Tears are the silent language of grief…..Voltaire

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  2. Thank you, I enjoy quotes, and a lot of them are brilliant.


  3. Beautiful simplicity. Thank you for your compassion, Nabeki.


  4. Paris is the city of Isis; we deal with celestial forces here, approaching the Endtimes; http://homepage.ntlworld.com/fusniak/talisman/articles/isisofparis.html


    • Very interesting, Sonicchristjan. Thank you.


  5. Hi All, I gave a bit to this kick starter and hoped to spread the word. Medicine of the Wolf. Tears yes but lots of love for the majestic and amazing wold.


    • Medicine of the Wolf the movie is supposedly out on Nov 10, a few days ago. These clips seem mostly about Minnesota.
      I was born in that country, where the forest and hills and swamps were right there in my earliest memory. The sound of their calling was part of life.
      Jim Brandenburg went up to Nunavut with Dave Mech, who may have still at that time spoke for wolves.
      Born and alive in Mn before Mech came , I do not understand Mech, a New York transplant, worked all his life with wolves, but was somehow scarred by his own upbringing, and believes still that wolves must be killed to prevent conflict If that itself, that belief, is not the nature of conflict and submission to imaginary fear, then it can only be a flaw in the character of perhaps the most influential human concerned with wolves in the USA (Canada is another story, and there, alongside of several biologists who slowly came to find similar ly developed feelings to Brandenburg’s, was also a transplant from Russia, Valerius Geist, who feels that nature is practically everything EXCEPT Wolf). The latter perhaps driven by the modern moralizing gun hunter, and the former a trapper before he got his degrees.

      I sincerely hope that “Medicine” does not bother too much about how wolves help humans who chose to gun one another down, as the wolf was not made for the purpose of soothing human consciences, but instead, each wolf is a life of equivalent value to your own, if far shorter.

      Yes, I had relatives from that tradition where Ma’iingan and Anishinaabe walked, learning, discovering, sharing companionably the beauty of our personal beginniing, and the ancient beginning shaped of wisdom. I learned little because of having relatives who were raised under the falsehood of “shepherds’ sheep, et cetera”
      Still, my grandmother tried to include the reverence for these other lives, and because of this, their and our innocence, had to walk away from most of the things that are believed by this culture who pretends to rule nature and others.

      Just the other day I was going across research about wolves’ hearing – turns out that they do not even know that wolves hear the Differences between the kinds of footsteps of others. In a strange fate, I have walked with a wolf for much of his lifetime, and found that they are more close to what we perhaps should be, than our own kind has chosen to be.
      But that is only my viewpoint, and we learned that what is, has nothing to do with what should be.

      Is this what you seek? That, what is, and what is constantly demonstrated by some Other, still names what should be?

      For the lives of my Brother, and those of his kind whom I have met (some in travels, in those cages seen in the background of the photos in the Medicine of the Wolf .com, which breaks my heart in the long way, differently than the emptiness of the hearts of all the men who have poisoned, emptily shot, coldly trapped, and carried the bleeding bodies of innocents in my sight (I have hotly hated those last, but now am only cold toward their kind even as I seek to persuade them to find fuller feeling of life by including Wolf in their own circle)).

      So, what will this film show? If there is a single thing some Wolf who sleeps forever now, his body looking North to his kind (across mountains too steep for men to ravage), if there is a single thing he taught me, it is that each single life has more meaning than we know; that a life is a message , more than each new revelation we discover. Do you see , do you look for, do you happen upon, the endless messages of a single life?,
      Mostly That Wolf used his eyes, his glance, to tell me, to agree upon what we should immediately explore, do.
      Late in his life, he often just watched. Watching his watching brought what is important to the fore of my mind, and I wonder if that was not the essence of the quickness of understanding that the wolf knows.

      Over in Ketchum, Jim and Jamie Dutcher originally explored the persons of a small family thrown together over two wolf-lifetimes ago. They are using them to speak to human children and adults who can or will still remember. If you go to West Yellowstone next July 15-17 next summer you can visit the small island where the wolf is safe from wrong, and you will find more of the message of those you do not know of.
      If you keep looking both through and beyond what one experience, one film (and the meaning of a life that you do not know is still one which you may feel when you hear that distant, ufindable howl), can show (you do not need to see that shiver that empty mechanical cruelty of a video clip that is mentioned in the video above – that wolf’s life is still a sufficiently full message to you, to me, to every human seeing it or not),
      you will, like like some young wolf, follow the flagging tail, signaling YOU, a mystery and a good thing to pursue.

      But that’s only a tiny part of a message of a single life. I’m remembering other winters, where an “illegal” wolf and I trod high country, following a just-spring-awakened bear, then watching sunrises light up the snow. His family is slowly returning to such places, their birthright, and because of this, a return home for us born with them in this land.

      Oregon right now has narrowed the richness of the wolf’s family because humans with toy guns and nothing more evil to do, if that were possible, in Idaho, initiate more single, sad messages.

      It is up to you to hear more beauty, more fulfillment in those lives, than those humans are attempting to allow you to hear.


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