Happy Halloween From Howling For Justice!

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  1. May your harvests be plentiful and rich in nutrients. Samhain!

    So. This year the grumpy old man’s heart grows a little bigger. I get sweets for the children, dress up and generally get into the [modernised] spirit of the the thing, blur the line between playful -restrained- in-character friendly neighbour and manipulative serial killer (aka stock generic latex mask/gloves and a deep threatening voice that was dropped after introductions)… two kids show up at the same time for the entirety of the night… the look on their startled little faces was entertaining.


  2. Happy Halloween/Samhain to you too, Nabeki!


  3. Hoping the all the wolves will have a safe autumn evening. I think I’ll put on a CD of howls from Wild Spirit and think about them.


  4. Don’t know who Sam Hain is, maybe he is the Spirit of Cold-pressed Oil.
    But on this continent, we come to the first Long Moon, the Wolf-sun showing the way.
    It is the Moon of falling leaves, the Moon of the hardening water.

    Soon, November 9 when this moon is ripe and lighting the late night inot morning, I hope you will remember that the Wolf,, whose time this is, is being judged, however inappropriately, by men, in Oregon.
    I think Oregon is like Wyoming, a name given by those who lived much farther East. I’ll ask>
    But for us, we do not want the ideas hatched farther east to come to Pregon.
    Instead what is needed is for Oregon to continue to protect the Wolf, who has so recently come home.
    If Oregon should declare the wolf just another target for those who kill for pleasure, then it will be a longer, more difficult path to the future, and to the natural happiness in which the wolf and all others seek to live again, as their ancestors did.

    ODFW and the commissioners are especially interested in comments that address the data, conclusions and assumptions in the biological status document. Word within the wolf advocate community is that while ODFW is receiving a large number of comments, not many specifically address the information in the biological status document. Submitting comments that do so will likely have more influence on the Commission’s final decision than more general comments.

    Here’s a page in which you can submit comments directly to the Wolf Project Co-ordinator, Russ Morgan who is seeking useful input which might make reason for change in the 2006 plan, which requires a very small number of wolves for delisting.


    Also seek Minimum Viable Population assessments for monogamous annually reproducing mammals – when you find that (I am not repeating the info I gave to Oregon DFW, as I want YOU to make a difference!), notice first how FAR higher it is than recovery goals, whether federal or state.
    You can also argue that Idaho’s 10 moth killing season will reduce necessary dispersal to Oregon and California, and forms a barrier to genetic flow due to the heavy diminution of wolf numbers there.
    No dispersers are likely to survive when they move east from OR into ID, either, and thus it becomes NECESSARY for Oregon to protect a higher population of wolves than has been the previous goals of OR and other states.
    Oregon has been estimated to be able to easily hold over 1400 wolves, and since th Southwest of the state has only 7 or so, an elimination of the artificial tripartite division in wolf areas is not warranted.
    To cut off the dozen or so wolves there and in Northern California is highly deleterious to genetic flow and repopulation of those important states.

    REMEMBER that states are imaginary affairs, and I’ve had to severely correct even biologists unfamiliar with northern California. The real barriers are interstate highways and urban strips. In Nor CA and SW OR we WANT the wild steep forested country to regain its suite of predators, wolves and the great grizzly bear. Without predators the system of life suffers, from sometimes total loss of songbirds to pronghorn, to the erosion of our rivers, which must be stemmed by helping the ungulates to keep moving. Should predators be absent the streams are more filled with soil, killing salmon eggs and amphibians.
    Please find the science follow it, and report it to Russ Morgan!

    The next moon after this big one is the Moon When the Wolves Run Together – no oily fake human celebrations of dead children eating candy or earth, but the Time when the young wolves are strong enough to go with the elders, and learn the way of the wolf.

    I speak for them because I bring news that my Brother the Wolf, has lived. Let his family to livein this, the winter that is their pleasure and learning time.


    • 🙂 That sounds beautiful.


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