Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Wolf persecution is another tragedy of the commons

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“It is imperative that wolf delisting language, along with other harmful policy riders that weaken the Endangered Species Act, are kept out of upcoming government funding negotiations.” ~ Howling for Wolves alert.

Wolves are again the target of blood lust. This time riders are being attached to a must-pass federal budget deal. They throw Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Wyoming wolves off the Endangered Species List, permanently, and bar the courts from protecting them. The courts have been the only check and balance on good ol’ boy trophy-killing of wolves. The riders authored by Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., and Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., endanger the authority of and scientific standards set by the Endangered Species Act as a safeguard for survival of species.

Please network the urgency of making calls to Johnson (202-224-5323 or via his website) and Tammy Baldwin (202-224-5653 or via her website

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  1. Ugh. I can’t believe they are going to try to pull this crap again. Stay strong, and I hope government has the guts to vote it down or veto it, until theses kinds of anti-life language are removed. Or will we whine and cry about a government shutdown like last time(s), putting ourselves first?


  2. The presumption that ANY wild animal should be managed or limited is both scientifically dangerous and points to the excessive hubris of humans that MUST end, before all vertebrates go into fast food .

    State depts of Wildlife or “game” all discriminate only between “game” which are basically farmed – “managed” – for human consumption, and “nongame”, which are shot, poisoned or trapped freely, as are coyotes.
    “Furbearers” are treated as game, and managed for hobby or commercial use by trappers.

    Science already shows that predators are limited by prey availability, and thus the excessive human hunting sought by several states, itself further limits wolves.
    Wolf skins are sold internationally, and this trade must be stopped completely, at least in North America, to which I must limit my deepest concern. Their prices are high, reflecting the sickening tendency of humans to kill whatever they do not know.
    The Japs are seeking to keep whaling alive, as are the wolf-hating Norwegians. Both are eager to get rich off human excess by eating everything possible, leaving nothing for other large vertebrate species.

    For those of you who wish to secure a future for wolves through knowledge, I suggest that you also look to wildlands preservation literature, as it clearly delineates problems , a major one being the motorized access – roads, ORVs, Snowmobiles (they run rampant in Montana, and the reason you see such high numbers of wolves killed is precisely due to these machines (true also in Canada ), and the failure of federal land managers to prevent it, even in Wilderness areas. Idaho also has this problem in places.
    Human overpopulation is so crazy that it has to be a grave concern to you. I have now seen the entire west so changed even from 20-30 years ago, that there is no safe place for wolves. We need to limit population AND immigration.
    I do not make these as political statements, but as practical, in order to prevent the increased pressure to enter wildlands, and to commoditize and commercialize what should be foot-travel-only wildlands, as well as the human desire to “own” furs, trophies, body parts, even the metals you string on your necks and fingers that cause excessive “commerce” using the land and the living creatures who each depend upon the land.


  3. This is a must read:

    A new study in the journal Science has concluded that the wolf hunts in Idaho and Montana are unsustainable and unscientific! The researchers found that the hunts negatively impact wolves in the following ways:
    1) decrease in survival
    2) decrease in reproduction
    3) decrease in pack size
    4) increase in social disruption
    5) decrease in population size
    One of the scientists even commented on how it is surprising that the USFWS has not identified the hunts as a threat to the wolf population!


  4. […] Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Wolf persecution is another tragedy of the commons […]


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