What would it be like for humans to be treated like animals?

Wisconsin wolf public domain

We have enslaved the rest of the animal creation, and have treated our distant cousins in fur and feathers so badly that beyond doubt, if they were able to formulate a religion, they would depict the Devil in human form………William Ralph Inge

Exposing the Big Game


What would it be like for humans to be treated like animals?

These sketches say it all. From an alligator walking the runway with a human bag, to a man-drawn carriage pulling horses — prepare to question your own choices.

To believe that one race holds supremacy over all other living beings is to live in an illusion, to be infatuated with a lie and promise of power, and to contribute to a destructive and cruel cycle which exploits and harms other sentient, innocent creatures every day.

Yet this is exactly what is happening all around the world. Not only are women treated as less than equals in every profession (making up 40% of the workforce, yet hold only 1% of the world’s profits), but animals in every country and region are considered to be less intelligent, and in effect, less worthy of having rights.

Just because…

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  1. I was reading where elephants now run away screaming when humans are near. Who wouldn’t?

    Reminds me of that scene in Dances where a Lakota woman warns the rest of the tribe, running away and screaming in panic “Wasi’chu, wasi’chu!”


    • Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out well for the Lakota either. Power and fairness seldom go together.


      • Very true! It’s why I have a hard time with the show we make giving foreign aid when we do very little for our Native People. Some of the reservations are as poor as Haiti. It’s like we just can’t let go – help everybody else tho. Such hypocrisy.

        Read this:


        “Senator Rand Paul, who announced his bid in April, called for the abolishment of the Bureau of Indian Affairs [BIA] when he first took office in 2011 and has not commented whether he would eliminate the BIA should he become the 45th president in 2016.”


      • Yup, you got that one right. One nation under god genocided twice as many Native Americans as Hitler killed Jewish. This has always stalked me. Same with how we treat wild animals. Ironically, mankind is not breathing oxygen, having fresh water and life because of domesticated animals, that Americans do support and love. Mankind is only alive and safe because of wild, native species of animals, like wolves, coyotes, beavers and native species of birds, amphibians and reptiles.

        Birds are in decline on every continent, but reptiles and amphibians are faring the worst of all of Earth’s strands in the web of all life. Dances with Wolves is my lifetime’s fave movie. Wasi’chu!


  2. I suspect if people found out, the world would be a better place for animals. Unfortunately, we have the power, and the animals do not. If I had one wish, it would be to turn the tables and have people face their own barbarism, feel the pain, and demolish their arrogance.




  4. Timely article. This Friday, a coworker and I were having a discussion about the industrialized use of animals for food, which he thought was perfectly fine. When I asked him what gave him the right to take the lives of sentient creatures he answered,”Because I’m superior.” I looked him straight in the eyes and said, “Therein lies the problem.”


    • the industrialized use of non-human for food, clothing and entertainment is a mere symptom of the issue. the TRUE problem is using other sentient beings as commoditites and as means to our own selfish, trivial ends. the small local, family farms are just as violent and abusive, only on a smaller scale.

      “It is a healthy, natural reaction for someone who witnesses the brutalities inflicted upon nonhuman animals in the agriculture industry for the first time, to ask, “how can we stop this from happening?”. The simple truth is that there remains only one answer, only one way to stop it from happening. We must end the consumption of animal-based products. Until then, nonhuman animals will always be placed in “livestock” conditions, they will always be exploited, they will always be abused and they will always be slaughtered. You cannot teach someone that a life-form has any real value when it is considered acceptable to enslave, kill and eat said being. Whilst humanity views nonhuman animals as resources, mere commodities, they will always be victims of our barbarity. There is no “humane” way to treat a slave and there certainly is no “humane” procedure to take a life.”


  5. “The fallacy that elevated humanity over all else is crumbling like the false house of cards that it has always been.

    Now to go about creating a world where all are valued and honored. Not this BS that’s been going on for way too long.


  6. “The first thing you notice when you go vegan is that everyone is mad, and they tell you you’re mad. You voluntarily enter the moral Twilight Zone. You discover a grotesque inconsistency between the beliefs people express and their behavior. You realize that we’re all highly irrational, and that it’s emotion that rules culture, and culture rules the behavior of individuals. No matter how much harm it causes, nothing we do needs to be justified as long as it’s popular enough.” – Karen Manfrede


  7. We cringe when we hear about some kid going into a school and shooting his classmates and teachers, we cry when a dictator’s militia ploughs through refugee camps with machetes and assault rifles, gleefully slaughtering every starved helpless person (including women and children) not of their ‘tribe’ or who did not vote for their affiliated political party. Why should we care when there are a few billion people left in the world? Such slaughter barely harms our species population, right? I’m not arguing that these actions are any less a tragedy. But in this society, not many bat less than an eyelid when it comes to some jerk off sport hunter sitting among his/her kills, gloating and grinning like some gold medal winning Olympic athlete.


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