Terror In San Bernardino

Remembering The Victims in San Bernadino

Our hearts go out to the victims in San Bernardino .

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  1. Nabeki, you have such a compassionate heart. People appear to be getting dulled by these events, maybe because they are so overwhelming. Our nation is so desperate for light. Know that I consider you to be a torch.

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    • The only “light” you can expect is coming staight from your owen MIND, think, think, think and analyze EVERYTHING, don’t expect OTHERS do YOUR JOB.


      • Excuse me, Morgana, but I was simply paying a compliment to Nabeki with no expectations. Speaking of light, you need to lighten up.

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      • I will always follow the “light”


      • Sometimes we feel that no one cares about life or lives, and we become angry.
        But if we stop a sec, we might remember that those who believe in lethal response think the same way, frustrated and believing that anger is appropriate expression toward those who are less mentally/emotionally involved.

        It’s a serious problem when we chose to attack those who differ inconsequentially from ourselves – a waste of emotion (and strong emotion tends to exhaust one’s life. Many lay persons in this culture do not know this, but the roots of health require that we cease to make enemies of others in our minds)

        And once again, the whole success of nonlethal response to predators like wolves and griz requires that we understand that another can be different.

        We’ve seen people who are vegans and who are able to include a wider community of life, even resorting to the same rhetoric as those who take up firearms and kill those lives which have no defense against such violence – no law protecting them, or law so absent or ineffective that they do so with impunity.

        If you do so, what then do you demand of others?

        As a child of abuse, I’ve been wrestling with violent impulse for a lifetime. Turns out that the best thing to do, no matter how susceptible one is to acting violently, is to refrain from violent speech and threat.

        Our species is particularly prone to making violent coalition, and our social behaviors deeply associated with the use of symbolic verbal communication.
        We are subject to complex imagination to a greater extent than is known in other animals, and so much so, that we can become completely dissociated from what’s really occurring around us.

        The other day, a hunter I know expressed that if he had had his rifle within reach, he would have shot a certain famous wolf he happened to see one night. Already, we know that 80% f hunters polled in a certain poll, said they would shoot a wolf if they saw, even if it were not legal.

        He stopped conversation totally with that remark, and probably lost two customers in his unassociated business.
        Probably the best response was that silence, as coalition makes humans revert to simpler heuristics and greater violence, and dispute merely causes increased attempt to find coalition of like minds, no matter that it descends to violence.

        Yet, I will continue to remain civil and to the extent I can, loyal to his skills. I have enough history to have exposed him to the conversation of a person with whom I shared wolf stories – we being culturally and spiritually relatives of wolf. I was even able to introduce him to a wolf, and tell him about the communication the wolf was making, even though it was opaque to him. I intend still to shake his lethal ignorance.

        Back to the comment here:
        I found it wise to never second-guess strangers, and nearly every internet commentor is a stranger to each at whom they level comment.
        Further, and extremely important in real life, it is wise NEVER to demand or threaten. If you want to change a culture, you must change it in yourself.


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      • So well said If you want to change a culture you must change it in yourself, first


      • What a terrible response to Batzion’s beautiful comment to Nabeki.


    • Batzion…thank you so much for your kind words, I really appreciate it. I know we’ve all been stunned by the senseless violence in California and now a new worry because it seems the killers had even bigger plans considering all the ammo and pipe bombs found in their house. It’s really a sad day for America.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

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  2. Prayers to the families and friends of those lost and wounded. Blessings on all

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