Happy Easter

gray wolf pups-all-about-wolves 1


Photo: Courtesy All About Wolves

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  1. Thank you Nabeki, I hope that you have had a good weekend. Happy Easter to you and yours.


  2. Happy Easter, hope you have a good Easter too. Praying the wolves stay safe and in the shadows hidden from the hunters.


  3. Thank you Nabeki. Happy Easter to all!


  4. Happy Easter to all who work for and pray for the wolves and the wild ones.


  5. Happy Easter Nabeki, Thank you for keeping us informed and up to date with the wolves we all so dearly love. Hope you have a great weekend.


  6. Awwww, so sweet –

    Happy Easter and Happy Spring Nabeki and to all –



  7. Easter is the remnant of the ancient celebrations of renewal. All the earth renews, all life sacred. In the coming days, the wolves will hunt, returning to the new tiny ones, woofing as they do with eagerness to tell the young ones of the food they have. You have not heard this? Few have, I guess…
    But all wolves I know of love the pups. Only the mother of the clan ever kills ones that her younger ones or females who have come to the group bear. But sometimes not – when there is much food, or when humans have killed adults and the family broken – I should not go too far here, for I am not judge of any other being. No one is.

    The young for a few weeks do not see, living in the den, eyes shut. Yet all are eager to see them, to share.

    The only ones on all Earth not, are the Amur Tigers, and the humans who fear loss. The wolf knows cats as takers, and I have seen the Wolf put the Cougar to tree, the cat knowing that it will not survive .
    The human once respected, wondered, learned from wolf. But since it, the human, has gained too much power from metal and gun, has prevented the renewal of other beings. I will see this power end.

    I will see renewal.

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