For the Quarter-Billion Animals Killed Today

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  1. “I am ashamed of the race of beings to which I belong. It is so cruel and bigoted, so hypocritical, so soulless and insane. I would rather be an insect … a bee or a butterfly … and float in dim dreams among the wild-flowers of summer than be a man and feel the horrible and ghastly wrongs and sufferings of this wretched world.” -Professor J. Howard Moore

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    • Totally agree: “When a child kills an animal for fun, we fear mental illness [psychopathy]. When an adult with the capacity to reason does it, we call it a sport.” Seth McFarland

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  2. There a museum commemorating the 6 million Jewish people murdered during the Nazi holocaust- as there should be. There are no museums, no recollection for the innominate beings globally murdered every second of every day.
    Most disappointing and disturbing is that the Holocaust museum refuses to sell Charles Patterson’s book Eternal Treblinka. So even they have an untermenschen mentality.

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    • But one nation under god genocided one million Native Americans!

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  3. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think of the animals that are suffering in the world. And try to lessen my impact in any way that I can.

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  4. I love animals so much more than people because they kill on instinct but people kill for sport which IMHO is a sin


  5. Just like a horse and a donkey can have offspring, so can humans and barbarians. You don’t have to be ashamed of belonging to the same species because you don’t. There are physical facts that suggest otherwise but there are also the spiritual and mental aspects; different kind of impulses and motives, and last but not least, a connection to the intangible world which barbarians seem to lack completely. I’m not a barbarian, I’m a human and any person that puts itself and its species always first is a barbarian. I’m not a religious person, but there’s a lot of general wisdom in the bible. It roughly says that we were put on earth to take care of the animals and the nature. What can I say? Well done, people, well done.. 😦

    Anyone who for example feels the need to kill the wolf that ate your baby, is a bad person. That’s just a fact. You can’t take revenge on an animal. Revenge comes from anger and bitterness and if wolves were to eat babies or dogs, it’s completely our own fault for not giving nature the respect it deserves. Luckily death isn’t the end of anything, but merciless murdering will reflect into the next life and give everyone what they deserve. We rape our forests, poison our water supplies, contaminate our atmosphere, torture our animals and after we’ve taken everything from them, if they dare to come near to us, we kill them in fury..


    • Takinonamida…thanks for your sentiment. Wolves actually don’t kill babies or really any human being for that matter. In the last century there have been only two reported controversial wolf/human fatalities in the US. Wolves are shy and reclusive, they would rather be anywhere than near humans, that’s why they are so hard to view in the wild unless you go to Yellowstone National Park. OTOH hand our beloved dogs kill at least 30 people a year and bite up to 4 million people. Bees kill people, deer kill people and on it goes. But the wolf is demonized by lies and more lies. We have to fight the deadly propaganda campaign against wolves.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


      • I actually know very well the fact they don’t kill babies. It was meant purely as an IF, because that’s what wolf haters in Finland are always using as an argument: WHAT IF? People discuss this because wolf sitings are becoming more frequent: WHAT IF?! *sigh* Children are raped every day and governments around the world actually protect pedophiles, but people are being directed to channel their anger on something and everything that can’t defend themselves. So I apologize if I gave an impression that I thought that wolves ate babies. That’s not the case and there aren’t any known cases in Finland either. Gimme some credit! 🙂 So it was purely hypothetical. If such case ever happened in the result of unfit parenting and/or wolf’s moment of desperation, you can’t take revenge on an animal, because animals don’t do anything like that for pleasure.

        I know firsthand the horrible wolf hate propaganda because we, too, have that in Finland. Finnish forums are full of wolf hate rants and the amount of anger towards wolves scares me. There aren’t many wolves in Finland either, and I have followed your site ever since your country started systematically wiping out their beautiful diverse wolf population.. 😦


  6. I REALLY hope that vegans interested in the protection of wildlife and ecosystems will work with the science (AND the ethics!) of disputing what is called the “North American Model of Wildlife Conservation.”
    It contains some inaccurate assertions as to the roots of conservation of the lives of wild, self-willed species, ignores their validity and the validity of personal lives, and is promoted by hunting groups (one of the tenets sounds good, “wildlife should only be killed for a legitimate purpose” which because of its vagueness, has been so abused by nearly every hunter (over 80% of hunters surveyed back in the Northern Great Lakes states, when polled, admitted they would shoot a wolf if they saw one. Of course, coyotes would get nearer to 100%. Management of Yellowstone Griz has been shown to be pretty lethal as publicized recently.)

    I would like here , while on this subject, to present to you all a MUST_SEE VIDEO showing that the Grizzly in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is NOT recovered.
    They are just dispersing away from reduced food supplies. The methods used to claim that their numbers have grown are inaccurate.

    Here’s the video:
    The Changing World of Greater Yellowstone’s Grizzly Bears: A Presentation by Dr. David Mattson

    Please dispute the coming attempt to delist the Griz!


  7. I agree with all that is said here…I do want to say that we that are the ones that love all creatures are the only thing holding what little balance there is left in this world. We have to do this for future generations and we have to stand up and be counted!
    these creatures are my brothers and sisters and I take this very personal!


  8. Here’s a little cartoon about our species –


  9. Is it just me, or does it seem like Congress is conducting a full-blown attack on wolves this year? Seriously: they introduced 5 bills (HR.843, HR.884, HR.1985, HR.2910, and S.2281) to strip various wolf populations of their Endangered Species Act protections, and have also inserted riders into the budget bills to remove wolves from the Endangered Species List (just like they did with the Northern Rocky Mountain wolves back in 2011). We must stop every one of those anti-wolf bills and riders from passing! Please write to your Congress representatives and tell them to vote “no” on the anti-wolf legislation!


  10. I hope and pray for all human beings and animal beings to be blessed and protected and to live together in peace, harmony and happiness.


  11. Everyone should see this video: It gave me goose bumps and made me cry.


    • Takinonamida….makes me cry too. Wonderful video but incredibly sad. I wish it was part of the curriculum in elementary schools so the children would understand early how persecuted wolves are.

      I know you didn’t mean wolves kill babies but I had to write that in case anyone reading what you wrote took it literally.

      I have a really cute story about wolves and children that will cheer you up. A classroom of elementary school children were getting ready for a visit from an Ambassador wolf in their classroom. None of the kids had ever viewed a wolf let alone up close and personal. Before the Ambassador wolf entered the classroom the teacher asked the kids what they thought of wolves. Many of the kids repeated the old fairy tale myths like “scary”or “has big teeth” etc. After the visit with the Ambassador wolf they asked the same kids what their thoughts were about wolves. One little boy said “Boy they sure have big feet” 🙂

      I love that story. It just goes to show that people are afraid of the unknown but as soon as the kids met the wolf they loved him.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


      • Oh, and I forgot to say relating to that baby eating stuff: There was a video on Youtube where a wild leopard (or some large feline) had eaten a grown baboon before realizing that the baboon had a baby, and the leopard took it in and raised it as it was her own pup.. 🙂 There are plenty of examples like that in the animal kingdom.


  12. From

    “We have some sad and angering news to share with you tonight and we would ask that you share it far and wide as we can no longer do so. Today Sydney Fox Rescue were told that as a condition of the new fox permits being granted to us by the Local Land Services (following the 2014 Pest Control Order: ) we will no longer be able to share information or stories about our foxes on social media or print media. This is an outrageous attempt to force Sydney Fox Rescue and our fight for foxes into the shadows. We have also been asked to remove our webpages from the Internet. All fox owners granted permits will be subject to the same restrictions.

    How can we hope to campaign for change and future fox rescue and ownership if we are unable to utilize public media? This is about so much more than free speech; this is also about our right as animal lovers to push back against an unjust piece of legislation that puts the welfare of hundreds if not thousands of foxes at risk. What is becoming of animal welfare in this country when the people affected are banned from even discussing and sharing information with the public?

    Under the new legislation and without a no-kill option for foxes (the SFR rescue and rehoming program) foxes will not only be unnecessarily killed, but there will be widespread illegal ownership without regulation or access to vet care. SFR are a regulatory, animal welfare body and if we are unable to continue oversight of fox ownership and rehoming fox welfare can only decrease.

    While we will not be posting on social media pending legal advice this is not something we intend to take lying down. We will not allow the government to rewrite history and try to wipe fox ownership from the public consciousness. We will fight this because foxes deserve better.”

    This is a disgusting display of dictatorship from the Department of Primary Industries (Australian wildlife are handled by the Livestock Industry – yep, let that sink in). What is this saying about the laws in Australia?
    Thankfully Sydney Fox Rescue has been offered support from two law firms so this fight isn’t over yet.


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