Facebook deletes photos of slain rhinos, leopards and lions killed by Texas cheerleader after outcry


Exposing the Big Game


  • Kendall Jones, 19, has drawn the ire of thousands with her Facebook photos showing her smiling alongside rare African beasts
  • But Facebook has now removed her images of dead elephants, hippos and lions, among others, because they violate their standards
  • The website removes ‘reported content that promotes poaching of endangered species’, Facebook said in a statement
  • Jones, a cheerleader at Texas Tech who is gunning for a reality show, claims her hunting is actually a conservation effort

Facebook has deleted trophy photos showing rhinos, elephants, lions and leopards killed or tranquilized by a Texas Tech cheerleader.

Kendall Jones, 19, has sparked outrage across the social media site for sharing images of herself with the big game she has hunted through Africa.

On Thursday, Facebook removed some of the images that violated their standards.

In a statement, it…

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  1. thank you for caring


  2. Its’ about time such trash was banned. It allowed the self-glorification of animal abusers and it presents a terrible role model for those mindless enough to seek attention in a similar manner. I hope the ban will include things like the two sisters who sent in a video of themselves abusing their dog to get attention and those who harm animals as a “prank.” I don’t know where all these witless wonders are coming from.

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  3. Extinction is FOREVER and the ignorant selfish greedy humans enabled by all others are daily increasing the numbers lost for sick self gratification!


  4. I am glad Facebook is finally “getting it”. It has been truly atrocious to see these human freaks getting their “jollies” by killing and torturing our wildlife. Now if we could only get all countries to stop allowing trophy killing and wildlife “reduction” hunts.

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  5. Painful to see this grinning idiot posing with creatures of far more value than her.

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  6. she is a selfish self-centered person only worrying about her fame and fortune to be made. I got news for you stupid girl, know-one here in America promotes slaughtering of innocent animals that god created trying to survive here along side us they never did anything to you and you shoot down these animals for your selfish self glorification? The only popularity you’re going to receive is notority on how many thousands of people actually dislike and hate you immensely and the awful trajedy that occurred here. As far as I’m concerned you should be locked up and jailed and sentenced to jail time
    for these atrocity’s. Thank you facebook for not promoting violence, abuse, or killing any animal . God Bless.


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