Bill Maher: If you’re on a safari to kill elephants and the elephant kills you instead… ‘good’

Exposing the Big Game

Bill Maher - (HBO's Real Time screenshot)

On this week’s edition of HBO’s Real Time, host Bill Maher was all about death during his New Rules segment, expressing happiness that a big game hunter was killed by the very elephant he was stalking, to a Republican named Upright who is still campaigning against Hillary Clinton from beyond the grave.

Maher began by mocking constant target Sarah Palin for her new PAC logo — featuring the Big Dipper over her head — saying stars circling over your head isn’t a sign that you’re looking to the future, “it just means you’ve walked into a stop sign.”

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  1. ..and good riddance to another deranged (“dik-less”) serial killer..although a cliche, karma IS a “bitch,” is it not?..


  2. You said it!! One less animal serial killer–the animals are cheering!!


  3. Big fan of Bill Maher and this is one reason why. Hunters kill innocent animals but the tens of thousands and then there is whining and mourning when they get hurt or killed. Turnabout is fair play.


  4. Animal justice ,anyone who wants to kill for the sake of killing as in this case a sick bastard ..good riddance got what you deserved ..


  5. I watched this segment on Saturday night. I love BIll Maher–he tells it like it is!


  6. Justice was served!!!!!!! Why elephantsare allowed to be killed one there put on the endangered species list I have no idea. Even if they’re not on the endangered species list right now they will be soon. That Hunter that stock that elephant got exactly what he deserved.


  7. Oh the Darwin Awardity!

    I bring you good news from Oregon: A new young two-year-old male is walking in the Cascades in the big Warm Springs Rez in the Cascades north of the Deschutes, and another has come down to Southeast Oregon.
    They are unpaired and walking, exploring. Remember that OR-7did this for two years before a dispersing young female and he found one another, and moved into the upper Rogue basin.
    Their children are now a year old, and we expect more.

    The two up in Jackson/Josephine (I say up, because that is just north of wonderful habitat in far NW California) west of Keno, have not been heard from, and so we have four unpaired.
    Very few, even though 77 or 100 are regarded by Euroamericans as many – they forget that they have never lived around that few humans, and Oregon is big.

    The Alaska rabies thing must be clarified: tundra wollves do get some rabies from the reservior Arctic Foxes. Elsewhere in North America, wolves presence suppresses rabies. which is primarily a disease of raccoons, skunks, foxes. So, while I rarely mention the disease, it is due to the fear of humans (who can these days be cured with a few shots), and the fact that Arctic Foxes manage from time to time, to bite a wolf who is normally going to remove excess foxes.

    While the legislatures and governors of various states and of the USA and certain provinces are prey to the money of small warped minorities of benighted sociopaths , the wolf pays them no attention except for wise avoidance.
    It is hard to lose a single magnificent individual to a bullet, but if we all stay loyal to these incredibly loyal kind (far beyond our human capacity, but let us learn their better way), we and they will be worthy inheritors of the future.


  8. As a species, we need to get over ourselves already.


  9. One less coward with a gun.


  10. Prey kills their killer sometimes (in fact more often than expected), it’s nature. Of course, that’s giving this person more praise than he is warrented, as I will not catagorise serial killing egotists in the same vein as say lions, wolves, bears ect. because real predators are doing it because they will starve otherwise. No sympathy. A***holes are still a***holes after death.


  11. Does anybody know if/when the USFWS is going to make a preliminary decision on the petition to reclassify Gray Wolves as a “threatened” species? It’s been 90 days since the petition was submitted so they should have made a decision by now. And has the USFWS made any further decisions its proposal to delist Gray Wolves nationwide? Are they still moving forward with it or what?

    Also, does anybody know what in the world is going on with the Red Wolves? I know that the USFWS is supposed to soon make a decision on what to do with the Red Wolf Recovery Program, and 90 days have also passed since the NCWRC made the request/demand to have it terminated so the USFWS should have a decision on that made by now too.

    Ugh, all of this uncertainty and unknowing and whatnot is making me frustrated beyond belief! I think I speak for everyone here when I say that we want to know what the fate of our wolves is going to be!


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