For The Wolves……

gray wolf flickr commons usfws

December 15, 2012


Photo: USFWS Flickr Commons

Video: Courtesy YouTube

Posted in: Wolf Wars, Wolf Warriors

Tags: over 600 dead, wolf slaughter, fight back, get active, save America’s wolves

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  1. Oh Nabeki, that video made me fall in love with wolves all over again, for the millionth time. Thank you so much.


  2. I simply cannot understand how anyone can hate wolves!


  3. Well, look who the haters are: Most are “red necks,” uneducated, uninformed, irrational in their opinion of wolves, lacking in knowledge of ecological principles, unacquainted with empathy, and often full of rage that they can safely direct at animals, particularly wolves. Maybe that is as much as we can understand.


    • Love, love your commentary. I believe you got it right. Scientifically, when we war with wolves, we are warring with planet Earth. Therein is the problem — we have forgotten or never knew what is planet Earth. And, planet Earth adores her wolves as she selected wolves for North America.


  4. The hate and fear seems to be a European phenomenon.
    europeans who came to this continent were also released from a feudal style society in which only the landowning nobility could hunt.

    So, along with the inappropriate and excessive power of guns (obviously is too much power for the particular primate species (violent coalition-forming, extreme self-interest bias, overimaginative measurement of reciprocity – what I give is worth more than what you give -), and anger as a social weapon – whoever expresses the most rage becomes dominant, etc.)the ecological release of this chimpanzee with guns and without controls, already fearing imaginary wolves (remember that during the plague, there were so many dead humans that the wolves who are significant carrion-eaters and who have to pull apart their food, were pretty scary was a match made in the hell that is still Europe – about which more below…

    So a species never intended as a predator, us omnivores, with a brain that imagines and is terrified of predation , who cannot see at night, and having come from domesticated Europe, feared the native creatures of this land, especially when it took their insufficiently protected domestic animals (the indigenous only domesticated llamas in SA and Turkeys, along with dogs in NA, and the freer dogs of NA were more like the wolf than the overselected nobles’war dogs and lap dogs of Europe).

    So, on present day Europe. Sweden still has more poaching than even the trigger-happy US west per capita, and murders their wolves Volvos stopping on any country road, and gunning them down _ just check the swedish news.
    More – A new video from Hungary shows a bunch of women treating wolf pups like domestics, leashing them, keeping them at side 24/7, metal muzzles and all, planning on “domesticating” them. The usual animal slavery and abuse disguised as “love”, “cute” etc.
    A wolf grows into adulthood and seeks autonomy as do you yourself, and does not deserve the cruel control of this cimpanzee of this culture.
    A wolf is a wolf, made to pare the unfit of other largely ungulate species, made to love their OWN kind, made to evaluate through their senses of which we can only partially understand, ever.
    A wolf is worthy of sufficient respect that in its short life, it should be allowed to perform its ecological function, taking joy and exuberance in its way, not the weak ways of tropical primates (In a snowstorm at 10,000 feet, with the tent blowing into flatness from time to time, the wolf who chose to bond to me, perhaps to escape from the Eurodogowners who “rescued” it (I have extreme reservations about the wolf rescue places that force wolves into small cages or fenced areas, but right now it is the only way they can live with all the human haters who can buy and use guns so freely) and attempted to feed it and demand dominance over it – he outsmarted them, and with the integrity of a wolf, either escaped or hid from them until they finally gave up over two years), stuck his head into the tent, and then decided he was more comfortable at 5 degrees in the storm. A wolf’s world is one for which humans are not built, cannot hear, smell, are too insecure to allow freedom.

    I CAN tell you that the love of a wolf is stronger than that of humans, but that is other stories.
    It is an evil and a tragedy that the wolf must be subject to humans, who have taken the winter habitat from every native wild animal, merely to profit from making domestic animals die young for food, and excluding wolf, bison, bear, elk, skunk, every animal not contributing to human green paper wealth.


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