Hunters shoot two elk – then realise they were firing through fence into zoo

Scandinavia is earning quite the reputation, first in Denmark Marius the giraffe is killed and dissected at the Copenhagen zoo in front of school children, then Denmark’s Odense Zoo does the same thing with a nine month old male lion, dissecting and pulling out his organs in front of kids in a disgusting display, and now these idiots in Norway shoot zoo animals!

Exposing the Big Game

1610111_10152194241138908_1599987755_n “A group of hunters in Norway have shot dead two elk – before
realising seconds later they were firing through a fence into the
animal’s enclosure in a zoo.”

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  1. While I was on my way to the Florence DFW Commission meeting concerning wolves, other predators like cougars, the loss of mule deer populations (due to not-yet scientifically known factors across the west, but including blue-tongue, a disease I had thought of sheep – I later left an email to ODFW Comm mentioning the occupation of almost the entire winter range by fences and cattle raising across the west – leading to the shy mule deer avoiding cattle as they largely do),

    THIS was going on:

    GRand Teton NP Annual Elk hunt

    Photographers sue to stop that hunt

    National Park apologia: (note that they recommend that visitors East of the Snake wear orange so they don’t get shot, too)

    THe last article also mentions that bison are killed too. Go To Buffalo Field Campaign to discover more on what is being done by MT to prevent those beings from expanding into their traditional range.

    The wolves of Yellowstone are attacked on all sides of the park by hunters and poacher – something like 30 have died in Idaho (part of both parks lie in Idaho, SW Yellowstone has some wonderful nd not-well-known wolves.

    If wolf hunting could be ended, everywhere, (and it CAN – YOU all just have to make it happen – I’m on it too1), the Elk would move, disperse, spread around. Unfortunately if you know the Jackson/Teton area, too many trophy homes are there, standing out in some places, like the sagebrushed valley, and THOSE need to go!

    Only when we get the ranches out of many western valleys, will there be winter range, where thr REAL locals can live again.


  2. As I’ve noted before, when the mighty nimrods take to the woods with a gun they just can’t seem to tell the difference between a wolf and a coyote, a cougar and a bobcat, a deer and an elk, and a moose from a horse in a pasture. Just maybe it wasn’t a good idea to put a zoo that close to the areas where the fools go killing.


    • They are bastard, uncaring idiots! We need the killing to stop! It”s out of control!


  3. Ignorance is never an excuse for breaking the law. PROCECUTE


  4. Turning themselves in is thought to redeem them all over the McKittrick-ized world, I guess. Not.

    It’s such an unnatural world out there now – where can any animals naturally migrate with so much development, roads, fences, scarred lands from mining, drilling, logging, unnatural fires, etc.


    • That loophole needs to be closed. Killing coyotes is as uncivilized killing as any other creature for absolutely no good reason. What a racket.


  5. I think they kill for fun and because they can get away with “Oh gee I thought that was a coyote, deer,moose” or whatever else they can think of…or maybe because they live in Idaho, and the Gov. gives you the ever sought after key to the city. Such a nice guy! gag.


  6. Poor coyotes, they are blamed for everything, and there is absolutely no protection for them. Shows just how ignorant, and savage Homo sapiens is. I am looking at the wolf torturer on the right of this page, and the suffering of that wolf he so gleefully tortures. May this killer also know pain and suffering….


    • I’m disgusted with humans! They kill as their first choice! Animals deserve better and a right to life!


  7. If this isn’t a perfect illustration of single-minded group psychosis, I don’t know what is.
    The more I hear about ‘hunters’, the more ravening idiocy they spew about conservation and the ignorant mistakes like this made because they can’t see ANYTHING past the gun sight…the more I’m convinced the only things that should be hunting are animals.
    I understand how simplistic that sounds, and perhaps I’m so inundated with this madness on a daily basis, I can no longer speak in terms of philosophy or spirituality; these cretins are a pox upon us all.
    It sickens me, and what may be worse is the limp, flaccid punishments for this kind of carelessness.
    As cold-hearted as it may sound, what happens when that single-minded urgency to kill something ends with a dead human?


    • It does end with a dead human a fair number of times. A hunter and serial killer in Alaska kidnapped 17 women (although speculation is 30 or more), dumped them in the middle of the wilderness, stripped them naked and chased them through the snow shooting at them with a rifle. He was rejected a lot by women in his youth and thus thought this was a fair way to get revenge on the gender.
      A deer hunter in Wisconsin thought that the best way to get his anger out after losing a dispute with a landowner for trespassing was to go on a rage fuelled killing spree, he killed six people. While we’re at it, not necessarily a hunting issue, but need I bring up the nine year old girl who was shot by a relative just for wearing a skunk costume for Halloween (relative thought she was a really big skunk)?
      To say nothing of the killings owed to hunting accidents because these morons don’t know what they are aiming at. I bet the booze they drink (should they be imbibing thereof) during the trip really doesn’t help cognition.
      Isn’t it amazing how quick the hunting industry is when it comes to covering up its messes? How coldly insulting and how ridiculous the testimonies of so-called “good” hunters are, you know the ones who claim to love wildlife but then go on to say how great or wholesome it is to legally blow away anything that draws breath for casual boredom breakers and/or stress relief?
      All for the sake of status quo.


  8. Unconsciousness and idiocy knows no national boundaries.

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