Why SC’s Animal Cruelty Laws Rank 45th

Miniture breed dogs in a puppy mill Wiki

Miniature breed dogs in puppy mill 

Exposing the Big Game


Columbia, SC (WLTX) South Carolina’s laws against animal cruelty rank 45th in the nation, according to the Humane Society of the United States, and state lawmakers who’ve tried to toughen those laws say there’s one main reason for that.

“We have people that are avid hunters and fishermen and they believe that anything to do with animal concerns, animal abuse, is going to take away, infringe on their rights, take away their guns, not let them hunt and that kind of thing. So anytime you bring something up about animals you’re hitting a brick wall,” says Rep. Deborah Long, R-Indian Land, who sponsored a bill two years ago to create an animal abuse registry, similar to the sex offender registry. Now, someone can be convicted of animal abuse in one county and, even if a judge prohibits them from having any more animals, if they move…

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  1. In short, due to a bunch of corrupt politicians hell bent on protecting their own sadistic interests and bedfellows, feigning concern and ‘compromise’ on the subject of animal welfare.


  2. Pretty much the same scenario here in Missouri. There’s a real hate agenda re PETA and the HSUS. Many of the so called rescues turn a blind eye to the puppy mills and just pick up the pieces for them instead or should I say, attempt to pick up the pieces. That is for puppies and dogs that have serious health and mental issues for all of what remains of their shortened lives.

    Much like the new BS out of Washington that does nothing to curb the pesticides that are killing bees but instead supports kids planting milkweed seeds for good photo ops. In another words, nothing gets done and the real harm keeps happening.

    Not sure what it will take with the bulk of our species that has really very little regard in most cases for the other living beings that occupy the planet along with us. Very difficult to legislate morality and really that’s the issue with human beings and animals. Morality.

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  3. I think whether it concerns animals or humans it needs to be stopped. It don’t matter if it is with gun or not please stop the puppy mills with all cost.


  4. Horrific…


  5. New Mexico is 48th! It’s because of our current governor.


  6. We must keep fighting for the animals and never stop. Every thread of my being fights for those who cannot speak or defend themselves.


  7. They are not a brick wall, but merely a stack of bricks, requiring breaking up.
    What ethical right have people to stand with a tool, killing things from afar?

    What moral vacuity causes those who do, to do so?

    What right is this, to kill without being subject to exactly the same stricture? If the world had guns to level at humans, what would be their opinion?

    To everyone that reads here: So long as those who hunt refuse to limit their activity to necessary subsistence, so long as they demand the “right” to kill at will, then they, themselves must be stripped of guns.
    When they gain some moral values, some empathy for other life, and cease to take those not needed for personal survival (no imaginary fictional fairy-tale pretensions of “danger” allowed here), only then should they be allowed these toys.

    This species survived for a couple hundred thousand years, and an equally adept species for two million more, without the existence of guns.
    Merley because they have been invented is no reason to allow their existence.


  8. The Wolf, wise enough to run when he or she perceives and makes sure of just WHO made that noise, that smell, removes oneself from the presence of gun-totin’ chimps. What if YOU were to do so socially?
    Dn’t marry ’em, don’t flock with them, don’t accept their validity.

    Begin here.


  9. Oh, it’s our guvnor? Not our phukin hubris. Never that.


  10. Now that I’ve read it, Way to go Wayne!
    At least someone has figured out that when the right-to-kill is invoked, the right to outlaw killers is the only response.

    HSUS has done far more good than I imagined when I first heard of them. They succeeded in controlling the bloodlust of hunting groups in MI against wolves, and were party to the relisting of the Wolf out west.
    Read his blog once in a while. It may be claimed by those-afraid-with-guns that he is urban, even though the only actual urban tool is the gun.

    I’ve been stuck in an urban area since expending myself in a wolf’s old age, and other than here, have lived most of my life more wild, in more wild places than the urban -dependent ranchers. Remember, that NO ranch, no destructive technology could exist without the industry that those technokillers (silencers, lights, trucks, atvs, etc) are dependent upon.
    You are as rural as anyone who depends upon this crap. Just cross Wyoming to find out that the towns, the ranches are all utterly urban in focus. No nomads eating off the wild land exist there, outside the Shoshone/Arapaho, who understood that the other kinds also had a right to life.


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