Trophy Hunting = Legalized Thrill Killing!

cartoon-trophy-hunt. bizzarodotcom

Speciesism‘ is the idea that being human is a good enough reason for human animals to have greater moral rights than non-human animals. …a prejudice or bias in favour of the interests of members of one’s own species and against those of members of other species….BBC Ethics Guide


Cartoon: Bizzarodotcom

Posted in: Animal cruelty, trophy hunting

Tags: trophy hunting evils, lack of empathy, Speciesism, narcissism

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  1. it is disgustingly fascinating how the inbreds behind this slaughter, and any other for that matter, do indeed show signs of believing their pathetic excuses regarding this matter..
    I just love love how society latches onto certain doctrines, sensationalized nonsense, and superfluous trends while it completely ignores the –true– issues that plague this world, issues that would make anyone who dares call him or herself human, ashamed of being so.
    I, we, were cursed I would say… as anyone who dares to love wolves or any other creature in this world is automatically in for a world of pain. .

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  2. I can’t make sense out of it either. My latest rationale is that some human beings are simply defective, and their pleasure in tormenting and killing is a pathological indicator of mental illness. They are no different than serial killers who prey on humans except that their prey is different. Truly lost souls and lost causes. They can’t tell the difference between right and wrong and never will.


    • That is exactly how I have come to view these monsters. You can’t reason with them, teach them, you just can’t reach them, you are right, they are defective and there is no way they can be fixed!!


  3. I agree that some people seem to enjoy killing and the power of taking other lives. Some may be mentally ill. But most of the hunting, along with killing of animals for food and experimentation, as well as torturing them in entertainment, is supported by the biblical belief in dominionism and that God has given all of creation to human beings to serve their needs. When did you last hear a church speak out against animal abuse? Religion, which should provide moral leadership, is usually in step with the culture instead of forming. Most churches would never speak out against hunting or other forms of abuse because they fear they would loose many members of the congregation.


    • AGREE would be an understatement… don’t even get me started on puny religion…


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  5. It’s just disgusting, isn’t it.


  6. Please forbit Trophy Hunting


  7. If hunting is a sport, then why are so many hunters overweight?
    If hunters are sportsmen/women, why are they so unsportsmanlike?
    If hunters are in it for survival, why do the majority of them live within access to modern conveniences?
    If hunters are nature’s moderators, why is it that when they inject themselves into any given environment they screw the ecosystem over time and again?
    If hunters are not psychotic, then why do they gloat and smile like they are mentally unhinged?


  8. Evidence of caring attitudes towards animals can be found in the Bible, for example: –
    ‘He that killeth an ox is as if he slew a man’ (Isaiah 66.3)
    ‘For meat destroy not the work of God’ (Romans 14.19-21)‘
    A righteous man regardeth the life of the beast’ (Proverbs 12.10)


    • These examples need to be made known to all the hunters who believe it is their God given right to do what they want with animals. Otherwise they are hypocrites.


  9. unfortunately my neighbor is one of these monsters. amazingly enough people actually like him. studies do show that people do like psychopathic serial killers since they have superficial charm and have charisma. thankfully, i see through it and go out of my way not to say hi or have any interaction with them. oh, and they are believers, and church goers…maybe to keep up with the facade they are good people?


  10. “When we have exposed the specious reasoning of the hunters’ apologists and stripped their sport of its counterfeit legitimacy, the naked brutality of hunting defines itself: killing for the fun of it.” –Steve Ruggeri


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