My Open Letter To President Obama about His Hostile Polices and Indifference Toward Wildlife

Our Wisconsin, Our Wildlife

Is this what President Obama want to take us back to? Is this what President Obama want to take us back to? Dear President Obama,

I am writing you this letter as a simple citizen and wildlife advocate. I do not have access to big money donors, political parties, or special interest groups. Because of that this letter may not even be read by you or your staff, but I am going to try anyway.

Mr. President, I write this letter as a once hopeful but now jaded person that considers myself as a political progressive. This is especially true when it comes to the protection of the environment and our wildlife. When you were running for office and upon your eventual election there was an overwhelming sense of hope that you were going to be the environmental president that we have longed for since the days of Bruce Babbitt and the Clinton Administration. Those hopes began to dim upon your…

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  1. I, too, have written to Obamabush. Traditionally, the progressive minds have been pro-Earth, the champions of planet Earth, just like President Clinton and Bruce Babbitt. What a stunner Obamabush has been. I, too, was stunned when he appointed a hooved-locust lover as the fox guarding the hen house or the Department of the Interior.

    And, Obamabush followed suit with Duhbya when his eco-legacy was a portion of the marine ecosystem was to be “conserved” while humankind has skinned, denuded, deforested and concreted 50% of the most endangered ecosystems on Earth, her land-based, terrestrial ecosystems. More and more shock when we discovered, he truly, really believed in the Big Bad Wolf and fairy tales derived from the Dark Age.

    Good news, Bernie Sanders did not buy Obamabush’s rider on the budget deal that de-listed the most vital, necessary species in America, the wolf. Senator Sanders wanted wolves protected and saved. Let’s pray — when Obamabush leaves office, once again, we have a prez who is pro-earth and a savior of Earth’s strands in the web of all life. The wolf is the one species that is the salvation of all of Earth’s strands in the great web.

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  2. I support this petition to add Bison to our National Mammals, but also would add the following to this petition: Besides the Bison, I would like to strongly recommend that the grey wolf (domesticated to dogs) and horse be included as National Mammals, since they also evolved in North America nearly became extinct here (horse actually did become extinct here until the Spaniards re-introduced them to their native land), and both the wolf and the horse have provided perhaps the most fundamental aid to humans during our evolution, hunting, transportation, safety and companionship! Therefore the Grey Wolf and the Horse both deserve this National Mammal classification and Protection in perpetuity! re: Maybe that would help them from going extinct in the USA! Also sign and share this petition:

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  3. While I appreciate the effort to contact the Presidential Office (thank you), we must face the stark reality of the political situation in the U.S: The vast majority of politicians are paid off. I like Bernie, but, he cannot win, because our votes do not really count. We,The People, have just been brainwashed to believe this nonsense.
    My father, a naturalized citizen, from Switzerland, always told me as a child,” voting is important, Rosemary”, but there, it is the “Cantons” (they hold the power) where people vote, with a direct vote, no “Electoral College” nonsense.
    In this country $$$$, and lots of it, from corporations, is what “elects.” Historically, it has been like this, since rich White Men started the whole thing.
    Things apparently have not gotten desperate enough in the U.S. (as they have in other countries), where there have been General Strikes, and massive protesting, often with people getting killed by the thousands. I no longer vote, because it just encourages them. I know some still believe in it, and, as Noam Chomsky says, “go ahead and vote if it makes you feel better.”
    Under this administration, wildlife and the environment have taken of worst hits than ever before. Who rules the White House? Agriculture, Oil/Gas, Mining, Banks, Pharmaceuticals, & the NRA.
    Obama (& voted for him the lst time), never really promised anybody anything, but spouted phrases over and over like “hope and change,” so well-meaning folks read into this vague rhetoric whatever they needed to feel good about him. He was bought and sold, just like all the others. Europeans are laughing at our “election process,” which is such as sad, dishonest facade. And just recently, Obama had to defend “hunting” in his speech about the massacre in SC. Why?


    • Really? I think that is totally inappropriate under the circumstances. Sadly, whatever ‘connection to the land’ that might have been made by earlier hunter/gatherers is sadly long gone in today’s modern world.

      This letter is well written. I voted for the President in the first election too, because we really didn’t have much choice – but I am terribly disappointed with his position on protecting the environment and wildlife. I wonder if the Democrats would work harder to fight for theses protections if Romney had won, instead of going along in bobble-head agreement with a Democratic president?


  4. Sorry for the typos. “Under this administration wildlife…..have taken more worst hits than ever before.


  5. Please realist america’s wolves as an endangered specie so.


  6. I also wrote a similar letter to Obama. After several months a staffer must have taken pity on me and sent me a reply. It described all the Obama White House has done for parks. While I believe our National Parks are very important this has nothing to do with the content or intent of the letter. The Obama Administration may have done some good things – stewardship of the environment and protection of wildlife was not only last on the list of priorities but probably wasnt on the list at all.


  7. I have always wondered exactly WHO actually reads letters to the prez. I suspect that many staffers of a low pay grade, read and for some presidents, are also paid to respond (Got “signed” pictures from both Bushes, as replies back in that paper era).

    Talking to an Ojibwe wolf advocate for a couple years, I had thought she exaggerated the idiocy , but I think you ALL should go to the “Our Wisconsin, Our Wildlife” site, and click the link of the unnamed author – it’s rla4 or something. I just read several of her postings, and the information & knowledge of Wisconsin wolf politics and the the low level of the “barstool Biologists” she identifies are astonishing, a complete throwback to the Euroamerican wolf execution era.

    Since my WolfBrother died, I have been trying to learn more about how to stop the killing, putting myself in an urban environment, missing the wild adventures with him. I remain consistently astonished at the house-huddling urban-dependent ranchers and toy gunners here in the West (I’m west of you, although I go back east of the first couple rows of mountains from time to time). I have no answers, but can only direct you ALL to the fact that conservation biologists, ethical ecologists, and others have many humans involved – a few of these humans are trying to develop a presence of scientific disciplines like ethological ethics, and ecological ethics, in the quest to save the fast disappearing species and in our case, focusing on the wolf. Some of these scientists have been gathered together this coming fall in Washington DC. Here’s the handout:

    I have recently had in my hands a couple of the high-tech weapons now advertised for killing. They can shoot accurately to over 3/5 of a mile, and cost 3 or more thousand dollars, which means those who use them are committed in several ways that it would take pages of psychology to explain. You may have read past comments of mine which point out that unless hunters withdraw from “sport” and canid/carnivore murder, i can only recommend that y’all go after society’s perception of them.
    What right do they have to use weapons for pleasure killing?
    What right do ranchers have to use public lands belonging to all?
    A huge movement must effectively go after these arrogated wrong “rights.”
    You have seen the Obama platform of compromise, and seen the hell to which that road has led. NO politician, even especially Hilary-who-once-visited-wolves Clinton, will back you and the wolves up. Will Bernie? only slightly likely as he lived his life in the megalopolis. Jill Stein? I’m voting for her to shake as much as possible the number-watchers.
    I happen to have almost the best House Rep, but you do not. One of my Senators, retiring in 16 is a corporate person who HAS used her power to create wilderness (and the Red Wolf is going to die because of lack of wilderness over there), but mostly desert, and has not yet responded to my wolf advocacy except in a general way.

    But we must remember that 317 million people are under the thumb of the actions of the feds, and we must remember too, that even though 69 to 75% of New Mexicans and Arizonans are pro-wolf recovery there , their elected officials are right now trying to open up possibilities to kill and to gut the ESA.

    Same kind of majority vs those they elect in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming. Oregon, unfortunately has a lower percentage of wolf-friendly citizens although they are deflecting wolf-hating govt actions there. WA has a high wolf-friendly population, with some pretty bad politicians in their mix, and a great number of armed silent wolf-killers east of the Cascades.

    The gathering in Wes tYellowstone although probably not very truly informative, will be an August 7 opportunity for people to meet and exchange energy and information. Hope many of you can be there.
    On that same day August 7, there will be a rally in Flagstaff AZ while the AZ game commission meets there. the Mexican Wolves need more space and no guns on them (there are many , many illegal guns looking for them all the time), and any who cannot make West Ystone, might go to Flagstaff.

    Santa Fe’s rally will take place in Oct, i think – just check out WHO NEEDS YOUR, YES, YOUR, Letters to newpapers and other stuff. I wrote two, and since I do not do facebook, cannot reply to all the sick idiots who get press elsewhere (to sign in, many require fbook)

    I know my posts are always long, but I hope you read far enough to decide to DO something, do everything. I happen to operate out of love and a personal bond exceeding any human bond I have ever known of, and I apologize for the hard sell.

    That fierce being you see pictures of and sometimes see at a distance, holds a higher love, than we understand; this may be what has called you. Each one of them is the bringer of that fire so dim in our kind.


  8. Wonderful letter. We are cruel and disregard these majestic animals. It saddens me and I want to thank you for doing this


  9. Obama is a disappointment to wildlife advocates because he delegates it in trust to the likes of Dan Ashe USFWS and Sallie Jewell Interior and BLM and National Forest Service, Wildlife Services and we know what that means. But you are naive, to put it politely, is you don’t think things even be much worse under Romney-Ryan, McCain-Palin. Obama is an urban sort of guy not apparently even interested in outdoors, wilderness, wildlife. He is more concerned with affordable health care, checks on Wall Street, keeping us out an all out boot on the ground war and other matters. Yes he is a disappointment but wilderness and wildlife conservationist should focus the failure on the scared and complicit squirrels running the agencies and departments running the show: Fire the wildlife agencies. You are right to try to get to the level of presidential attention.


    • But he hired the heads of the agencies! Which is why they further the Administration’s agenda. Romney by himself wasn’t all that bad for us – I’ll always remember that he tried to help strengthen oil spill legislation with our state’s ocean advocates, and we did get affordable health care passed for our state with him as governor. But of course, the Federal Gov’t sued our state and it never passed.

      Sometimes when a (moderate) Republican is in office, you’ll see the same kind of party opposition by Democrats, albeit maybe less virulent, that you have now by the Republican Conservatives. Now, I do not think they are working hard enough for us. And we must remember that most of our major environmental protections were put in place by the Nixon Administration, for which he will never get credit. To say that this administration wants to ‘make improvements’ on such landmark legislation as the ESA, is just mind-boggling. They will weaken it.


      • or I should say furthering a lack of an agenda because I don’t believe the President places any importance on our country’s wildlife and natural places except for how they relate to human uses (and I’d call it exploitation). He’s a self- admitted man of the people (only). He never talks of the environment and it took years for him to even mention ‘climate change’ in public. His advisors I imagine tell him that it is a public opinion kiss of death to even mention the environment and environmentalists.


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