Happy Thanksgiving – Remember The Wolves

Many Howls This Thanksgiving

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  1. Wolves are always in my heart, mind and soul. I am exceedingly thankful Mother Earth chose wolves for America. I am thankful for all the times I saw wolves in Yellowstone, fighting the immense crowds also seeking to see wolves. Heartbreakingly, I gave up a few moments with wolves and my spotting scope as a young Chinese girl was screaming in delight at an opportunity to see wolves. So, I lost a few minutes, but what I experienced was worth fighting all the crowds who sought to see wolves.

    I am elderly but remember my father, long gone, telling me as a child that in difficult times, like wars, children fled to the forests to escape horror –and wolves would shield and take care of them. He also shared, if children became lost in the woods, wolves shielded them. So, I read all those fairy tales and realized they were wrong, and my dad was right.

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  2. Love from Raven, Nikki Wolf and all of us at Sacred Mountain Malamutes. Date: Thu, 26 Nov 2015 19:39:51 +0000 To: ravensonggroup@hotmail.com

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  3. Thanks to all who stand for wolves and all who stand with the Endangered Species Act.

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  4. Awe shit! What a sad picture–as if I wasn’t sad enough.

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  5. Reblogged this on Exposing the Big Game.

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  6. To all the beautiful wolves past and present I my tell you I am sorry for what my people ” humans” have done to you past and present and hope at some of us change and treat wolves and all wildlife with the respect they deserve. Happy Thanksgiving to all on this site and especially Nabeki thank you for this site.

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  7. Remember ALL of the nonhuman animals that have been murdered for human gluttony on this day of “thanks.”

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  8. There will be justice.


  9. I think of all the hunted ones whose lives ended this fall. I think about the homeless and abused pets. I think about the billions of animals whose only invitation to the banquet of life on this earth is to be the main course. So much pain inflicted on the innocent animals that the “thanks” of Thanksgiving can be hard to come by.

    For something hopeful, though, check out Wolf Haven’s update on Ione–the little female lone wolf now there and now doing well.

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  10. So beautiful – Happy Thanksgiving, Nabeki and all! I love her name, Ione. I’ll take a look,

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    • Happy Thanksgiving to you ida. I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  11. This is a tragic time for ALL animals Wild and Domestic in the United States. The ONLY thing we do not do is eat our Dogs and Cats as they do in China, North and South Korea, and even Switzerland eats their famed ‘Saint Bernard’ dogs who have rescued hundreds of people from Mountain Climbing.

    We live in a very sick World and I think that this will in time reverse itself as the so called ‘Millennials’ see what is going on and they are unhappy. They work actively on sites like Twitter and Facebook to encourage people to stop killing animals all over the World.

    This President has been horrible for the Animals in the United States. He made a campaign promise to Ban Domestic Horse Slaughter but he did not do that. His Dog travels in a separate Plane when the First Family goes on Vacation! In short, he is the worst President we have had when it comes to respect for Animal life!

    I continue to rescue Wolves when I get a call from the Dog Pound. I am the first person they call. I expect to be getting calls bit before Christmas as that is the busiest time of year for Pet dumping!


  12. I hope you enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving as well Nabeki.
    Much love you and each of us who continue to fight for our beloved wolves!


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