OR7 and Mate Raising New Pups!

OR7 and mate Rogue Pack USFWS

Iconic wolf OR7 and his mate are believed to be rearing their second set of puppies. So good to see this little family thriving when there is so much bad news in the wolf world. Many howls and love to you Journey!


New Year Brings New Pups To OR-7 Wolf Pack

Oregon’s wandering wolf’s lonely days are far behind after biologists found evidence that OR-7’s Rogue Pack has expanded by a second set of pups.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife released a video from trail cameras Tuesday that shows the new wolves playing in the Cascades east of Medford, which ODFW shared on its Oregon Wildlife Viewing Facebook page.

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OR7 yearling pups ODFW

OR7 yearling pup!  Hey looks like Mrs. Journey ❤


Photo: Courtesy USFWS

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  2. I just hope they don’t get killed.


  3. Such good news! Congratulations!


  4. I’m praying to the Great Spirit to protect OR7 and his young family from America’s rednecks and their rifles and traps of agonizing torture. Suwa — to the Great Spirit.


  5. Now, the Rogue pack may be relatively safe from poaching because of its fame and position in Oregon, but that is an issue.
    Biologists don’t like to interfere at rendezvous sites (I am told) as we all know that wolves are with good reason a bit gunshy of people. OR f&W is getting smarter about not releasing too much to th epublic; along with CA’s this delay might have saved Journey’s life back when.

    OR-7 the journey film will be shown at West Yellowstone at “Speak for Wolves” August 9. It’s a better film than I had imagined, though its producer/director is a bit naive, and the story required some captive wolf filming. It does wind up with a gushy, noninformative overextended interview with , well, you’ll see – which could have been replaced with better material.

    Right now, wolves are in real trouble in WY and the upper midwest, as WY’s Psychocynthia Lummis and a BI-partisan Cabal denied the Tsongas Amendment to strip the damaging amendment from the Interior Appropriations Bill .
    Here is the record of Congresspersons voting. The Noes, should you have any influence, need to be whipped out of office.

    Living with Wolves has this page: https://livingwithwolves.org/2015/07/08/tsongas-amendment-does-not-pass-in-a-186-243-vote-focus-efforts-now-on-opposing-the-newhouse-amendment/
    giving you info on Whassup with that and the Newhouse Amendment, of which I think it is to late to comment to you, as it is after 5 in DC right now. Go quick though, as it may not have been dealt with and you tweeties can tweet.


  6. Here is the latest news on the Senate version of the Interior Appropriations bill with ITS nasty antienvironmental riders:


    It was in committee in late June, and the Dems in that committee tried to strip the riders. If any are yours, support their attempt!

    The Obama Administration has threatened to veto the bill if the riders are not stripped, in part because it is vulnerable to court action due to its violating separation of powers.
    BUT! YOU have to write like a fiend, encouraging the weak prez and compromising and corrupted advisors to VETO the monster.
    Please gather info FAST and do this!


  7. Just a post of my letter to the Prez to VETO, unless riders are stripped in final bill.
    RE: Dept of Interior Appropriations bills in Congress

    Dear Mr. President and staff,

    I believe that you are strongly aware of the anti-environmental riders contained in both bills, including provisions/amendments attacking EPA and the Endangered Species Act.
    Such a corrupt law must not be allowed inclusion in US statute law.

    As you know, it intrudes upon Executive administration, in what appear to be unconstitutional ways.
    Yet, when we look at the content, that incursion is equaled in importance in protecting the future through its attempt to deny and banish the importance of the preservation of native species.
    Those species, have now been scientifically shown to be vital to the resilience and resource protection given by natural ecosystems.

    In the past, for instance, the Gray Wolf had been given short shrift, its tiny conflicts (National Agricultural Statistics show that livestock losses due to this species was smaller by far than any other predation-caused death, and insignificant on any scale) elevated beyond reason.

    These vitally important living components of ecosystems have been shown to be a major and sometimes the necessary factor in the return of many other species, now vulnerable to extinction, whether relatively local or national, and the wolf also helps support improved survival of migratory birds, an international consideration. The wolf is thus a sine qua non for vast numbers of organisms, and its removal by states down to ecologically insufficiency is one of the worst occurrences of repercussions effected by the ubiquitous corruption within state wildlife controls.

    Several other species are directly attacked by the corrupt riders in both versions of this coming bill, and it is vital that your Administration step in with a sound message of VETO, in order to remove all such unethical riders, in 2016 Appropriations bills, and forever.

    I know the history of the addition of this kind of unethical rider to appropriations bills, and because a significant level of damage was done a few years back, I hope that you will act to eliminate forever such corruption, thus enhancing your Presidential record, as well as that of your political party.
    Thank you for vetoing this bill, should the anti-environmental and endangered-species riders not be completely removed!


  8. nice to see some good news or-7 deserves to live in peace like all wolves should be able to live in peace their life is hard enough to exist in the wild without people making it harder


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  10. Thanks for sharing

    *Patrick McLaughlin*

    *Animal ActivistWolf Education and*

    *Research Center, OR.*

    *U.S. Wolf Refuge, NV.*

    *No Bear Hunt Nevada*

    *California Bear League*

    *American Mustang Family*

    *Wine Consultant*

    *Experienced Cuba Guide*

    *Been there & done that !!*

    *Verdi, Nevada, USA89439-0646*


  11. This is so exciting, and his yearlings are absolutely beautiful! You are right, he/she looks so much like his/her mother! May Journey and his pack stay safe!


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