Speak For Wolves: Reforming Wildlife Management in America – Part 2

Speak for Wolves is a project that aims to educate, inspire and organize citizens to work towards reforming wildlife management in America. Join fellow wildlife advocates on August 7-9 at the Union Pacific Dining Lodge in West Yellowstone, Montana for Speak for Wolves 2015.

The second of the five keys to reforming wildlife management in America.

2. Remove Grazing From All Federal Public Lands

 Grazing is the most ecologically damaging form of land use in the arid America West. Research has proven that non-native livestock is responsible for soil compaction, destruction of wetlands and riparian zones, a decrease in water retention and aquifer recharge, soil erosion, flooding, a net-loss of biodiversity and large amounts of methane gas. Livestock grazing contributes to the spread of harmful invasive plant species, which greatly affects the West’s historic fire regime. To make matters worse, the American taxpayer heavily subsidizes destructive grazing practices every year to the tune of tens, if not, hundreds of millions of dollars. At the very least, the federal grazing fee ($1.69 cow/calf pair) must be substantially raised to recoup administrative costs, voluntary grazing retirement (grazing permits are bought out by conservation groups) needs to be enabled on all federal public lands, and Congress must cease the use of legislative riders to handicap the ability of federal agencies, and the public, to use our public land laws to asses the cumulative impacts of harmful grazing.
 adult wolf from the Snake River pack odfw

Top photo: Courtesy Speak for Wolves

Bottom photo: Courtesy ODFW

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  1. Stand up for endangered species. Speak for Wolves and stand for the rule of law in the United States. Wilderness is our birthright.


  2. Go vegan.


  3. It’s not clear how to respond ? ” above the line”?

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  4. Stop the ignorance


  5. Although I have worked on the removal of private grazing on public lands for years (& years) you all must understand that the mind of the western ranchers is sufficiently paranoid that they base their anti-wolf stance on exactly this issue.
    Endangered species protection, is, they have believed for decades, counter to their cliven-Bundy idea that they “own” wherever they graze.

    The big cattlemen’s associations take their political stance, their heavily $-ed attack on wolves, bison, and any person or perceived social demographic, all from this proprietary attitude. They equate their point of view with being “American”, and all who differ as being the enemies of “America” as they define it.
    Thus the Idahoans and Eastern WA ranchers claim that the wolf is “introduced from Canada.”
    Ted Cruz is, but the wolves have genes proving their indigenous citizenship here!

    As demented as the rancher philosophy and point of view is (I may not have traced for you the politics of the US west from English and other European wealthy/nobility moving quickly to introduce cattle into the west shattered by the anti-indian military policies of post civil war, but THAT is the root of western ranching),
    the great soil loss, the attempt to privatize, the exploitation ethic that rules here, contributing to insane climate change, the guns shooting everything, the hate, the dead Griz, the lost antelope, the resistance to the return of the bison (they are shot on sight when leaving the Yellowstone heights for the Montana valleys for the winter, which they had done for millennia), the impoverished species content of the present, the introduced invasive plants and animal diseases – these are ALL entirely due to ranching.

    I hope you will fulfill the ranchers’ nightmares and make real their paranoia, and we will finally remove them from thsi continent, the continent balanced by the Wolf.

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  6. I sympathise with the plight of the wolves and hate the needless killing ..i hope i do all i can in support of them i live in the UK and follow its descent by mindless killing low life good luck ..peter gw young


  7. How do I go about joining your group. I’m passionate about animal rights but wolves in particular. I’m disabled and have been for 22 years but I find ways to become involved in issues that are passionate to me. Thank you.


  8. Our wolf brothers and sisters need us to speak for them long and loud. Their freedom and lives depend on it. I don’t want to live in a world where the only place you can see these majestic animals is in a zoo.


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