Wolf Killing Time Upon Us Once Again

Echo NPS

Echo murdered by trophy hunter – 2015

Sadly it’s wolf killing time again in Montana and Idaho. They’ve suffered under the Obama admins. delisting since 2009. Thousands have died and continue to be murdered by trophy hunting thrill killers. Montana now allows individual ranchers or farmers to kill up to 100 wolves annually.

“Private landowners may kill up to 100 wolves a year they believe are threatening livestock, dogs or people under a new state law that doesn’t count toward Montana’s wolf-hunting season.”

The good news is Wyoming, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan wolves are once again protected under the ESA due to a ruling in December 2014 by “U.S. District Judge Beryl Howell.  Judge Howell stated their removal from the ESA was “arbitrary and capricious” and violated the federal Endangered Species Act.”

Federal judge: Great Lakes wolves return to endangered list

By John Flesher, Associated Press5:52 p.m. EST December 19, 2014

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. — A federal judge on Friday threw out an Obama administration decision to remove the gray wolf population in the western Great Lakes region from the endangered species list — a decision that will ban further wolf hunting and trapping in three states.

The order affects wolves in Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin, where the combined population is estimated at around 3,700. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service dropped federal protections from those wolves in 2012 and handed over management to the states.

U.S. District Judge Beryl Howell in Washington, D.C., ruled Friday the removal was “arbitrary and capricious” and violated the federal Endangered Species Act.

Unless overturned, her decision will block the states from scheduling additional hunting and trapping seasons for the predators. All three have had at least one hunting season since protections were lifted, while Minnesota and Wisconsin also have allowed trapping.

More than 1,500 Great Lakes wolves have been killed since federal protections were removed, said Jonathan Lovvorn, senior vice president of the Humane Society of the United States, which filed a lawsuit that prompted Howell’s ruling.

“We are pleased that the court has recognized that the basis for the delisting decision was flawed, and would stop wolf recovery in its tracks,” Lovvorn said.

“The science clearly shows that wolves are recovered in the Great Lakes region, and we believe the Great Lakes states have clearly demonstrated their ability to effectively manage their wolf populations,” Shire said. “This is a significant step backward.”

Wolf advocates applauded the ruling Friday.

“We filed the lawsuit to relist the Great Lakes population of wolves,” said Jill Fritz, coordinator of Michigan’s Humane Society of the United States. “It was based on the assertion that the Great Lakes states had proven they could not responsibly manage wolves when they were delisted in January 2012.”

Jodi Habush Sinykin, an attorney for Midwest Environmental Advocates, which supports science-based wildlife management, said the decision should serve as a clear signal of caution to people who would destroy the nation’s wolves.

Minnesota Natural Resources Commissioner Tom Landwehr said agency attorneys will study the ruling before determining its effect on state wolf policy.

“On face value we’re very surprised. We didn’t even know it was coming to a conclusion here,” Landwehr said. “It’s an unusual turn of events.”

Lansing State Journal reporter Louise Knott Ahern contributed to this report.


Click HERE to read the court’s decision!


USFWS wants to delist gray wolves across the lower 48, which would put all wolves in serious jeopardy. USFWS can’t protect wolves now, while they’re still listed, as Echo’s death  and many other gray wolves, who continue to be poached, affirms. The USFWS repeatedly allows trophy hunters to use the tired “I thought it was a coyote excuse ” when poaching endangered wolves. But that comes as no surprise.  Do you think the USFWS gives a damn about wolves or their protection?  They’re too busy looking out for  agribusiness interests, not wolves

So the never-ending battle for canis lupus continues. Montana and Idaho wolves are once again running for their lives.




Idaho – 4

Montana – 12

Wyoming (Protected ESA)

Wisconsin (Protected ESA)

Minnesota (Protected ESA)

Michigan ( Protected ESA)


Oregon – 2 (‘Sled Springs Pair’)

Utah – Echo

Illinois – 2

New Mexico – 1 Ernesta AF1126


North Carolina – 1 endangered red wolf shot by landowner


Photo: Echo – Courtesy NPS

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  1. All wolves should be protected, as all animals should be. Animals don’t belong to us to do as we please with them. They’re sentiment beings and deserve to live their lives, free, happy and in peace. And yes, I’m a vegan


  2. stinking bloody ranchers, soon all wild life will be gone


  3. It is not right.They belong here also.They mate for ever not like people.They care about there family.Love them.


  4. This rampage against wolves is wrong. I am so very disappointed in the Obama administration for delisting wolves and for caving in to big business including the uninformed ranchers! We love in a sad time.




    • You are so right and He is not pleased with those who kill for the sake of killing or out of ignorant hatred.Make no mistake about it, He is a vengeful God and knows how to punish evil doers.


  6. How many wolves have been killed by people. How many people have been killed by wolves. Yes, that tells us something. We hunt them down in their own habitat, trap, poison, shoot them, and take pictures with their dead and bloodied bodies. On top of that, we are too arrogant and blind to even admit we are the most destructive and ruthless species on this planet. I hope in the end the gods are most interested in justice than observation.


  7. Reblogged this on Exposing the Big Game.


  8. If the wolves go extinct.. it affects the land, the wild life, lifestocks then shortly after.. the humans. will be not able to live much longer We will not survive well without the wolves. Let me ask you, how can we surviive on this planet if we dont listen or care enough to protect them and us? We are not going to another planet if we are killing the earth more every day. I think it makes the human heart so cold for disrespecting gods creatures, I mean all of us are here to live our lives. They have families like us, please dont take their homes, their families because of greed and thinking this is the best solution to any problems. It is the humans problems because they do not want to do the hard work, or they want to make money out of the animals that would make their heart ugly inside . I think if we are willing to work with the wolves another way, this world would not be so cold.


  9. Farmers can kill 100 wolves a year!!! WTF

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  10. Let the Wolves run free…..protect the wolves for our Children and there Children! Wolves have to be protected like all animals. Trophy Hunting is a crime!


  11. YOU have a chance to speak out to protect Oregon’s wolves, against “sport” hunting as a management tool, and to deny it totally in OR. I’ll get more on it, but the science is showing that it causes greater conflict, worse public attitudes toward wolves rather than better.

    YOU must also speak out against the premature delisting by OR, as wolf population is still far too low, and OR’s failure to find poachers of one of the 14 or 15 mated pairs must NOT be tolerated.

    There will be a DFW Commission meeting allowing public comment on about Oct 9 in Florence. Please work to create substantive comment, whether you email or appear.
    the “for shame” and I love wolves” comments are utterly inadequate, and though millions of people say this, the fact that they DO nothing substantial is the problem.

    The news media report wolf news with about 3/4 negative, antiwolf bias everywhere in the USA.

    It is UP TO YOU to become informed and dispute this media bias with fact. There is loads of science – just look up articles on wolves, ecology on google Scholar. Many new books, and organizations like mexicanwolves.org have materials you can use. that org down in AZ and NM NEEDS you to write letters to editors disputing the ignorance of local and federal politicians, and they NEED YOU NOW.

    Nabeki was a MATERIAL SUPPORTER of Yellowstone’s “Speak for Wolves” in August. If you cannot attend next year, still send them some cash to rent that big place they need for the several-days presentations.

    We KNOW trophy hunting is a crime. do not just preach to the choir about it.
    DO something substantial. It is time for sport hunting to be ended altogether.
    there is a Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting. Get on board with them.


  12. Ugh. It all started once Euro Americans set foot on this continent, and it is still going on. It won’t stop until every last animal, tree, drop of oil, and ounce of ore is taken out of this planet. Bad enough to read about it in history books; it really is a terrible thing to observe for real in one’s own lifetime. It’s like a plague.

    Oh yeah, you bet we’re going to speak up today – and loudly. We have and do, so people shouldn’t assume we do not. It’s shocking to me to see Democrats only marginally better than Conservative Republicans as far as our own, beautiful wildlife and wildlands is concerned.

    And my new rule is I will not give one dime outside of this country until the poverty and disrespect of our indigenous people, and wildlife and wildlands are concerned. Renaming a mountain just isn’t enough. These are issues we refuse to acknowledge in our own country, while we point the finger at and criticize other countries for it. We are hypocrites, and worse than ever in modern times. Ruled by money and greed.


  13. Who would hunt things they don’t intend to eat? At least with poachers there’s money involved, trophy hunting is just killing for the sake of killing. Have they not heard of video games? You don’t need to do real violence if you have dark urges.



  14. Wolves are flesh and blood too.They feel pain.


  15. Because the debate about killing wolves has gone NOWHERE, in public discourse
    (Understand that people end to regard disagreement with attacks on themselves – especially people who do not introspect, or feel a need to understand the roots of their emotions, beliefs, desires, or thoughts. These are the people with whom Nabeki has had to deal since she recognized the prominence of cruelty and brutality in those who, equipped with guns and irrational fears (2 wolf attacks on tens of millions of people in North america exposed to wolves, do not compare with the millions of human-on-human attacks that occur))
    I’ve been looking deeply at possible ways to alleviate the hatred and killing of wolves.

    An increasing body of scientific literature shows conclusively that we should not be killing wolves, but that is so far not understood nor considered by individuals.

    So, just for those who live in the North or West, where wolves have been to some extent allowed to return (so far wolf populations in the USA have been allowed to return to about 2% – 1/50th of their historical numbers. Game farming managers in Idaho and Montana, especially, have attempted to reduce that tiny percentage, and pure haters in WY and elsewhere are attempting to again extinguish the lives of all wolves, if possible.

    So, here,
    is a short audio with printed premises of civil argument for and against wolf hunting.
    John Vucetich and Michael Nelson have been working for years to show that wolf killing is inappropriate.
    I’ll just add a few citations or links to scientifically support the arguments you will see against wolf killing.

    First, some ethical elaboration worth everyone’s reading:
    Vucetich, John, Nelson, Michael P. Wolf Hunting and the Ethics of Predator Control. DOI: 10.1093/oxfordhb/9780199927142.013.007

    Click to access Oxford-Wolf-Hunting-and-the-Ethics-of-Predator-Control.pdf

    In it you will also find references to practical truths, such as in the Northern Rockies, elk abundance is not correlated with the return of wolves. Neither is deer abundance in Wisconsin, where deer have increased since wolves reoccupied habitat.
    Here’s a study showing that declines in deer abundance in Michigan in the 21st c. result from LOGGING, not wolves.
    R. Doepker, Michigan Department of Natural Resources, unpublished data. After trees are logged and removed, the treetops are left behind on the forest floor. The twigs on those treetops are an important source of winter food. Between 1957 and 2005, the number of cords of pulpwood harvested in Upper Michigan explained 67 percent of the variation in an index of deer abundance (i.e., the mean density of pellet groups [fecal material] counted on transects across Upper Michigan).

    at past 1 minute in the conservation ethics video, we find scientific evidence that wolf populations ARE harmed socially, educationally, as well as genetically. Individuals of course suffer pain and death, but it will be a while before sport hunters, haters of gummint influence and cattle people get to a point where they will accept wolves as living beings worthy of compassion.
    Ecological evidence for the once argued trophic cascades resulting from wolves has recently begun to overwhelm the opposition. Check OSU carnivore research for introduction to the increasing number of links to peer-reviewed publication.

    About the second minute the video brings up the argument that public hunt is effective management.
    Rob Wielgus et al. in PLOS 1 did an unprecedentedly peer-reviewed meta-analysis showing that public hunting of wolves is increasing predation on domestic livestock – the pups don’t learn the skills they need when they are even partially orphaned.
    Wielgus RB, Peebles KA (2014) Effects of Wolf Mortality on Livestock Depredations. PLoS ONE 9(12): e113505. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0113505

    There is so much science supporting the falsehood of premises 1-3 at 4 to 5 minutes, that I will overload you.

    I am posting this stuff so that I will begin to see less and less of the “for shame” and other like comments that are doing nothing good for the issue, and instead may be doing harm by failing to consider those armed people , and instead attempt to exclude them from civil discourse ( I am a big violator myself, one recent day preparing to bash the windshield of one , only ceasing to do so when too many witnesses entered the area)

    PLEASE listen to the top link so that you can begin to articulate against wolf killing. You will not be taken seriously by anyone unless you can do so .

    I have used the argument that just because you can use technology does NOT mean that you should. I have used it in ATV, Snowmobile, phone-attached trailcamera, semiautomatic weapons, long-distance sniper weapon tech, automated/ electronic predator callers, and drone use – all of which are now used to find and kill wolves.


  16. Here’s an important look at what has now been called the North American Conservation Model.
    This is the use of sport hunting to manage.

    An Inadequate Construct?
    North American Model: What’s Flawed, What’s Missing, What’s Needed

    By Michael P. Nelson, Ph.D., John A. Vucetich, Ph.D., Paul C. Paquet, Ph.D., and Joseph K. Bump, Ph.D.

    Click to access An%20Inadequate%20Construct%20by%20Nelson%20et%20al_1.pdf

    Valerius Geist, the original creator of the model is an accomplished wildlife biologist, but he has for most of the past few decades shown that he subscribes to an unethical, irrational antiwolf sentiment (other very good biologists, also still fall into similar failure, moved by false beliefs tangled up in anthropocentrism unadmitted, so he has company).

    PLEASE read this and related literature, as you will NEED to improve your skills and knowledge – media has consistently been biased over 70% against wolves in studies of implicit attitudes inherent in their publications – THIS must be countered and changed. It is getting worse, if anything, and you must become articulate in defending wolves, griz, and the other innocents who made their lives on this continent long before humans even evolved.


  17. I have cited the Inadequate Construct article on my EARTH for Animals website (http://foranimals.org/worlds-oldest-professions/) as an important attempt to challenge the North American Model. This hunter conservation model was initiated by Teddy Roosevelt and institutionalized by Aldo Leopold.
    I am not familiar with Geist-I’ll have to look him up-but to the best of my knowledge only game managers who call themselves “wildlife biologists”, not genuine mammalogists or conservation biologists, are involved in promoting this model.


  18. Meanwhile in Montana:

    Down sw of Dillon, where MT and hunting pressure keeps both wolves and grizzlies from being able to reconnect and reestablish gene flow ( over time, without this any population of less than a few thousand will begin to have more and more similar alleles – gene variants – and in a period of 40 or so generations will begin to become inbred (remember the sad look of the three remaining Isle Royale wolves? They are crippled and MUST have new outbreeders, or they will die out. That’s due there to the global warming and Superior’s failure to freeze over) )

    Anyway, over in sw Montana, Dept of FWP wants to kill ALL the bighorns (Up in Denali, Bighorns – Dall sheep there, which are white bighorns are a major food source for the wolf packs now beleaguered by the hunters/trappers and Alaska policies refusing to give wolves of the Park a break).
    They want to kill the MT bighorns because young rams sometimes visit domestic sheep, bringing back a pneumonia that domestics carry, which kills the wild sheep.
    So, instead of restoring wolves and allowing them to cull the deathly ill, FWP wants humans to completely wipe them out.

    This is an example of what I call game farming.
    Montana and Idaho run their entire wild species programs to farm every species that humans want to hunt and kill as much as possible those that hunters regard as diminishing their possibilities. Thus, griz and wolf are targets (griz delisting is a goal in MT, even though the holding down of their population will take a long lifetime to degrade the species due to griz slow reproductive rate)

    Again, hunting is NOT appropriate for wildlife management tool, as shown by increasing studies, and human hunting needs to be vastly reduced, in light of its taking the healthiest adultss, its too-liberal kill allowance, and its high-tech methods which leave no trace to be seen of wildlife for nonconsumptive appreciation of the other life on the planet.

    Studies back in the Great Lakes have shown that hunting of wolves is leading to greater negative public opinions of this vitally-needed predator.


  19. […] Wolf Killing Time Upon Us Once Again […]


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