ACTION ALERT: The Imperiled American Wolf by Predator Defense

Black female wolf 831f Yellowstone National Park_2012 NPS

November 21, 2015

Things have gotten even worse for wolves in Montana and Idaho, since this important video was filmed. Ranchers in Montana can kill up to 100 wolves on their land and wolf kill quotas have all but been eliminated in Montana and Idaho,  during the long wolf hunting seasons. In fact Idaho’s wolf hunt seems to be open somewhere in the state the entire year, which means wolves are harassed and killed right through mating, denning and pup rearing. It’s a national outrage but the public has forgotten Montana and Idaho wolves and have accepted the wolf hunts with very little push back. Howling for Justice, Wolf Warriors and many, many other groups, including Predator Defense fought the wolf hunts tooth and nail, only to have Congress override the courts and permanently delist wolves in Montana and Idaho.

Great Lakes and Wyoming wolves were placed back on the Endangered Species List in December 2014 by US District Court Judge Berman but there is a move underway by the usual suspects,  Sen. Barrasso (Wyoming) and Sen. Ron Johnson (Wisconsin) to make an end run around the court’s ruling. They’ve introduced legislation to delist Wyoming and Great Lakes wolves. Sound familiar? This is the same tactic used in 2011 to permanently delist wolves in Montana and Idaho, by placing a wolf delisting rider/with no judicial review, into a must pass budget bill. Now wolves in Montana and Idaho are subjected to brutal annual hunting and trapping. The ability of wolf advocates to seek redress in the courts has been blocked by the wolf delisting rider. It’s outrageous and this is the same evil trick Barrasso and Johnson are trying to pull with the Great Lakes and Wyoming wolves.

Wolf haters will stop at nothing to see wolves eliminated from the lower 48 once again, that is their ultimate goal.

Please take action and call your US Senators  and say no to any legislation that would remove endangered species protection from wolves in the Great Lakes and Wyoming!!

Call the Capital Switchboard number and ask to speak to your Senators.




Senate bill would drop protections for wolves in 4 states

Nov 12, 2015

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. — Two U.S. senators announced a renewed push Thursday to strip federal protection from gray wolves in the western Great Lakes region and Wyoming — and to prohibit courts from intervening in those states on the embattled predator’s behalf.

Legislation introduced this week would order the Department of the Interior to reissue orders from 2011 and 2012 that dropped wolves in Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Wyoming from the endangered species list.

“After over 30 years of needed protection and professional pack population management, the wolf has made its comeback,” said Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, who sponsored the measure with fellow Republican John Barrasso of Wyoming. Similar legislation was introduced earlier this year in the House.

Wolves are well-established in the western Great Lakes and Northern Rockies after being shot, poisoned and trapped into near-extermination in the lower 48 states in the last century. Only a remnant pocket in northern Minnesota remained when the species was added to the federal endangered list in 1974.

Altogether, their estimated population now exceeds 5,000.

But animal protection advocates contend the wolves’ situation remains uncertain and have sued repeatedly over more than a decade over federal efforts to remove the shield provided by the Endangered Species Act, which prohibits killing them except in defense of human life.

 Wolves occupy less than 10 percent of their historic range in the lower 48 states, meaning they are far from recovered, said Noah Greenwald, endangered species director for the Center for Biological Diversity.

“Even in the areas where there are wolves, they still face extensive persecution,” Greenwald said.

A federal district judge in September 2014 restored endangered status to wolves in Wyoming. A different judge did likewise for Great Lakes wolves in December, saying the states were not providing adequate safeguards.

The Senate bill would ban courts from overruling the Department of Interior again on the matter. Congress imposed a similar requirement in 2011 to prevent judges from restoring protected status to wolves in Idaho and Montana, the first time lawmakers had directly removed a species from the endangered list.



Video: Courtesy Predator Defense

Photo: Courtesy NPS

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  1. Also support wolves being on the endangered species list for reasons listed in my petition to Stop Killing Wolves On or Near Public Lands in the USA, now at 8,640 signers and growing fast: the fact that as we have lost over 52% of wildlife on the planet in the last 40 years! (Living Planet report 2014:
    So at this point almost all mammals are endangered! – except large herds of deer and wild boar.

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  2. How sad… they deserve to live in peace, without humans without feelings killing them.

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  3. Just as you feel the pain and death of each wolf subject to this human cruelty, Nabeki, So do I.
    This causes me to gather material in order to target sport hunting, predator hunting, trapping, and any and every rancher who fails to have sufficient respect for life.

    That vegan movement, and PETA, exist because of children’s awareness of the cruelty taught within this present culture controlling north America.

    Some of the main work being done by scientists showing that this human behavior is unethical, is Michael P. Nelson of OSU.
    John Vucetich is involved in both the ethical and scientific argument against it.
    Rob Wielgus and the woman who worked with him on the two metastudies, one of wolves and one of cougars, showing that killing them in order to manage is counterproductive – it causes more livestock predation.

    Begin with those, and follow citations in the literature to find more.

    In the biographic material about Gordon Haber, you will notice that he was determined and intolerant of those who persist in butchering wolves, and so did not do well in directly confronting those with that ignorant attitude. However each personality is necessary in this cultural change, and each of you must follow the way as you see it at any given moment.

    Nabeki, those ranchers, hunters, governing officials, are so filled with hate toward the wolves of their community and the people of their community who do not fear the wolf, precisely BECAUSE they place all their fears and anxieties on the wolf.
    The management literature and the scientists clearly also know and state this.

    I think it was Rod Coronado, at least one of the persons who asked “would you kill and torture your dog in this way?”

    When these wolf-haters and killers can finally get to asking themselves that question, they will change.
    The many people who know nothing of wolves, but vote for the haters/fearers for other reasons, must be awakened to this death more intimately, and ask themselves.

    Right now, those in the cities and who seek to govern, are not asking themselves such questions.

    It is also many older people who do not consider that they might be acting out of fear, who vote for the haters – frustration is a motivator of anger. This frustration occurs because of a fragmentation of community, an absence of communication and thus, care.
    The intolerance for others with whom they dispute is a reflection of what they would do to other humans, were those as defenseless as wolves from guns, poisons, traps.

    When wolves are considered again to be part of the community of life, and when men and women who fear, can gain confidence without murdering another life, then they will gain real courage, and the ability to include others again in their compassion and community..

    Did anyone really believe that the hate for wolves is different than the hate for the unknown and those who media has made out to be enemy?

    Remember that scientific study leveled at media has shown that 3/4 of all paragraphs concerning wolves is negative. That media, as the know has to be addressed directly – people have to speak FOR wolves to counter the trend to propagandistic hate.

    Let’s speak to THEM from time to time, whenever we are willing to gather the courage to write with fact and care.

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    • I do not agree that it is ‘older people’ who are ushering in this cruelty and wanton killing. Did ‘old people’ elect Barack Obama? For the most part no, his election was powered by a younger voting constituency, yet Obama while liberal on many fronts has allowed protections to be completely eroded. He has nominated people who did nothing to protect our wildlife. I am an older person. I did not see this utter insanity when I was young. This is a new problem, with a proliferation of guns and a proliferation of anti-wildlife sentiment. It is the extremists of all type and domestic terrorists. And it is also the result of ineffectual statements and non-action and the objectification of wildlife and emotional distance from same.

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      • I agree with you! Obama dislikes animals of any kind. His dog travels in a different Plane when the Family is together for Holidays and Vacations. I voted for him twice because I thought he would eventually catch up to the Trojan Horse that is the entire Department of the Interior. Nope. The same fools are still there shipping Wild Horses and Burros to Mexico for Slaughter. These Horses are listed on the Weekly Export Reports as ‘Geldings’. Those are the Wild Horses. I detest them. I want the entire DOI to start over with people that care and know what they are doing! I have taken 2 Neutered Male Wolves that were dumped at the Dog Pound. They are legal where I reside and I have never had a problem. They are very shy and submissive which I kind of ignore and try to engage them in something, I had a 17 year old Cat and a 16 year old Dog and that Cat ruled the joint.

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      • Agree ent or disagreement with the assertions contained in my informal commments is irrelelvant –
        I base EVERY assertion on I make on science , whether literature about predation, or behavior, human or animal.

        Whlie I am familiar with the problems of polling and statistics, the arguments entered into are better resolved by statisticians, who are certainly less prone to the psychological biases which lead to attempts to derail this blog’s comments away from the plight of wolves.

        Go to Pew Research’s page:

        To find backup for my assertion of republicans being older.
        Don’t further derail this column with attemmpts to pretend or bother to disagree.

        I avoided breaking down the demographicss further, because all people who live in or are familiar with the US west or south understand them


  4. Why listen to any voices concerning this vital keystone species when we have the voices of powerful scientists that state, the wolf is one of the most vital, necessary species on Earth, from Aldo Leopold, an entire century ago to the scientists that brought back wolves to Yellowstone. Even the Yellowstone scientists were stunned by all the ecological positives the wolf provided for this ecosystem. Yellowstone was dying without her wolves.

    Trees and plants release oxygen; create and renew a living soil; transpire the climate cooling water cycle; absorb/store the greenhouse gases for Earth and provide the habitats and food for all wild, native species. Kindergarten science: The wolf is the salvation of all the preceding — oxygen, fresh water, the living soil and the sequestration and storage of the climate warming gases for Earth. And, wolves are the salvation of the entirety of their share of planet Earth. “Perhaps this is the hidden meaning in the howl of the wolf, long known among wolves and planet Earth.”

    Did not planet Earth select wolves for North America; wolves do not belong to mankind; wolves are planet Earth’s animals. They are “her” animals and for her reasons!

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  5. No point in feeling sad then voting in Republicans. That’s just what they do and always have done. I am the first to admit that there is an occasional GOP Congressman who is conscious of the need for conservation, but they have mostly gone by the way side now. As long as these extremists are in power we can kiss our wildlife good bye, perhaps forever.

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    • I always find it puzzling when scientifically illiterate politicos are permitted to make scientific decisions. Republicans’ worldview and thinking was formed 300 years ago, before science, during the age when they burned women at the stake for being witches and wolves killed granny and little red riding hood. It was the Catholic church long ago, long before science, that maintained wolves were Satan’s dog. The earliest settlers to America believed wilderness was Satan’s playground, and the Native Americans and wolves were Satan’s disciples. The Republicans still are brainwashed by these ancient voices.

      Wilderness and wildness are truly, the real planet Earth; the Native Americans were genocided vastly more than Hitler’s genocide or 100 million Native Americans genocided, and wolves were Satan’s dogs. A century ago, a professor and writer, Aldo Leopold, created his seminal treatise about wolves. He comprehended the science for wolves based upon his personal observation of a portion of planet Earth in the Southwest, dying without her wolves. Some as I do, believe his, “Thinking Like a Mountain”, some of the greatest words ever placed on paper. All Americans should read this short essay. Leopold asks, what is planet Earth’s opinion of her wolves, and didn’t she select “her” wolves for North America?

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  6. The states are entirely incapable of “managing” wolves. The fight must be taken to the federal govt. in order to get wolves relisted. That’s the only way wolves will ever have a chance. It won’t be easy, but trying to work with wolf-hating states is a lost cause.


    • The problem Joanne is the feds are in bed with the wolf hating states. USFWS wants to delist all gray wolves across the lower 48, which would stop wolf recovery in it’s tracks. Even with ESA protection poor Echo, one of the most important dispersing wolves ever, could have established wolf habitat in the Grand Canyon yet once again she was killed by an idiot trophy hunter using the “coyote excuse”and the feds did nothing! Neither the feds or the states care about wolves, with the exception of California but that’s only because they have just one pack. Look at progressive Oregon. They have one of the filmiest wolf management plans in the country, that’s why the state was able to get away with delisting wolves in Oregon. It’s seriously pathetic. The ranchers and hunters have the real control over wolves and that’s who the feds and states listen too. Wolf advocates would have to run naked through the streets before we got any real attention for wolves.

      What wolves need is a celebrity, like Leonardo DiCaprio, to go bat for them and put his clout behind wolf recovery. I’ve lost faith in the states and feds. Sorry, not trying to sound so negative but I’m fed up with this “fluster Cuck” they call wolf recovery. It’s more like wolf slaughter.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  7. Wolves, coyotes, mountain lions, & other native animals will never be safe, never be protected, until we rid the public lands of the anti-wildlife Livestock Industry, which grazes everywhere on National Forest, wilderness areas, BLM, some National Parks, and even National Wildlife “Refuges.” The moochers graze the hell out of riparian areas, denuding soils, rivers, grasses. At the same time, these carnivore haters demand that the Federal Gov. slaughter native wild animals by the millions each year. And, we put up with it, why?
    Too bad many so-called “wildlife” groups continue to genuflect & compromise with these public lands moochers, which may be one reason the wildlife are losing.
    Having read much of Leopold, it is clear he was not only a wolf hunter for years, but he pushed for what is today’s destructive “game management” ideology. This anti-wildlife philosophy is ubiquitous in every wildlife agency policy today. Until these antiquated, biased policies are changed, and public lands ranchers removed from public lands, nothing much will change, and the slaughter will just get worse. The animals are losing, what is it we do not understand?


  8. I truly think it’s horrible that people are being allowed to go out and kill and trap these poor animals!!
    They are beautiful and sacred to many also. I agree with the gentleman that asked would you do this to your dog or allow it to be done may I add, answer I’m sure by any human with a heart is no you would not.
    These are breeds of dogs people!!
    I beg you to please shut down allowing these beautiful animals to be killed and trapped.
    Lisa Hedglin


  9. Hunters, ranchers, gaimers and many politicians will not be easy until they slaughter all wolves. Fight them as harder as you can.


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  13. To get back ON TOPIC:

    Nabeki, here’s the latest news on COlorado and their Parks & Wildlife Commission decisions departing from the broader general majority tolerance for wolves .
    In it we find the reasons for the politically-generated refusal of USFWS’ recovery of Mexican wolves being limited to south of I-40.

    First, here’s quick coverage of some statements made by 4-Corners State Governors, and the politicization involved in their demands that they control wolvess/wolves be kept out of those states.
    Here’s an obfuscatory Denver paper article with which to contrast it.

    Notice how they differ.
    I have almost certainly posted digests of the problems of endangerd species recovery goals being set just at the minimum point where positive density dependence is overcome being different that Minimum Viable Populations.

    I have, II hope, posted information on the problems of isolation and small populations being affected by homozygosity which isw, in effect, inbreeding. I will not repeat to any extent comments previously made on public blogs. it is up to those who came here to dispute to look up the science themselves.
    Should they do so, I recommend that they first gain the background, read and understand texts on Allee’ Effects..

    Here is another very recent elevation to dispute, in which media generalization of the scientific dispute over the Great Lakes Wolves, implies falsely that scientists line up to delist, when in fact the named scientists are taking positions stemming from their early misunderstanding of long-term genetic problems, MVPs, connectivity, and more.
    More importantly these particular scientists are taking their positions in response to Republican legislative efforts to exempt the wolf from ESA protection, and deny judicial review.
    Anyone who has studied the actions of some scientists, like Mech, a signer, know that he has held the position that public murder of wolves is necessary to wolf survival. He has been disputed in so many venues that it is beyo nd my count. I have elsewhere given assessments of his actions and will not repeat them. Those who came here to dispute can do the work themselves.
    Here is the obfuscating of state management employees and te NUMEROUS scientists who disagree, by headlining the issue as “scientists”:
    Of course it is the “sports”/”outdoors” journalism area, and thus you may be sure of the extreme likelihood of writer and editorial bias.

    I have already mentioned elsewhere the media bias. I think it was Jeremy Bruskotter et al. who may have identified the negative view of newswriting toward wolves (abot 3 negative paragraphs to 1 positive paragraph, in spite of the increasing scientific literature showing wolves benefiting the areas to which they have returned.

    This comment was intended to be shorter and more succinct. I apologize, as the commentors who came here to poison through inaccuracy the intent of your blog to save the lives of wolves, have caused me to allude to their inaccuracies.
    To look straight at politicization, and to address the sources and the inaccuracies, appears to invite the ridiculous..
    Yet the studies and stats are right there for everyone.
    So, the media are as usual propagandists for wolf-killing.

    You can bet, by the way, with EVERY letter to my legislators, and executives, I take time to mention the unethical actions of the democratic party concerning the Tester Bull crap (even though the appropriations bill /unrelated riders thing comes from the 1990s republicans and Gingrich et al. I studied the history of that batcrap government craziness too, but I am NOT going to re-explore it for the morons who invade wolf protection blogs).


  14. Heere, by the way, is a more ethical letter from some scientists looking at Red Wolf recovery. You may contrast this letter with what’s going on in management policies and publicized opinions about management of Mexican Wolves, and Great Lakes Wolves.

    Click to access JointScientistLetter-Sept2014.pdf

    NC and the coyote-killing lobby and all the rest of the gunfreakss of the US are pouring their efforts into maintaining their right to kill everything but humans.

    Whether in NC , WI, or CO,etc. a minority are preventing the subspecies of wolves from recovering to viable numbers. That minority is attempting to rule the two major parties in states in which the wolf is present.

    Wolves are an innocent tool, and I caution all who purport to help wolves, that they must themselves become more rigorous in their thinking , writing, and overcome their failure to withdraw from personal psychological biases as basis for conversation and assertions.

    In the West, THE major concern following inevitable delisting, whether scientifically supportable or not, is blocking implementation of wolf killing by the public in Oregon and California, and most importantly, working on the most intractable problem of Idaho management.

    WA is having to deal with these problems, and residents of those states need to get up to speed on the goals they must aim for in order to prevent US returning to policies of wolf extinction.

    Poaching of wolves in every state is a serious barrier to wolf dispersal, connectivity, and genetic health. The fight over the isolated Grizzly Bear populations is paralleling this.

    On that issue, human communities in the Sierra Nevada Mts have, of course , fears. That fear is being now publicized by media. Media gain increased audience by shouting fear; this is why wars in the Mideast exist, draining public concern and cultural change toward wildlife tolerance and restoration of ecological resilience from the public mind.



    RMEF is a large retailer, having just moved into NW CA as Roosevelt Elk have increased.
    Although it has been conclusively shown that Elk numbers rise & fall due to forest succession – (elk increase following fires/logging to small plants to larger woody plants, and then, when mature forest returns, area elk reduction),
    some of the most resistant well-financed humans to wolves falsely use this elk population variation to argue against wolves.

    I’ve mentioned previously that the winter habitat in wolf/elk/deer country is taken by cattle ranching. This issue is a practical one, and the 2% of cattle ranching done in the mountain valleys needs to be eradicated and winter habitat (also a bison issue) needs to be rewilded.


  16. Appears the link to our website from our logo on your blog needs to be updated: Thanks so much!


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