Animal Rights is ‘The social justice movement of the 21st century,’ says ‘Unchained’ Jane

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Jane interviewed Doug Honnold /Earth Justice in 2012 concerning Wyoming’s fight for a predator zone in the state, where wolves could be killed 24/7. They eventually got it but wolves have now been relisted as endangered in Wyoming. I’m so excited Jane has a website dedicated to animal rights. She was the only MSM journalist who covered the wolf persecution from their delisting in 2009 until she left HLN. Thank you Jane for being a voice for the voiceless, not only wolves but for all animals. You are one of my heroes.

Exposing the Big Game

Jane Velez-Mitchell: Giving Voice to the Voiceless

BY Trudy Ring

April 06 2015

After a stellar career in traditional broadcast journalism, Jane Velez-Mitchell is wholeheartedly embracing new media — and she’s doing it in the service of what she calls “the social justice movement of the 21st century.”

That movement is animal rights, the focus of Velez-Mitchell’s new website, JaneUnchained, and her online subscription video series, Defining Moments.

“I had been talking to animal advocates for a long time, and they were saying we need to become the media for animals,” she says. The “we” she refers to isn’t just Velez-Mitchell and her partner in life and work, Donna Dennison, but fellow activists she encourages to contribute their own news videos. “Anybody with a cell phone camera can be a photojournalist,” she says.

Well, that may be the case, but most of them don’t have Velez-Mitchell’s résumé. She spent more…

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  1. Animal rights will be a huge social justice issue, but it will also be another big cultural war as those who want to make this earth a better place for all the creatures who share it with us will have to contend with all the exploiters and abusers who do not want to lose all the money they make through animal suffering and the people who seek pleasures that involved animal suffering.


  2. We were listening/watching Jane when she stood up for wolves. Even before this, I liked her thinking and her voice.


  3. Thanks, Jane. And we all must stand together in the struggle for animal rights.


  4. You go girl. You have an army behind you.


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