Beauty In Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park Gray wolf NPS 1

Glacier National Park – Gray Wolf – NPS 

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  2. everytime I read the list to the right I am sick – on the news today Oregon jerks occupying “our” land supposedly in support of a “father & son” going to jail because of poaching in Oregon – east of Portland – did they kill the Wolves? does anyone know?


    • Apparently the press would be too bad for the obama administration.
      While killing and railroading indigenous and feeling free to attack religious abduction cults was ok, the whole Bundy clan can continue to defy law, refuse to pay the public its pittance for enriching themselves through illegal cattle grazing, is not enough.
      Neither is wielding automatic assault rifles, often being caught on camera directly threatening BLM and other rangers, is ok.

      this stuff is all getting too near me.
      Malheur is on the major intermountain flyway, and these humans need to be forcibly removed.

      It’s too bad that the only people who defiantly wield guns, willing to kill others are all welfare ranchers. Those who stand up for wildlands and wildlife do not commonly arm themselves, nor indulge in paranoid fantasies.

      We have generally agreed that the nation has validity of enforcement of law, but these particular people do not, and are literally an armed insurrection – for greed, and NOT AT ALL for any democratic reason.
      The same several people are traveling about doing this threatening, and one would think by now that they are all identifiable.

      In other news, the public comment period of California Wolf Management program is continuing only this month. It contains to my reading, some wording taken exact from Oregon (whose delisting is now being challenged via lawsuit from Cascadia Wild, Oregon Wild, Center for Biological Diversity.
      The CA plan reads like an abdication of responsibility, seeking to delist with a tiny number of wolves or family groups.
      It is true that CA does not have the numbers of elk, as the Tule Elk restoration is not going fast or far, the Roosevelt elk neither, and the relative;y recent planting of Rocky mt elk in Modoc was not followed by any healthy allowance of herd growth.
      CA has some pretty fragmented habitat, and some strong effort at healing this death of a thousand cuts must be undertaken.
      Right now since the Land and Water Fund was reinstated, the federal govt can with sufficient political will use it to buy back some of this wrongly fragmented habitat.

      First, though, that whole rancher army takeover you mentioned must be completely quelled.
      Did you know that about 1/2 of all Idaho and Montana elk hunters are Californians? the stats are available. This leads to those two states wildlife laws killing wolves and farming elk.

      I believe that the Obama administration finally got a spine about the wolf rider business ONLY because tens to hundreds of thousands of citizens spoke up: Must-pass bills must NOT contain riders of any sort. I wrote tens of times to every elected fed official from prez down about this. .
      YOU must NEVER let up on such corruptions of the lawmaking process.



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    • Yes, what is vital is planet Earth’s opinion of “her” animals. Only wild, native species, all, are the life-support team members that assist planet Earth in the economy of life itself aboard Earth. Wild, native species are scientifically, biodiversity and bio means, “Life”. Animal biodiversity creates, supports and sustains planet Earth, the very planet Earth that pumps out every single lifeline mankind possesses for life itself, like oxygen, the water cycle, the balancing of the gaseous composition of the atmosphere and a long list of ecological, life-flowing services.

      Actually, predators, like wolves and coyotes, are some of the most vital and important species on Earth, especially, the top apex predators, like America’s wolves.


    • Everything can be traced back to overpopulation. There are FIVE BILLION more people in this world than this planet can comfortably sustain. People need to stop breeding like the cockroaches they are. These majestic animals have more right here than we do. These beautiful creatures are an integral part of our ecosystem, and the ignoramuses need to let go of the fairy tales. They’re afraid of the wolf, and believe the stories passed down to them, i.e., “Little Red Riding Hood”. Well, she lied! They want nothing whatever to do with us, and who the hell can blame them; we haven’t exactly presented a good example of stewards of this land. By and large we have demonstrated a flagrant disregard for the planet on which we depend for our sustenance. One of these days Mother Nature is going to level the playing field, and it will be nothing less than we deserve!

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  4. Stay safe, my friend.

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  5. How beautiful!


    • Ida…Just knowing they are there is so comforting. They’re not as easy to spot in Glacier as they are in Yellowstone (which is probably a good thing) but the park borders the North Fork of the Flathead, one of the most diverse, ecologically healthy ecosystems left in the US.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


      • Yes, with all of the nonsensical stuff humans concern themselves with – it is very ‘Zen’ to see such a beautiful animal and place, the real world outside our own interests. 🙂 Thanks, and Happy New Year!


  6. Absolutely precious♥️


  7. Stay safe!


  8. Sightings of our little brothers and sisters in my life feel like a cosmic gift.

    May they always run free and some day, without harassment.


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  10. There is far more beauty to these creatures than their fur. It is a shame that some will never understand what that is.


  11. Hi there! This is a wonderful post about wolves! Have you seen the short film, “The Fable of the Wolf,” produced by Earthjustice? “The Fable of the Wolf” illuminates the shared history between wolves and humans—as told from the wolf’s perspective– beginning at a time when the two coexisted peacefully but gives way to a future where people began to fear and exterminate wolves.

    Here is the film:

    Earthjustice is working to combat negative misconceptions about wolves and sway public opinion to support maintaining their protections under the Endangered Species Act. If you like the video, it would be great to share it with your followers in order to keep spreading the word!

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  12. Its sad how many wolves are killed and I hope the wolves don’t go extinct, cause believe it or not wolves are my inspiration and it disgust me how people think they should kill them off, they are beautiful beyond the fur, but the people who hunt them probly just think of them as vicious beast, which they aren’t.

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