“Wolf Pack Meets A Coyote” @ Howlers Inn

Howlers Inn is a bed and breakfast in Bozeman, Mt that is also a wolf sanctuary for wolves who cannot be returned to the wild. They are all neutered but still live as a pack with an alpha pair.  There are two enclosures, one is three acres and the other one acre.

Howlers Inn Bed & Breakfast & Wolf Sanctuary

“The Wolf Sanctuary at Howlers Inn was set up to house captive-bred wolves that can not be released into the wild. Wolves have joined us from all over North America. All our wolves are spayed or neutered. At present we have two separate enclosures: one a 3-acre enclosure with a seasonal pond and creek, trees, boulders; the other a 1-acre enclosure also with a seasonal creek, trees and boulders. Income from the inn and donations from guests and friends support the wolves. We are not federally funded and do not breed the wolves for profit. We are federally licensed to house and care for the wolves, but we are not licensed as exhibitors. Guests at the inn are welcome to view and photograph the wolves during their stay, but we are not open to the general public for viewing.”



Video: Courtesy YouTube

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  1. Thank you! That was so beautiful. I’m sorry they have to live in an enclosure..no matter the size, but they do seem content..and relatively safe. So beautiful.

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  2. really good video. It would be great to visit! There was no coyote tho unless the human is considered one…


  3. Loved seeing this video. The wolves are beautiful!

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  4. Wolves are not intimidating and we all could learn so much from them if we were only as pure and good as they are. Beautiful video. Thank you. It shows how social and interesting these mammals are.

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  5. I must visit! They are so beautiful and majestic!
    Thank you for sharing Nabeki! 🙂

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  6. Wonderful!!– to see these majestic animals–so misunderstood, and hated by ignorant people.

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  7. This is such a wonderful effort. These animals are amazing and need to be cherished. It’s a damn shame what manKIND? has done to them. I have heard of many animal sanctuaries, mainly for dogs, cats and farm animals but this is a first and very unique. There’s no doubt I need to add this to my bucket list!


  8. You’d be sinking up to your crotch. That’s how far you sink in snow.
    In powder snow, a little further, but not to your neck (you’re reading the words of someone who has been buried by a couple avalanches, which are different entirely, than snow remaining in place after falling)

    Alpha and Omega are used less and less (and no longer by modern science. So when you read the work of the Dutchers of Ketchum, realize that they were describing a captive group back before scientists more completely understood wolves – the words are artifacts of history – just as the “will of god” is – from a benighted ignorant time),

    as humans are the ones who throw unrelated wolves together, and families are instead composed of parents and offspring, with a few occasions of returned elder offspring and more rare, an unrelated.

    From time to time, wolves establish a pack with a pair of brothers or a few sisters who dispersed together. They are flexible within the range of natural emotional life.
    I write elsewhere of the limits, the range, and the fracturing of human societies; that science is also increasingly well understood within the disciplines, although the denial of the obvious and of truth is so excessive and ubiquitous concerning humans that maybe I should mention it sometime here.

    But wolves:
    Once in a while a parent gets too old to control the most aggressive younger one from getting prime position. Following change in control, friendliness almost always prevails. Sometimes one who has lost a mate, leaves the family – dispersing.

    But wolves are individuals, and want to exist within the framework of a family.

    I go on at length because US media are STILL misusing the phrase lone wolf. The European aberration is, I see, being used in GB.
    It trips off the tongue, stumbling so erroneously.
    “Lone” wolves are dispersers who want to join with other wolves. Since it’s dangerous and lonely to be alone for a wolf, they are wary and scared (Wander around for a few weeks in grizzly country to see if you are any less gregarious. You are NOT a terrorist for being alone), it is these who have been misrepresented following the family at a distance.

    External aggression is common in many social animals; matter of fact, it is EXTREMELY common in humans, and attaching the word “wolf” to “lone” is more inaccurate than would be to attach the noun, “human.”

    If you would like to help a wolf rescue org, check “Wolf People” up near Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, which was really targeted by the brutal govt of that state this last year.
    I haven’t checked on their status recently – everything Govt Idaho disgusts me so much that I have only so much stomach for their overbearing intrusion – just as ID and MT claim the feds do to them, so do they to anyone who attempts to prevent the Euroslaughter from reoccurring to wolves.


  9. I have sponsored wolves at a number of sanctuaries, including Wolf People.I’m surprised that Wolf People has not been attacked, considering the attitudes in Idaho. My favorites places are Wolf Haven International in Washington State and the Wild Life Sanctuary in Colorado. The latter is a huge sanctuary that saves multiple species , particularly predators, in huge open areas.

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  10. A divine encounter if it was me to be there too. My adorable babies.


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  12. Having a group of wolves live like this would be worse than death. Wolves were meant to run free not a prolonged death.


    • They don’t look like they have suffered physical or psychological abuse, aren’t viewed as a tourist attraction and are treated well by the looks of things.

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