Remove hunters from conservation departments like USFWS.

Exposing the Big Game

we petition the obama administration to:

Remove hunters from conservation departments like USFWS. More transparency in wildlife conservation through DOJ

Request the Department of Justice and Office of Inspector General to implement changes that bring transparency in wildlife conservation. Conservation organizations like USFWS are being used to further the interests of hunting groups.

This could be considered fraudulent use of taxpayer funds. Taxpayers assume that USFWS is protecting wildlife, not sustaining hunting.

Transparency measures are urgently required to purge hunters from conservation organizations funded by taxpayers.

Published Date: Sep 12, 2015

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  1. I absolutely agree. The USFWS is so stacked against wildlife that the nonhunters have no voice. The state fish and wildlife agencies get too much of their money from hunting licenses to want to give that up, and the gun groups are a huge lobby that supports hunting, trapping, ranchers though donations to conservative legislators. Even when polls indicate that people do not want, for example, grizzy bear hunts or wolf hunts, they are consistently overruled in favor of the hunters.


  2. It is hard to imagine that supposedly grown men truly enjoy torturing animals before killing them, and even though non hunters have asked repeatedly to stop this horrendous crime against wildlife, their words fall on deaf ears. The USFWS should be charged with animal cruelty and trophy hunters that work there should be fired, starting with Dan
    Ashe as well as the Governor of Idaho, whose name I can’t even say. Idaho has a bad name because of these subhumans. I always thought the USFWS were to protect our wildlife….what a joke that is.


  3. It is imperative we address this issue; our own federal government kills millions of America’s wild, native species of animals, every year and with taxpayer dollars:

    “Since 1996 Wildlife Services has shot, gassed, poisoned and strangled by snare 27 million native animals — including coyotes, bears, beavers, wolves, otters, foxes, prairie dogs, mountain lions, birds [like the Canada geese] and other animals…”

    We have strict laws that protect America’s pets from these torturous cruelties, but no laws that protect Earth’s strands in the web of all life from horrible, cruel deaths. Millions… caught in leg-hold traps, and they chew their legs off to escape the torture and agony!


  4. Deer are the most shy of the ungulates, deferring to the invasive cattle.
    THe winter habitat of deer , elk, etc. is pretty much totally taken over by human ranching from the Montana valleys and Wyoming straight across to the Pacific. This is a problem so severe, and so intractable that nothing has been done to relieve the banishment of all large and small animals to the winter snow. Bison are hazed back into Yellowstone, and shot when reproducing above YNP habitat capacity,
    Elk wisely leave the area when they hear gunfire – thus the legality of sniper weaponry in the Rockies – silencer tech.
    Wolves have to tread invisibly, as you again understand from the recent killing of the adult pair in NE Oregon – poaching is a far greater problem than almost any understand.
    Since cattle have usurped wild ungulate territories, there is no long good carrion to assist wolves through the late winter.

    I will get to some science on the failure of hunting as management tool shortly – Have a cold and don’t feel like collating it . But wait for it.

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  5. I so agree and of course, signed the petition.

    We are so overrun with gun culture in this country.


  6. Hunters in crucial positions in USFW? It is tragic to let THEM decide about wildlife.


  7. I certainly sign the petition as soon as I can find it.


  8. Indicates the “petition has been removed because it did not meet the signature requirements”. On Oct 12, 2015 11:32 AM, “Howling For Justice” wrote:

    > Nabeki posted: ” “


  9. I agree to what’s been said and wanted to sign the petition and found that it was removed with only 39 signatures. Does someone know why?


  10. The SINGLE best thing you could do for the wolf is to remove Idaho DFG administrators, staff, Mission statement, and Idaho laws and lawmakers who are antiwolf.
    Game farming is the game in ID and MT, and removal of hunting as management, and fish & game commission members who hunt. End public ownership of guns and put humans in their proper ecological place.
    Those two state have the best habitat for big ungulates like elk and bison, and pulling down the edicts that hold up the ethos of “wildlife management” must be the goal.
    Manage the humans into their proper ecological place as they once were, before horses were imported, with only primitve weapons to gather animal protein in certain seasons, and if they want more, to require nomadic activity WALKINg up with the summer, down with the winter.
    Obviously I have just been in human traffic, through 7000 miles of seeing human fences from Montana and Wyoming through Idaho, Oregon and ALL the California mountains stretching from OR to Mexico.Fences everywhere as if humans owned the land, rather than just occupying space on it for a few years and then properly admitting that they too, die, like all the animals they kill.
    Time to give back the land to those who do not destroy it.


  11. I totally agree that we need greater diversity in wildlife decision making and more transparency.

    Wildlife agencies have not had proper scrutiny by the public which.they serve. They receive little media attention.

    We.need.increased public participation in the early.planning stages for all wildlife related activities I’m going


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