Mark Your Calendars–Say NO to Trophy Huning!

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  1. I’ve watched mother grey whales lift their offspring to show them off to tourists, there was a calf who would suck on people’s arms. So many instances of these creatures showing more compassion and inquisitiveness towards us than we to them, it’s humbling. Of course there are occasions where people get too close, get too pushy and wind up on the bad side of the largest animals on Earth.

    I used to buy the whole ‘natives’ myth, but insanity knows no gender or skin colouration.

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  2. Are they thinking of starting this again? C’mon.


  3. It does seem that humans too often choose overmanipulative, overdestructive ways of living.

    The HIGHLY endangered Bowhead whale is free for Inuit taking, even though they have embraced metal boats, motors, guns, guns, guns.

    Slash and burn agriculture is right up there with clearcut logging.
    Japan constantly cries “tradition” over the General MacArthur introduced whaling. They forget the American tradition of bombing, laying waste.
    American children eagerly go to Sea World, a vile excrescence pretending to support conservation, while locking up lives born for fulfilling in wild free nature.
    Zoos in Minnesota and everywhere, trap the intelligent Beluga for the entertainment and edification of human children.
    I swam in wild coral seas, northern lakes and rivers, and surfed when and wher ethere were no rescuers except others equally equipped in nature.
    I walked with a wolf to mountain tops, and returned immediately when I heard howls calling me down from places he could not reach. No mountain is worth so much as a single call to care. Yet I climbed with some pretty good climbers, and alone, discovering that the mystery of looking straight down, or across to places where the world is only granite and sky, are places where you learn humility enough to realize you have NO power, only the capacity to live and move in harmony with Earth.
    People believe they conquer things – they are sadly misinformed by their ignorant selves. Without al the technobailouts, you would more properly be on your own in whiteout storms, learning wisdom.
    On a coast in the Southern Ocean, I learned some limits, alone. Smashed by gales, turning back instead of demanding victory, I met the only loving being of my life. A wolf who demanded his autonomy, his wildness.
    We protected one another, but there is no final protection from the overweening hubris of humans and their followers (you know who ye are).
    No phone , no helicopter, no jet ski, no one watching. Go there to live a better life. If the Great Bear rises, let him or her have their way. Once, I was skipping along at 25 knots, and a huge black whaleback loomed up too close for me to respond. Luckily, it was faster or reflex, somehow arching to miss by a couple feet. That eye, so knowing, curious, kind. No god, but yes, leviathan – the one named in your book as uncaring enemy. Your relative on earth.


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