now the remaining Bears are mating with Grizzly Bears!

    It will take years to get things back to right. I can think of at least 2 Agencies that have to be demolished right now: Fish and Wildlife Service and the Bureau of Land Management. Both are brutal with their methods and when interviewed upon retirement they tell the TRUE story of how cruel and abusive and most importantly, illegal, these 2 Agencies in particular are.

    I got my 2 Wolves from the Dog Pound where they were dumped. One was a full blooded Wolf, the other a Hybrid. Wolves and Hybrids are legal where I reside in the North East. People think they are Malamutes or ‘big’ Huskies. They don’t notice the lack of barking, the enormous paws, the long tails, the Amber eyes, all the clues that those Wolves were not dogs!

    I rescue animals both domestic and wild and it sickens me to see that our Country is now not recognizable to me. I feel as if I am surrounded by nuts and sociopaths. I spend a lot of time with the Horses and have recently rescued 2 Senior Cats from Death Row from New York City. They slept for days when they first arrived, but now they are racing around playing cat hockey with their catnip stuffed Mice. That, and being a Vegan since 1995 when I first learned Horses were being slaughtered for dinner made me become an instant hard core Vegan.

    We can hope for the best and sign Petitions and get true Scientists to speak out more than the loons whom say Global Warming is not real.

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    • Hard core vegan and animal advocate here too. Not a very welcoming world for us yet and certainly not for the animals. I’m always so grateful for the people who comment here and on other sites so that we can all be heard and also realize that we aren’t completely alone in the fight.

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    • Well, actually there were wolves in the Minnesota North Woods.
      But, in addition to signing petitions, which may alert congresspeople that the majority of US citizens DO want toleration and respect for the wolf, please use your wolf and hybrid to
      1. Learn their communication, individual and species behaviors, sociality, and introduce as many people as you can to the true wolf, helping them escape their Euroamerican preconceptions.
      You will do immense value through this!
      2. Give them as much of your time and as much freedom as possible. Every living thing deserves its birthright, and although a captive wolf is a tragedy, you have the opportunity to allow the wolf as much fulfillment as possible in his or her life.

      This may require that you change your own life completely. I lived with a wolf who had determined to bond to me, in spite of his “rescuers”, and their attempts to domesticate him. It was the most rewarding experience I ever had, – in addition to helping me return to the wild, it made me a determined wolf advocate.
      The mind of a wolf seeks that fulfillment I spoke of, more strongly than any creature you will ever be privileged to know. Nothing they do is wrong – not taking animals for food, not anything. the only tragedy is that one is born into captivity, and this is your mission: to give him or her the life closest to their nature as you can. You may have to give him or her up, and if you do, please explore only people sufficiently able to give the wolf that fullest freedom and closest permanent bond.
      A wolf will not take orders as an adult, but he or she WILL listen to real concerns – they read your distress and emotion, and your estimation of danger. They will also teach you, and you must allow them this. will continue to learn, and become able to speak of them in ways that will change the world for them and for us, all life.

      Almost no one remotel;y understands their individual skills and capacities, and it is for you at this moment to be a go-between for them and for our moral and ethical growth.

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      • My Wolves came from the Dog Pound. One was about 8 and the other was 4 or 5. I could not return them to the Wild; my Cat was the Alpha & my Basenji bonded with the first Wolf and considered herself a Lupine. She thought all Canines must die. I lost her this past June. I had her for 16 years and I am still grieving for her.

        People must absorb each and every word you have said. We cannot stop fighting ever! It is exhausting at times but as long as there is targeted pressure we may actually achieve what the Wolves need.



  7. What can you do when people are that mean and that stupid and the government agencies cave in to them? Along with advocating for wolves, I’m advocating for contraception to help reduce the human population. Too many people harming the animals and the environment, and too many of them are haters.

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  8. That’s terrible.


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  10. The hatred simply takes my breath away.

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  11. Obama, Harry Reid, and the rest of the Senate Dems are an utter disgrace for allowing that despicable rider to go through. And what good did it do them? They threw wolves under the bus, just so they could stay in power for a measly two years. Wolves will continue to suffer agonizing deaths, all because of the little games that corrupt politicians like to play. Pardon my language, but f*ck them all!


  12. Humans and their hatred! Such a disgusting display and only hope that karma finds her way right back to everyone involved with these displays/promotions.

    So ashamed and angry…………..


    • Humans basically suck Paul V. on the whole. There are too many of us, we’re destroying the planet, decimating habitat, polluting the aquifers, and air, etc. I think I was born two hundred years too soon.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  13. Cigarettes kill 443.000 people a year. Wolves none


    • Jos, every year dogs kill about thirty people and bite another 3 to 4 million. I love dogs but those are the facts. Deer kill people, bees kill people. But wolves haven’t killed anyone in the lower 48 in a century. The fear mongering and bs that the haters spew is just maddening.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


      • What is even worse, we, humans kill more people .Not a day or a moment that can slip by, in which somewhere in this world/country, a scene is being played out with someone dying by the hand of another .


  14. As for the line of ‘you don’t live here’ from the wolf haters:
    You can all your life live next a hospital, but that doesn’t make you a cardiac surgeon.


  15. Cruel, inhumane. Let’s take away your home & family? Protect these animals!!


  16. […] The Hate Wolves Face in Idaho…. […]


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