Alaskan Wolves and Grizzlies Fishing for Salmon Side By Side!

This is such a great video, Alaskan wolves and coastal brown bears fishing for salmon together in relative harmony.  Wonderful footage!


Coastal wolf_White Wolf Pack Courtesy Brad JosephCoastal wolf – Courtesy Brad Joseph


Video: YouTube Courtesy Brad Joseph

Photo: White Wolf Pack/Courtesy Brad Joseph

Posted in: Coastal gray wolves, Brown Bears,  Biodiversity

Tags: Coastal wolves, Coastal brown bears, Alaska, salmon fishing, biodiversity, Brad Joseph

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  2. Wonderful footage–thank you. What a privilege to see these two marvelous species together! Homo sapiens could certainly learn a thing or two from these intelligent beings. eh?


    • I love this video Rosemary. It reminds me how wonderful nature is. The fact wolves and brown bears can fish together without conflict is really special. And you’re absolutely right, humans could learn much from their fellow travelers on this planet, if only they’d listen.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  3. Great video watching these two species living and fishing side by side. We could certainly learn a lot!


  4. What a great video, thank you so much for posting it. I for one really enjoyed it, and if I could afford to visit them, I certainly would.


  5. Animals can coexist better than we can with ourselves or any other creature.


  6. So wonderful and yet another example of how nature shows humans how to coexist and live peacefully.


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  8. Amazing creatures. If anyone has any links to articles on them, I’d love some links. I’d love to find out more about their true marine habits. I do recall reading somewhere that there are instances of these wolves swimming several miles out to sea to settle off-shore islands – and even hunting (or attempting to hunt) seals? Not sure if memory is playing tricks though.


  9. Such a wonderful video seeing these two species working in harmony together. When I was viewing it I kept thinking why can’t we work this way or maybe I should say our Democrats and Republicans?


  10. Beautiful, so moving to watch. Thanks for sharing!! It brightened my day!!


  11. Reblogged this on Equillibrium's Blog and commented:
    Amazing footage of a bears and a wolf fishing for salmon together; must watch!


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