The Last Wild Wolves Of The Great Bear Rainforest


“Wolves hunting for fish in British Columbia. Photo by Ian McAllister”

I’m mesmerized by the series on coastal wolves of the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia. It’s wonderful knowing these genetically diverse, salmon eating wolves have contributed so much to the coastal ecosystem and old growth forests but this treasure must be protected.

Saving The Great Bear Rainforest


The Last Wild Wolves – Part 1

The Last Wild Wolves – Part 2

The Last Wild Wolves – Part 3

spirit-bear great bear rainforest_the nature conservancy

“Spirit Bear” – Great Bear Rainforest


Videos: Courtesy YouTube PacificWildLive

Top Photo: Courtesy Ian McAllister

Bottom Photo: Courtesy The Nature Conservancy

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Tags: Great Bear Rainforest, coastal gray wolves, protecting the Great Bear, Greenpeace, healthy ecosystem, British Columbia

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  1. Reblogged this on Sherlockian's Blog.


  2. I loved this. I want to see more educational videos in your bogs.


  3. Stayed in the GBF in 2006 in Klemtu. Thanks to the Kitasoo/Xai’xais First Nations who live there and protect the GBF, I was able to see grizzlies, whales, orcas, and one rain wolf swimming across the channel.I so want to go back. Yes, the GBF must be protected.There should be no pipeline through there


  4. Beautiful. Just beautiful 🙂


  5. Wow. Thank you.

    A garden of delights.


  6. Yes, keep people out of it if we want to keep it beautiful and natural.

    My jaw just hit the floor Nabeki when I read the total numbers of the wolficide for this years killing season – is it finally over? Is the total just for the Yucky Mountain states, or does it include the Grim Lakes too? Nearly a thousand wolves killed every year since the delisting. What is wrong with this picture?


  7. Wonderful, thank you!


  8. There are two really great books on the wolves: Following The Last Wild Wolves by Ian McAllister and Wolves in the Land of Salmon by David Moskowitz. They describe, with words and photos. s world that should have remained untouched by human hands. Unfortunately, much of that world will be changed, if not destroyed, thanks to human meanness and greed.


    • Thank you ahimsaforever for the book recommendations. It’s a passion of mine to read as many wolf books as I can.

      Have you read Gordon Haber’s book Among Wolves? Terrific. So sad he was killed in a small plane crash back in 2009 but his legacy lives on in this book. He was a devoted supporter of the Denali wolves, they lost their most avid supporter when he died 😥

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


      • Ian McAllister is hard at work at Pacific in BC.
        His latest book on the Great Bear rainforest is garnering rave reviews.
        McAllister and Pacific Wild are working hard to prevent the BC wolf kill, and was a big part of the recent letter to Canada govt by 60 ecologists protesting the wolf cull decision.
        Please give them whatever support you can,
        and go to for the latest news and advocacy upthere.

        Dave Moskowitz is a wildlife tracker, and Wolves in the Land of Salmon, I would like to remind you , includes all the Pacific Northwest of the USA, into the inland areas of the Snake river drainage.
        I happen to be reading it right now, and it is full of reference to the latest human knowledge on wolves.

        Gordon Haber, Nabeki, was instrumental in helping wolf biologists understand that wolf packs were family groups, and are devastated by human killing of one of their family members.

        The usual enemy of wolves in the Far West is the Cattlemen’s Associations, who work and spend to try to make sure the wolf cannot return. Yet, wolves, are slowly returning.

        The BC Central Coast – Great Bear is steep country, where there is little of that. Readers should read Dave Moskowitz for introduction to wolves, prey, prey availability, and the interesting genetic relationship of wolves who migrate to inhabit habitats/environments .
        There are some gaps dangerous to wolves between the high-quality Olympic Mts, and the Cascades; Oregon coastal mountains have a lot of pesticide spraying on the private logging co. lands. Northern CA’s Klamath/Siskiyous form the best dispersal corridor and habitat for the wolves coming south.

        Not so far away in time, wolves might reinhabit from Mendocino County CA, up through Oregon Coastal range, and down through Shasta/Lassen into the Sierras, IF the farmers of the Modoc plateau, and the gunners and golfers of the Feather River area let them through.


      • For more on McAllister and the ongoing BC and Alberta Wolf Kill(nearly a thousand in AB since 05, go first to
        Nature Mag is on of the two most reputable scientific journals on Earth, and accepted the article. Restoration of caribou there “would require placing new limits on industrial development in Alberta,”, and Ian in a CBC interview in January points out that killing wolves will do NOTHING to restore caribou.

        It is all the usual psychotic Euroamerican mind, equipped with guns, that wants to domesticate all earth. It is they who must be stopped.


  9. Hello. I have been watching, with disgust, the escalating war on wolves. Is there anything I might do to help? I’ve plenty of time to do any volunteer work. Please let me know. Thanks, Carla.


  10. Reblogged this on Exposing the Big Game and commented:
    These were some of the first wolves I’ve had the chance to view and photograph up close, in Hyder, AK


    • You’re very lucky to have had that opportunity Jim. The place is so magical! Watching wolves fish for salmon is simply amazing.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  11. Beautiful place. Wish there were more people that cared about our natural, diverse wildlife


  12. So beautiful! I absolutely love the Great Bear Rainforest. Thank you, dear Nabeki. I wrote and recorded a song for the magnificent Spirit Bear, I am sharing it here:


    • Dearest Louise, your song is so beautiful. It fits the Great Bear, what a heaven sent place. ❤

      For the wolves, For the Great Bear,


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