Kendall Jones, The Ugliest Thing I’ve Ever Seen

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  1. Seriously demented people who need deep therapy.


    • Seriously disturbing people who need to be stopped.


  2. …hunters are murderous serial killers…sick & twisted…joy from killing others cannot be rehabilitated…*tears*…


  3. It’s unbelievable… inbreds like this do not deserve to roam this earth… I would not weep at these atrocities before having attempted to termiante all the loathsome hunter imbeciles…

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  4. Disgusting.


  5. Rather than express indignation on sites in which you are only speaking to people of like minds, please ACT to change, educate, inform, the society in which you find yourself.

    Marc Bekoff and Jessica Pierce wrote an important book on human perception of animal mores called “Wild Justice.”
    Begin there if you have not already developed insights into scientific information on animal cognition and social behaviour.

    You NEED to research this stuff, because without it ALL, you will merely be marginalised by the Euro-american society enamoured of guns and killing for pleasure, and as a first response to conflict.

    The references in this book and in every modern scientific and animal activist publication will afford you a useful resource for speaking and writing in an actual influential MANNER.

    And make no mistake, unless YOU inform yourself, and speak and act in accordance with actual values, you remain part of the evil.

    I come to this site for information not always available elsewhere; seeeing the fatuous and impotent comments does NO good to people who wish to actually find information to change the situation.
    Right now numerous wolf advocacy orgs are gearing up to fight against the unethical activity in the US congress and the intent of their fringe hate groups like Afbf and Cattlemen’s Associations to restore the killing of wolves.
    Earthjustice, CBD, NRDC, DoW,and many,many other orgs need your financial help to pursue these matters in court. They managed to stop the killing in MN, WI, MI, and WY last autumn. Why don’t YOU put your money where your mouth is?

    Here’s a single little petition to Ag Sec Vilsack to prevent Idaqho’s use of USDA Wildlife Services to kill wolves in public lands just eating wild Elk, as they are evolved to do (the elk are NOT in danger from wolves. Just as the other wild ungulates, they are in danger from HUMAN overhunting, public lands roadbuilding, logging, mineral/fossil fuel public lands development and use):

    Time for YOU to get to work, instead of hate-whining. If you actually hate the death-dealers, as I do, you can go to EarthFirst! and download materials to help you interfere with their actions.
    Just cease to whine “shame” when YOUR culture feels NO shame.

    I donate, act, learn, educate and more, because the wolves I have met and the On3e who was fated by this evil culture to share life with me, have consistently shown that they deserve protection, honour, respect; they deserve life, and insipid comments are NOT giving them their freedom, their integrity, their lives.

    Endangered Species Coalition asks YOU to actually call your senators to register the importance of wolves and to deny the congressional attack on them by the ignorant morons that over 1/2 of the people of your mnation ELECTED.
    Tell them that YOU VOTE ON THIS ISSUE ALONE AND YOU WILL ABANDON ANY PARTY THAT REFUSES TO ACT IN ACCORDANCE WITH YOUR VALUES. That’s what I did several times over the years. The amoral and unethical democrats get nothing from me, and the republicans, undying hatred – I alienate any acquaintance or relative thereof by attacking them for their gun-kill – wild-trophy, animals-wolves, bears coyotes. THEY are the evil, and unless YOU MARGINALISE THEM, you are merely allowing them to diminish and end the lives of others, including yourself.

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    • All of what you said is true. Unfortunately even with ALL the facts, those that hunt for the mere pleasure of killing do not care about the facts and either completely disregard them or find myriad excuses as to why they are right and/or just in their thinking and actions.

      But thank you for the recommendation of the book, I’m writing a paper for an ethics class, ( also a psychology major so will find it fascinating), on this issue and I think this book will be of great help.


  6. evil inbreed


  7. Medical science is very clear; people who derive pleasure from hurting animals are psychopaths. It’s one of the earliest and first signs of psychos evolving/devolving. It is because mankind sits in the cat/bird seat and is the one species capable of causing so much pain, so much suffering, misery and agony is when — he becomes the merciful, gentle shepherd of the Holy Flock, the merciful shepherd of Holy Creation, for only a god could make a wolf, a coyote, a sage grouse.


  8. There is obviously too much ugliness. Yes, God, Creator, Life Giver, whatever the name, can create squirrels, wolves, coyotes, and sage grouses. So I must assume that most of the world’s religions are false. They are heretical sects of a false god who is said to approve of all the human-caused suffering and killing.


  9. The kids know what they are taught. So sad to see this.


  10. It is so sad—this young woman has such an opportunity to make a difference with her voice..but, instead she sets a horrible example…. I guess she is yet another example of white trash…how very pitiful..a bullet between her eyes would be an improvement—

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  11. The expression ‘hopefully someday she’ll be grinning on the other side of her face’ comes to mind…


  12. Beauty is skin deep, ugly goes to the bone. So she cuddles deer fawns, rescues dogs and SOMETIMES leaves animals alone?
    Small favours, little girl, they don’t make you a good person. Especially when you make such poses in front of the dead whose lives you took pleasure in snuffing out.

    But wait she’s still so young? Take it easy on her?
    She’s old enough to know better and damn well doesn’t care so long as she is having fun – to hell with everyone else. Stupid selfish brat.

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  13. are these people nuts I like to see a bullet up their ass

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  14. I do not care how young she is this is pure hatred she needs a bullet for both of them I am sorry I have not pity for this.

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  15. Why are these female idiots smiling? Is this a sick joke? I doubt if they even know how to shoot a gun, never mind hit something. The fact remains that these two are one brick short of a load and need their asses kicked to hell and back more than once. They need to be hung on a fence some place where there’s hungry wolves sniffing around. Sorry, I loathe the sight of them.

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  16. We don’t want to make the wolves sick. They’d probably turn up their noses in disgust anyway, their olfactory sense overwhelmed by cheap perfume. Blech!


  17. Years of seeing trash like Jones and her male counterparts on FB have made me think differently. Rather than react with tears or alternatively, fantasizing about them catching a bullet themselves, I think it is time we go on the offensive with our own re-branding. Lets show these thrill-killers as what they are – demented, sorry individuals who need help. Lets try to make them as uncool as possible. Lets not give into rage but be smarter, after all, how smart can these dufuses be? A new generation of kids need to see how very uncool these people are, regardless of what indoctrination they are finding at home.

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