Ode To Magnificence by Louis du Toit

(Louise du Toit — 02-24-2012)

I am wolf

I am
the true spirit
of nature
a perfect creation
walking beside you
guiding your senses
to see
the invisible

I am
a predator
the delicate balance
of nature

a sentient being
no more evil or righteous
than any other creature

born with everything
I need to survive

I am
a true survivor
devoted to my family
loyal to my pack
the defender of my territory

has chosen me
as its enemy
lack of knowledge
brought fear
bred hatred
in a dark cloud
of demonic imagination

Like countless
other earthlings
I am shamelessly

My true destination
will only become visible

when humans
discard their
imaginary fear
false legends
phantasmal myths

to seek the truth

Wolves in lamar valley_ Earth Justice

Video: Courtesy Louise Du Toit

Photo: Courtesy Earthjustice

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Tags: Ode To Magnificence, Animal Rights, gray wolf, Louise du Toit, biodiversity

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  1. …stunning…truth…I am a wolf in a human body..I will always love them.and advocate for them as long as I draw breath ♥


  2. Beautiful. Humanity has so much to be ashamed of, so much to atone for.

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  3. Beautiful, yet so very sad.


  4. Not in the least true that “mankind has chosen me as its enemy.”
    The author and those who believe him must not be familiar with the People of the Great Lakes, the Anishinaabe, the Ojibwe, the Chippewa. For them, especially, Wolf, Ma’iingan, is their Brother, their Sister, their relative. They even today fight to buy some land in MN, where the ONLY change they will make is that NO wolf hunting will occur. They , the elders, ask their children to fight for the life of Ma’iingan. These have made all the difference in that state and Wisconsin, and the UP of Michigan.

    The Blackfeet people, also know Makuyi as the Teacher, the relative, having learned the right way to hunt and live, long ago.

    The Lakota/Dakota/Nakota the Allied people, know that Wolf family saved the lost young girl in the Winter, and forever honor the Wolf, who they know as Sungmanitu Tanka. This name has meanings, , meanings of power and grace and freedom. I will not translate it for you here, but they, too, know the Wolf as a vital source of compassion, generosity, sharing.

    I heard the wolf call when I first remember, out in the forest, hills and swamp, in the land of lakes. He has always been my Brother (and I am almost surely older than you). After all the wrong and betrayal and ill will I have known that humans do, it was strange that a Wolf should appear, should choose without knowing me, to bond to me. This Wolf would not be denied his choice, and walked for his life in mountain, forest, (although, true wolf, he rejected the desert, looking at me like I was crazy in the cold Mojave sun of January), wild lands of the far west.
    The only thing from which he needed protection, it is true, were the humans of this culture you see around you.

    He was at home wherever he rested, fulfilled wherever he chose to take what he needed to eat. He knew that the logging roads were only scars, and would lead through bear trails, up and down rivers, joyfully playing and swimming, rolling in snow, sleeping in storm without need of shelter. He walked sure in the night, when I could only stumble following seeing only a slight dark motion ahead.

    YOUR mankind with their weird killing tools and fear, often told me personally of their enmity,. What then, am I? Certainly not of that kind.

    Nabeki does this site for the Wolf. That she posts this, I cannot tell her intent.

    The only thing for which the Wolf looked to me, was the strange headlights which would take his life without turning. Huge animals were wise enough to stop, change direction, when they saw the Wolf. That the human things do not stop, consider, may be because of their blindness. Knowing night and wolf sureness, I wonder where the stumbling of the blind will lead them. There are many cliffs I have seen.


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  6. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


  7. So beautiful! Thank you, Nabeki.


  8. So spiritual and enlightening. I’m sharing so others may enjoy the images and music. Maybe I’ll get some deniers to wake up and understand a little bit more.


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    jinxx ♠ xoxo


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