Earth Day -2015 – Plant A Tree….


Earth Day 2015 global-selfie-NASA

Global Selfie – Courtesy NASA


Video: Courtesy YouTube

Photo: Courtesy NASA

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  1. Beautiful! I love you Earth.


  2. Thank you Nabeka, as always you have such interesting and informative posts. I hope that you have had a glorious Earth Day.


    • You’re so welcome Allan. Hope you had a wonderful Earth Day as well.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  3. Happy Earth Day!


    • Happy Earth Day to you WildlifeWarrioress 🙂

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  4. Reblogged this on Art, animals, and the earth.


  5. In the 1600’s the Japanese Emperor Tokugawa Tsunayoshi outlawed animal cruelty, outright forbade hunting of wild animals and the use of domestic animals for target practice by samurai, enforced a vegetarian diet for the people of Japan and enacted “Laws of Compassion” where all animals were treated with respect and kindness (with emphasis to dogs, hence his title “Dog Shogun”); he had established a number of shelters to house and care for strays. His laws extended to agricultural communities where non-lethal measures enforced under threat of punishment should a wild animal be harmed without express permission from the government (after all other methods had failed, although this apparently happened very infrequently). Several lords during his reign were stripped of their titles and lands and were banished from Japan simply because they were cruel to animals. Tsunayoshi brought prosperity and growth, though the man himself was not without flaws (alas, he was a sexual deviant) and due to his compassion laws stepping on the toes of more ‘traditional’ nobility (as well as those whose noses he bent out of shape), there was an almost immediate backslide after the Dog Shogun’s death and the coming of his successor. The extermination of the resident wolf species which Tsunayoshi held in very high regard can be attributed as simple political revenge and greed.
    Despite his flaw(s), Tsunayoshi demonstrated that a country can and will prosper if compassion is the driving force behind law. If this was so easily done in the 1600’s, why is it so hard to do now?


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