Mutants Are Breeding African Animals to Be Hunted

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Exposing the Big Game

It’s easy to spot Columbus. He’s not only the biggest and strongest gnu among the dozens grazing on a South African plain, he also sports a golden-hued coat, a stunning contrast to the gray and black gnus around him.

Finding Columbus in the wild would be a stroke of amazing luck. More than 99.9 percent of all wild gnus, also called wildebeest, from the Afrikaans for “wild beast,” have dark coats. But this three-year-old golden bull and his many offspring are not an accident. They have been bred specially for their unusual coloring, which is coveted by big game hunters.

These flaxen creatures are the latest craze in South Africa’s $1 billion ultra-high-end big-game hunting industry. Well-heeled marksmen pay nearly $50,000 to take a shot at a golden gnu — more than 100 times what they…

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  1. This has to be stopped.


  2. How sad….


  3. Misguided Neanderthals one and all.


  4. So disgusting.


  5. This is the sickest, creepiest thing I’ve read.


  6. Let all animals live in peace and be what the creator made them.


  7. All you hunting for pleasure may you all be mauled by rabid animals.


  8. These people need to die. They are an abomination. They are the freaks. Truly this is Satan’s hand.


  9. The only ‘Frankenstein Freak of Nature’ is humanity. It is not ‘nature’ when humans have tinkered with genetics, and bred animals for certain qualities, just for our own purposes.


  10. Have we lost all of our humanity???????


  11. So very sad.


  12. Leaders that condone this need to be out of office ,tell me how this will lead to peace in the World? We teach our children to respect nature . Leaders are showing the exact opposite by paying Mercenaries to hunt down what we have paid taxes to protect. Our Justice system is not working like it should or this would not be allowed! Get all the people who vote to allow the killings to go on ,OUT OF OFFICE!!! It’s not just Sad it’s CRIMINAL!!! What kind of people do we want to let our children follow…? Certainly not these Monsters!!!!


  13. Those who say human beings are the real freaks of nature are right. We’re the moral monstrosities whose boundless arrogance, stupidity, greed, and sadism are destroying the planet and all the creatures we share it with. Sad that we ever “evolved.”

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  14. Psychopaths.
    At least this despicable parasitic wretch won’t be around for much longer.


  15. Hey my Wolf friends,

    It is my pleasure to tell you about the meeting I had With Mr. Pettet on Thrus. March 12

    While I was “pushing “ for a meeting with NJ Congressman S. Garrett himself, I knew I was to meet with his district director, Mr. Pettet.

    It was a VERY pleasant meeting, and I became quickly art easy with Mr. Pettet. He asked questions, and I feel REALLY listen to all the information.
    The topics included:
    1. Wolves as essential, and NOT experimental or vermin.
    2. The need for a “buffer” zone around YNP
    3. The ending of tortures of trapping, baiting, denning
    4. The killing of entire packs
    5. Mandatory use of deterrents by ranchers.
    6. No killing during pregnant, and baby season
    7. No trapping or grazing on PUBLIC lands.
    8. Red WOLVES( for you my friend Janet)
    9. The releasing of Mexican Grays
    10. Wildlife Services.
    Included in my packet were maps showing the original ranch VS todays, with the Potential ranges.
    A listing of livestock losses, (Thank you Diane)!!
    Several copies of letters sent to Sally Jewel, as well as A letter from Congressman Campbell requesting the inspection of Wildlife services.
    A copy of the “Northeast Wolf Coalition Position (Thank you Maggie).along with a Disc containing “how wolves change rivers, & the imperiled American wolf.
    A copy of the CBD’s “making room for wolf recovery”, along with some articles from scientist, and biologist.
    Finally copies of petitions from this year and last year to Sally Jewell from members of Congress, asking for wolf protection.
    While many of these topics are beyond the Congressman’s scope, several seemed of interest, the Red wolves and their extreme need for protection, trapping on public lands. Most interesting was Wildlife services and their expense account, as well as the 1 million animals killed, many of which are NOT the targeted animal.
    I cannot say that My Congressman will vote for our wolves, but I Can say that I feel this was a successful meeting. I am hopeful that Congressman Garrett’s name will be added to and future letters to Secretary Sally Jewell or the office of the President.
    The meeting lasted just under 1.5 hours, I was VERY surprised!

    I hope I have done well for our wolves, now I will set my sites on Senator C. Booker!
    I will continue to speak out for our wolves, “06” you give me the strength to carry on!

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  16. Horrible


  17. This is beyond inexcusable and must be stopped immediately…


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