Will Their Voices Be Silenced Forever?

Wolves _Is This Their Future_ Earth Justice


Photo: Courtesy Earthjustice

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  1. NEVER


  2. We cannot and will not allow this!


  3. cannot allow this to happen,they were on this earth for thousands of years,and they should always be here


  4. well..to all those people-who would dancing in the streets…over this…just wait until the bears, the cougars and the coyotes start taking down their herds of cattle sheep and kill their farm dogs…and I do not I repeat do not want to hear any crying about that situation when it happens and believe me it will happen…


  5. Maybe ranchers should keep their damn livestock off of public lands?


  6. I want to thank you for all that you do for the wolves !!! Just one quick comment ; under wolf hunt/poaching , you do not have listed the wolf in Colorado that was killed earlier this year by a ‘so called ‘ coyote hunter.


  7. Wolves are much smarter than the garden variety of human so I have no doubt that they will survive and thrive long after we have finished shooting ourselves and everything else in the foot .


  8. “Even for ranchers, non-lethal controls are more economical than lethal ones.”

    And, dogs kill more livestock than wolves and so do lynx and bobcats. Inclement weather kills more livestock than all animals! Why aren’t ranchers shooting the clouds in the sky? And, then we have the powerful science for wolves derived from the Yellowstone wolves. Yellowstone was dying without her wolves.


  9. USA be ashamed


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  11. IF YOU SILENCE THE WOLVES…YOU SILENCE THE WORLD! THAT INCLUDES YOU, YOUR CHIDREN, AND YOUR GRANDCHILDREN. The world and all its inhabitants live as one and die as one!


  12. Within a little over 3years over 3,500 wolves were slaughtered in just 6 states and these states are already seeing the negative repercussions of their actions Chronic Wasting Disease,and the degradation of the eco system have already begun,and some one in Oregon, where there are only about 80 wolves remaining was diagnosed with the bubonic plague, not to mention the fact that automobile accidents and fatalities are now at an all time high in these states.Wolves are essential to a balanced eco system and a healthy environment,which is why the wolf recovery project took place in this country in the first place.The slaughter of wolves is NOT supported by the best available science,not is it supported by the majority of American citizens.I take a stand to protect wolves and the ESA ,I believe as a nation we need to learn from past mistakes,and stop the slaughter of wolves in this country.Over 85% of wolves trapped and killed are puppies that are under 2 years old,this does not benefit this country or our eco system.Stop the wolf hunts.🐺


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  14. Isn’t just awful that as soon as wolves become the tiniest bit successful in their population recoveries, humans are jumping all over them again. It is the most crazy, irrational thing I have ever witnessed, especially for the 21st century. It’s all this country seems to concern itself with.

    Just because the OR law text says ‘may’ delist, doesn’t mean they are bound to or should, or cave and roll over for whining people who want them removed from the landscape in a knee *jerk* response that even they probably don’t understand themselves. Spineless.


    • or not humans entirely, but Euro descent humans with their irrational wolf fears.

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  15. I certainly hope the Govt. does not delist our beautiful Wolves. The Governors of Idaho, Montana & Wisconsin seem pretty gung ho about killing them all. Can’t believe so many men are afraid of these ancestors of our dogs. Just leave the Wolves alone unless they come up to your house and try to harm your domestic animals.


    • Delisting is based upon meeting certain criteria agreed upon (for OR, back in 2006).
      I’v submitted comments to the effect that those criteria were flawed, as were most of the state and federal delisting criteria.
      Going through the ODFW proposal right now – (it’s long, explaining the model they used projecting growth and a 5% likelihood of extinction within 50 years, and includes some cogent comments by one or more of the independent reviewers. I distrust some of the reviewers as their general statements may have mischaracterized Sweden, the failure to consider that Idaho may succeed in reducing further their resident wolves. Of course any wolves, young now, who may disperse to Idaho will very, very likely meets a dimwit Eurobullet, ID and MT have sold something like 100x the wolf tags as they have wolves in their states.

      So, I had asked the OR wolf Recovery Project boss if the common endangered species plans made for all species (I checked ’em firsst, and knew the answer ahead of time) were only for a number which made the species more likely to grow than just to slide backwards into complete loss. He agreed that this was so.
      That, of course, is a flaw in ES listing.
      The delisting proposal says NOTHING about proceeding to a public hunt, and I have been speaking against public hunting of wolves as a management tool.

      YOU must do this as well.
      Public hunting as management, is the result of the 1800s when anyone could kill anything and sell the bodies, fur, etc. The intent then was to control the HUNTERS, not the wild species.
      Valerius Geist, a Russian transplant to Canada, who studied (he is still kicking unfortunately, read on) wildlife, including predators and wolves.
      He has stated numerous times across the decades how he does not personally like wolves, and feels that their number should be kept down by killing them (Dave Mech a trapper from NY i believe, who was involved in studies of wolves in MN and Isle Royale for decades, is also another who believes that wolves should be killed – he has stated that this is to appease the Euroamerican livestock “owners” and hunting lobby. He claims that without it, the USA will re-exterminate wolves. His logic is flawed, as shown by the change in public attitudes in favor of wolves)
      Back to Geist:
      He invented a term, “North American Model of Wildlife Management”, and is still a popular speaker with hunting groups. This is why they spew the fiction that wild animals should be hunted to “manage” them. Remember again, that the original intent of the laws was to LIMIT hunting, and make it pay for the management.

      Unfortunately as you n ow know well, this payment to m anaging agencies has resulted in their controlling manageing policies.

      So, the strategy must be to strip public commissions of the predominance of consumptive users (killers, exploiters of the environments inn which wolves and other wildlife survive, and of course, being the largest financial input into the managing system.).

      The actual literature (I mean the known science) shows that the most vocal and financial haters of wolves are the ranchers. I repeat that only about 2% of the beef grown in the USA is done in the mountain valleys – way over 90% is done in the plains, which are mostly agriculturally exploited, so bison, griz wolf, antelope, elk and deer in the riparian areas there are vastly diminished or completely wiped out.
      So, the ranchers using public BLM, and Forest lands have to be removed completely as they once removed wolves, griz, bison, antelope, deer, etc. I get a lot of material from USDA and USDI, and it is clear that the first thing to do there is to strip the control ranchers have there – remember that Salazar was a rancher, as were all too many Washington appointees. Ranching has a presence in the American mind as fictional as the eurotales like lil red hood, and this must be taken down from the educational system – adults are still fed the garbage by that very USDA, and do not challenge their preconceived fictions.

      Hunting lobbies as I said, USE the phony Geist interpretation and soTHAT NAMWM has to be actively falsified – there is incrfeasing science which shows it false, but it is being ignored. You must actively dispute it yourself. Right now, OR has a cougar hunt and people claiming tey have to protect their children in schools from getting et by cougars – you have to be there to hear and read the fictionn. In the Oct Commission meeting it was taken for granted that cougars generally are threatening humans, wheen of course in fact they are not.
      Rob Wielgus who did the recent study showing that killing wolves causes MORE livestock depredation, also did one in 2009 of cougars, showing that also occurred with the big cats (the behaviors and other causes are changed by killing them. It’s in the literature.)
      So the more recent contention that NO predator should be hunted is gaining ground, EXCEPT among those who manage and have money to influence management.
      Griz, as I’ve said elsewhere are largely vegetarian, except in elk calving season, where inn nature they used to get a lot. THere’s more to their diets than this, but I just want to mention the biggest healthiest predators and what’s known about them.


  16. Why are people so reluctant to believe what magnificent, intelligent, and necessary wolves are? I struggle every day to understand why so many refuse to listen to the reasons we fight so hard for the survival of our wildlife.


  17. One word: Coexist


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  19. There is a deadly, well-organized, relentless entity in the West, which has been slaughtering carnivores (& other native wild animals) since the late 1800’s, with the help of state and federal governments–game agencies, and Wildlife Services (aka, Animal Damage Control. The western public lands livestock industry has close ties with the NRA, Safari Club Int’l, and other hunting interests, and energy companies. Its mission is to rid these lands of native animals so these lands can continue to be “domesticated” for livestock, and “developed” as needed.

    As more “wildlife & conservation groups” have capitulated and compromised with these anti-wildlife lobbies, more wolves, grizzly, mountain lions, coyotes, wild horses & other native animals,are being slaughtered than ever before. And, it isn’t just the bad ol’ Republicans. Jon Tester, Democrat (Montana) was responsible for the de-listing of the wolf, and here in NM, Democrat, Martin Heinrich, continues to push for opening more public lands to hunting, including National Parks. He is also a friend of the ranchers.

    No wildlife will have peace until we rid the wilderness areas, National Forests, National Wildlife Refuges, & other public lands, from the destructive livestock industry. This industry will not “co-exist” with wild carnivores. It has not happened, and will not happen, because of the anti-predator mentality among the vast majority of this industry. We compromise with them, and they just want more, more.

    Here is NM, the mountain lion, bear & other wonderful wildlife, just received another blow, as the NM Game Commission (made up of ranchers, hunters, trappers) increased the slaughter by more hunting and trapping.

    I, for one, am sick of hearing about how “we can all work together.” It isn’t the reality, and it has never worked. There is no “environmentally-sustainable” ranching, despite ranching Guru Savory’s snake oil claims.

    Co-exist? Rubbish. Ask the slaughtered wildlife.

    Thank you, Mak, for your comments! Until people who “care” get serious and realize we DO have an enemy (the same one the wildlife have), and do something about the public lands ranchers, nothing, ever will change, except the killing numbers will continue to increase.


  20. Let’s start working against the public lands ranching industry–if they cannot make it on private lands–that just too bad. http://www.foranimals.org

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  21. Thank you for being a voice! I am all about awareness and helping to raise awareness. One of the most important key factors in protecting wildlife is to adopt a plant-based lifestyle. If the western world was not so dependent on a meat-based lifestyle the ranchers wouldn’t be as protective of their livestock; all they see are dollar signs and their livelihood at stake when their ‘products’ are at stake i.e. prayed on by predators. Not to mention that consuming meat, dairy and eggs supports factory farming that has been named the leading cause of climate change and global warming. There’s so much good that can come from a plant-based lifestyle, if we let it. More at http://takeextinctionoffmyplate.com & http://greenyourdiet.org


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    This is an abomination!! We cannot let this happen!! Check out these great ways to help! http://takeextinctionoffmyplate.com & http://greenyourdiet.org


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