A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words


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  1. Ban all traps especially those leg holding ones.

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  2. This is effing sick.

    Aristotle said: “We should venture on the study of every kind of animal without distaste; for each and all will reveal to us something natural and something beautiful.”

    I would exclude wolf murderers because they are about as ugly and depraved as it gets.

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  3. All traps and snares should be banned, but then the punishment for having or using them must be severe!

    Personally, I think that the “trapper” should have his hands bound, and then his foot must be stuck into one of these steel traps. He would then be able to understand the pain that traps inflict!

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    • There are several videos on the net called the trap challenge showing everyday people putting their hand in a trap.


  4. Our World will not be “satisfied” til all of Nature is nothing more than a mere memory…🍁

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  5. Humans are an invasive species.


    • We need to be banned from committing these crimes against nature ..who are we to trap a member of a family because they don’t speak our language and look different from us ? This ignorance is a sin against the earth and them, we can’t allow this killing of the ‘other ‘anymore They do their jobs and are keepers of the earth’s systems. Why are they being tortured and murdered?
      Humans are not all there is ..We are an animal too, we would not be here if it wasn’t for all of these beings that have tended the earth for a very long time ..We owe them big time
      We are killing and scraping the earth of these beautiful indigenous beings who belong here and they are not causing the next extinction.
      We ARE!

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  6. BAN all traps and snaps!!! Animals and anything that walks CAN’T avoid them. What is that poor wolf (or any animal, incl. humans) to do??! Did the photographer manage to free him?

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  8. In California where I live, I am proud to say that our first pack of wolves in something like 80 years have state protections and a ban on the trapping and killing of bobcats has just gone into effect. Projectcoyote.org led the effort. Channel your revulsion of trapping into action. Contact Project Coyote about partnering with them to bring change to your state. Trappers are a dwindling minority. Let’s push them into extinction one state at a time.

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    • California is an example for the nation.

      Here’s a prize comment from a trapper/hunter – it’s time our Federal and State governments stopped attributing such high ideals to this stuff, such as the ‘the country’s tradition of hunting and trapping’. They don’t have any high ideals, and the history of it is shameful. Maybe somebody ought to do the same to this trapper’s nuts (lol):

      “These photos/text from a Montana hunter/trapper:
      “Would have been a future alpha, this beasts nuts haven’t even dropped yet. Was the only surviving pup of the pack. 1 down 8 left in the pack 20 tags left, playing a new game this year, I’ll kill off one pack and then move to the next one…”

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      • Forgot to post source: Wolf Patrol site, photos there too.


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  10. We wouldn’t tolerate this torture and suffering for America’s pets, but America’s pets are not biodiversity. Wild, native animals/biodiversity are the creators, sustainers and saviors of planet Earth, the planet that generates and provides every single lifeline mankind possesses for life itself.


  11. Trap-free Oregon:

    Footloose Montana

    Trap-free Montana:
    Montana trapping regulations do NOT require checking of traps in anytime frame – Luckily, though the two orgs are active. I remember Footloos being at a “Speak for Wolves” table.

    Trap-free New Mexico:

    Wyoming untrapped:

    You’ll note that there is no antitrap orgs in ID. Instead here is a statement of ID DFG Director:
    “Fish and Game is a public trust management agency providing benefits to Idahoans with specific direction to preserve, protect, perpetuate, (i.e. conserve wildlife), and once that is done, our paramount role is to provide for continued supplies for hunting, fishing and trapping. Harvest of wildlife is implicit in our Mission.”

    “Fish and Game funding in Idaho comes predominantly from hunter and angler user fees, with no state general tax funds. This approach has been a key and successful aspect of the North American Model of Wildlife Management, the most successful large scale approach to wildlife conservation ever taken in the world.” [ scientific evidence is mounting against the validity of NAMWM, and I use it to counter the assertion above as demonstrably false -m]

    “Idahoans hear a lot about threats to that heritage from anti-hunting and anti-trapping groups. In Idaho, I believe we are united in confronting such threats as demonstrated two years ago when the citizens of Idaho reaffirmed our Mission by overwhelmingly approving a constitutional amendment (75 percent of voters). The amendment preserves the public’s right to hunt, fish and trap and states that these are the preferred methods of managing Idaho’s wildlife populations.”

    [The DFG Mission Statement enshrines trapping as a “right.”. I suggest that those who are antitrap activists advocate and act to close public lands roads and ORV trails wherever and whenever feasibly. Action against snowmobiles is also necessary -m]

    I have already mentioned to some activists that filling a squirt bottle with your urine so you may use it ad libitum in the coming season, keeps you away from the trapline and from running afoul of the laws protecting the psychopathic trappers, if not hunters. If you ever see recognizable baits, I hope you have your spritzer on hand (along with your bear spray, as you don’t want to dispute with griz, should one be in the baited area).
    Happy squirthunting!


  12. From Footloose MT:
    “While there is an official furbearer trapping season, with some lax regulations, that runs from September through May, traps set for ‘predators’ and ‘non-game wildlife’ can be placed year-round anywhere at any time on public lands.”


  13. When I was very young I had family in a rural area who told me I could make money trapping muskrats and selling their pelts. They gave me about a dozen rusty leghold traps, and I set them in the muskrat runs near a stream that ran in front of the house. The next morning I found one, caught by the leg, cowering in terror as I aporoached. The poor thing’s leg had been chewed down to the bone by its struggles to escape. I had to kill it with a stick. To this day I’m so sorry for what I did. Anyone who does this to another living thing is a monster. I’ve seen it. I’ve done it. It’s wrong.


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  15. Hello Nabeki and “wolfians” as we say here…
    A quick note to say that a booklet free to the public entitled “Alberta’s Wild Wolves” has finally been printed and making its way to the mainstream. I mention here, because many of the issues faced by the wolf in Alberta Canada, are or may become a concern for your American wolves. The booklet took 10 months, 36 pages full colour, written by myself but with access to some of the best minds in the differing fields and disciplines that effect the wolf. I would be happy to put one in the post to you Nabeki, in which case you may find some of the material appropriate to share via your blog. It covers bounties, strychnine, 1080,cycinde, aerial gunning, snare and traps all of which are faced by our Canadian wolves in Alberta. Plus the large long term wolf cull to save caribou in Alberta that threatens to spread to other provinces. There are also sections to help re: volunteering, legislation, ranching etc. and life as a wolf in general. For cover image please see http://www.wildwolfpress.org We are entirely volunteer and raised money for first print run of 3000, half of which are gone. Hoping to have future print runs. Thank you for all you do! Sincerely, Anna
    P.S.we also ally with Alberta based wolf matters among others.


    • Thank you Anna for sharing this with your fellow Wolf Warriors.

      Wolf persecution is global, we care deeply for Alberta’s wolves.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


      • P.S. I believe I remember you saying once how you admired the buffalo wolf that lead the pack in the documentary “Cold Warriors”…the wolf on the cover of this booklet was in the same area. Lu Carbyn told me that early one morning he came round the corner, and there he was old wolf, on his own soaking up the morning sun.
        There is also a new documentary on the Alberta wolf situation – which does not pull punches. Entitled “Unnatural Enemies – the War on Wolves”.
        Thank you for your continued efforts. Anna


  16. All raps should be banned it should be a no brainer people walk their dogs and their pets get caught in these traps without any persecution to the ones who set these traps, that makes no sense these are public lands not their own property. All traps should be banned in the United States period. This is common sense.


  17. I love this website…thank you…


  18. There was a nightmarish video making the rounds a few years ago, with hanging chains and metal traps, etc. Very sadistic-looking and gave me the creeps just to contemplate – I couldn’t watch.

    There is no place for trapping in the modern world or into the future. It is sadistic and parasitic – get a real job.

    We’re stuck with ranchers because people continue to demand meat, hunting maybe can be tolerated under rare circumstances, but there really is no use for trapping at all.


  19. And all because some selfish idiot wants to look pretty in a fur trimmed jacket or ‘spiritual’ (or whatever hollow platitude they want to defend it with) by owning/playing around with a pelt.


    • I know, right? How can anyone make any claims or illusions about a compassionate human being if they wear fur and are either unaware of or do not care about the intense suffering these animals go through?

      Some of the inane comments and jokes generally about wildlife, hunting, meat-eating, and human entitlement on the ‘hierarchy’ scale, the rancher who was shot recently, and climate change are just appalling. It’s difficult to accept that these are the people who will inherit the earth one day. We seem to be losing sensitivity and empathy, while our numbers grow out of control. A very bad combination.


  20. it is their world, too!..


  21. well…once the animals of the world realize that they are under the gun…they take a stance…so if it payback or Karma…they will just not stand there…


  22. Trapping first is old school, so are their humane traps ? If so who uses them ,like I said traps are old school ,they should be outlawed hunting is bad enough these people are lazy traps are easy. They are murders in my opinion ,serial killers started killing animals, and California banned trapping good for them ,they are most of the time first in ideas.


  23. Am I the only person in North America, who’s heart is broken and bleeding, over the Red Wolf? 10 years ago I was doing tours at a
    Wolf Santcuary there were 120 red wolves, now 95? And the Mexician
    grey wolves were being killed as soon as they were let free. I can’t bare
    to see one more wolf in an evil trap. Having grown up in the heart of the California Gold country I have a love of History, however I have learned that Mankind NEVER learns.I have lost hope for the Red wolf.


    • No Christy, I know your angst and your sorrow. I think all of this is evil, pure evil. It is because humankind is the most destructive and most capable of causing torture and misery is when he becomes the merciful, gentle shepherd of Holy Creation.

      On the other hand, according to science, when we unnaturally kill wild, natives species, we’re essentially killing planet Earth and damaging every single lifeline mankind possesses for life itself. After all, what is truly planet Earth, the life-flowing planet Earth — a living soil, water, and native species only of trees, plants, birds and animals, working together to create, support and sustain the one, living, life-generating planet Earth. So, when the white trash and brainwashed rednecks kill wild, native species like wolves, coyotes, foxes, muskrats, they are killing planet Earth and therefore are “suicidal”.

      When several states killed countless native prairie dogs, the entire landscape began to die, and today, this part of America is totally different or a more lifeless and dead planet Earth — because of the eradication of one little species, the powerful little prairie dog!


    • No…I have been a Wolf advocate since the 1990″s adopting..reading sharing…so I am on the same page with everyone who loves the wolves-grey red-arctic european-and many more…and donating to National Wildlife Federation…Defenders of Wildlife-World Wildlife Fund and many more.


    • No Christy, you are not the only one. I too have been very worried about the Red Wolf (so much so that I am doing my final report on them for my conservation biology class, in order to raise awareness about their plight).

      Sadly, the wild Red Wolf population has dropped even more, to between 50 – 75 individuals. The USFWS is not going to release any more Red Wolves into the wild until they decide on what to do with the North Carolina Red Wolf Recovery Plan (this decision was supposed to come earlier this year, then was postponed to the end of the year, and now has recently been postponed to next year), and unfortunately one of their options is to completely end it (as you can imagine, the anti-wolf folks are pushing for this option to become a reality, and worryingly they are backed by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission – the very agency that is supposed to be protecting wildlife).

      This all sounds very bad (and it is), but please do not give up hope; the Red Wolf needs our support now more than ever! Long live the Red Wolf!


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