More Animal Killing and Butchering at Heartless Denmark Zoos

Giraffe_publically_killed_and_chopped_at_the_Copenhagen_Zoo.jpg Wiki

Sweet Marius murdered and then butchered in front of school children at Copenhagen Zoo in February 2014

Remember when the Copenhagen zoo murdered poor 18 month old Marius the giraffe, because they determined he wasn’t genetically important to the gene pool? They lured that poor baby, who had trusted those zoo keepers all his life and killed him. Then to add insult to injury they dissected him in front of school children and fed his body parts to the lions. Are they disgusting human beings or what?

Now round two is about to happen in the Odense zoo in Denmark. They killed a lion about nine months ago, because according to them they had too many lions. Hey morons, find another home for the lion, don’t kill it. But no, they didn’t find a home for the lion, just like the Copenhagen zoo rejected all the offers from other organizations to take Marius and give him a home. So the Odense zoo is planning on dissecting this lion, whom they’ve kept frozen the past nine months and dissect it in front of school children. Lets’ forget the word dissect and just call it what it is, butchering.  Talk about  desensitising children to animal murder. They’re doing a wonderful job over there in Denmark. These people shouldn’t be running zoos. Those animals were entrusted to them to care for and yet they heartlessly murder them.

Boycott this zoo!!


Sweet doomed Marius: Reuters_keldnavntoft_scanpixdenmark

Marc Bekoff, Professor Emeritus of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Colorado, Boulder, said:

“The cold justification for these killings offered by zoo workers chilled and scared me. Furthermore, these easily avoidable deaths, perversely justified “in the name of conservation,” are horrible lessons for youngsters and run counter to global programs in humane education and compassionate conservation.”


Danish zoo to dissect lion in front of children ‘for education’

A lion at Odense Zoo Flickr Martin Borjesson

A Lion At Odense Zoo in Denmark


Top photo: AFP Photo/Kasper Palsnov

Middle Photo: Reuters_keldnavntoft_scanpixdenmark

Bottom Photo: Flickr: Martin Borjesson

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  1. I know for a fact that this is in no way eloquent; do not we have ICBMs? I believe these peoe are going well over obscenity and must cease to exist at once.

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  2. A special place in hell for these depraved, sadistic and immoral miscreants. A special place in hell.

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  3. When an animal that is suffering must be put down, it should be a moment of solitude, regret and pain in the heart and in the soul. Anyone who would actually enjoy this form of tragedy is, scientifically, a psychopath as on psychos would wish to witness the end of a life, whether it is a human being or an animal being, both, with hopes of possess souls. Denmark obviously has more psychos in their population than souls.

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  4. “So many people insist they are against animal abuse, cruelty, suffering and the inhumane treatment of animals, yet they don’t understand they are actively engaging in and supporting egregious suffering, abuse, cruelty and inhumane treatment when they eat animals and their ‘by-products.’ If you are against cruelty, suffering and inhumane treatment, then you go vegan. It’s just that simple.” – Sarah Kiser

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  5. I used to think Denmark was a civilized country. But the murder of Marius and the whale killing certainly denies them that status. What does killing and dissecting an animal in front of kids do except tell them that the lives of animal don’t matter much and that their death is not a sacred moment.

    By the way, it seems to me that until very recently bestiality was not a crime in Denmark, as long as the animal was not harmed! Do they expect animals to call the veterinarian of the authorities after they’re raped to complain?

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    • You DO know that bestiality is also not a crime in the U.S. military. A major mop-up is due in our own backyard as well.


      • I agree. I don’t think it’s as open but certainly not unknown.


    • Just ewww. Anyone who is not a consenting adult is categorically harmed by nonconsensual sex. Gross!


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  7. I hope the Danish people complain loudly about this, keep their children away, and have whoever runs this place ousted.

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  8. Why do children need to know this? They look absolutely horrified in the photo of Marius – I really am afraid that for those who are unable for whatever reason to question authority, that they will think this is ok and normal in the future, just when animals will be close to mass extinctions!

    Let’s rinse our minds of this base filth with this gorgeous photo and video of the Northern Lights and humpback whales:

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    • Thank you ida for bringing a little light into this dark world. The image of the Northern Lights and Humpbacks is really stunning.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  9. This is so barbaric! Zoos are supposed to teach people about conservation not about animals being dispensible. You wont be getting my tourism donnars.

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  10. This is merely by ear, take it as you will, but there was a maned wolf in Melbourne Zoo who apparently died as a result of ongoing psychological problems. The zoo as an organisation itself didn’t really care because the animal did not fit into any sort of criteria they had established for taking in animals and the staff I questioned didn’t seem all that phased about the loss either. Sickening.


    • You bring up a good point – we’re always hearing about how beneficial zoos are for wildlife, but the terrible effects of captivity on their psyches is either never mentioned or dismissed.

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  13. This is disgusting!


  14. they the people should be made away with,they don’t deserve the air they breed,evil,cruel bastards


  15. In a past era, science used vivisection and dissection – these were Victorian practices which still reverberate in European cultural sociopathy extant today.

    It is quite clear that the intent of Danish educators/animal exhibitors, is to inculcate a continuation of this attitude toward other life; adult humans are not so limited in logic as to have missed this effect of their policies.
    Denmark, unlike Sweden and Norway, has essentially no wildlands in the nation, and instead, has attempted to perpetuate the conscienceless exploitation of ocean mammals – in the process denying cognitive science – in the Faeroes and in their associated nation of Iceland, and in Greenland.

    The purpose is economic. If an entire nation can ignore compassion, ethiical interaction with the other living “nations” as I believe Beston put it, and create a blindly violently exploitive culture through their children, they can subtly create what Hitler so overtly desired – and what Japanese industrial/governmental thinkers wish to create: economic success through the death and mistreatment of animals that most of the world’s human nations restore and preserve. It is , as you see, a cynical method of creating a monopolistic use of Earth’s remaining life for profit.

    And should they be able to export the products, ethics, viewpoints, then as the Eurasian ethic of total exploitation of life for profit seeps into the minds of all , they will have accomplished a reversal of care, compassion, tolerance, for short-term cash – the past ethic of which I spoke.
    I do not seek to convert anyone, but only to offer an explanation of the exploitive and vacuous flawed personality. It is all too visible around you, though often presently in a latent manner.


  16. I hope you can understand my illustrative use of Hitler – through withdrawal of compassion, comparative power can be concentrated in the coalition or tribe seeking dominance.
    Since the subject of strategy and dominance, and methods of achieving economic goals are complex in the human mind, one must study and learn the reasons for the teaching of utilitarianism and intentional instruction to harden the native capacity for empathy, denying its validity.


    • Mak: I fail to comprehend your reference to Hitler while one nation under god, or USA, genocided 100 million Native Americans. Hitler only genocided six million. This worldview is also representative of USA. Our own federal government slaughters millions of wild, native species, annually in America. Only wild native species, scientifically, biodiversity and bio means, “life”, are the very animals that support and sustain Earth’s very being, her very existence.

      “Since 1996 Wildlife Services has shot, gassed, poisoned and strangled by snare 27 million native animals. During fiscal year 2014 alone, this program wiped out more than one [1] million native animals — including coyotes, bears, beavers, wolves, otters, foxes, prairie dogs, mountain lions, birds and other animals…”

      Mankind is not sipping on oxygen, alive and safe because of any domesticated animal; only wild, native species, like giraffes, coyotes, lions and wolves are Earth’s strands in the web of all life. Some species, like mountain lions and wolves, totally control their chunk of planet Earth or “keystone species”. “In Wildness is the salvation of the Earth and the preservation of all life, long known among wolves and planet Earth but seldom perceived by man.”

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  17. Human arrogance here. These people are simply wrong.


  18. Evil people here ,i do not understand how any one could be so wicked


  19. Remember, Denmark is the country that uses its Navy to protect the annual Grindadrap”–a killing-orgy of pilot whales in its Faroe Islands. Murdering its zoo animals should be no surprise.


  20. That what are zoo are come to the just my be safer in the wild someone would have stepped in and took them just to keep them safe so they are just as guilty as the ones who killed them and I think some of them need to go find themselves a new job because we can’t in trusted them to manage or take care of any in danger animals????


  21. practice vivisection on clueless, barbaric swedes, not innocent animals…


  22. Animals are sentiment beings that deserve love, respect, happiness, peace and comfort as much as any human sentiment being


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    • Sherlockian, if you do a search on “Denmark zoo,” you will see that this story is getting a lot of coverage. True, it will not bring Marius back, but it will, hopefully, raise awareness just like Nabeki raised our awareness so that we could make others aware.

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  24. What is being done about it? Besides boycotting this murderous country and its murderous zoo?


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