Remove hunters from conservation departments like USFWS

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Remove hunters from conservation departments like USFWS. More transparency in wildlife conservation through DOJ

Request the Department of Justice and Office of Inspector General to implement changes that bring transparency in wildlife conservation. Conservation organizations like USFWS are being used to further the interests of hunting groups.

This could be considered fraudulent use of taxpayer funds. Taxpayers assume that USFWS is protecting wildlife, not sustaining hunting.

Transparency measures are urgently required to purge hunters from conservation organizations funded by taxpayers.

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  1. Please, no more killing of our fragile wildlife. Ban all hunters from Wildlife services and conservation departments. Ban all governors and other political officials from wildlife decisions,


  2. Hi Anita. Out of the blue Nabeki. I signed a petition re Alberta wolves yesterday. Nabeki must have picked it up. Or maybe she’s at wits stone unturned. It’s a good action. Can you find some signatures for this one? And send to Sue? She’ll sign and maybe fwd to her FLAP mailout. Thanks Charlot


  3. I am certainly in agreement that Wildlife Services should have an equal balance of non-hunters, animal advocates and pro-wildlife people on their staff AT THE VERY LEAST. Given that the vast majority of Wildlife Service agencies are currently made up of hunters, the only thing they seem to accomplish is killing animals either directly or through organizing hunting measures which then opens the killing to even more people. This is certainly not in the interest of conservation or wildlife Also, the fact that most Wildlife Agencies are autonomous and answer to nobody, it is clear that there is a great need to change the way these agencies operate and and even greater need to remove hunters from their midst. Having hunters run these agencies is like having child molesters on the jury in a child molestation trial. It is a major conflict of interest, completely unethical and morally reprehensible.




  5. Is this petition going to be reopened?

    The conflict of interest is utterly beyond any debate, and one of the main reasons agencies such as Wildlife Services have needlessly killed — year after year — literally millions of wild animals. You allow those devoted to and very arguably addicted to killing animals (see Brian Luke’s “Violent Love”) to “manage” and work for agencies devoted to protecting wildlife — and what you get is mass extirpations under the rubric of “harvesting” — you harvest corn or squash. Needlessly slaughtering millions of one species after another is an atrocity, period — not harvesting or culling, and, as research has time and again documented, gross MISmanagment which has only served to gravely threaten our ecological health and the future of biodiversity.

    Hunters should never have been permitted to work in any capacity for any agency whose mission is wildlife services and conservation — at any governmental level — federal, state, county, municipal.


  6. With regard to the 19 elk allegedly killed by wolves and called a surplus kill, I don’t believe it for a New York minute. What I think is this: Wyoming Fish and Game killed them themselves because they haven’t been able to get the wolf de-listed in that state, and they want to reverse the decision made. There isn’t any level to which they won’t lower themselves to accomplish their illegal ends.


  7. I agree with your heading, “Remove hunters from conservation departments like USFWS. More transparency in wildlife conservation through DOJ,” Nabeki. It is a pity that you are not in charge of looking after the wolves. Thank you for your posts.


  8. Thanks for all the comments! Until we get the majority of people (who don’t hunt), to become “ANTI-HUNTING” not much will change.
    The murder of Cecil alerted many more to the depravity of hunting, but what we really must now do, is start a REAL ANTI-HUNTING movement, which does not compromise with hunters–period. Too many “wild-life or conservation” groups work with the hunters, but the animals always lose. We simply cannot be on the fence on this: hunting is not ethical, moral, or necessary in any form.
    By the way, trapping is also considered another “form” of hunting, and many hunters get a cheap trapping license in hunting season, so they can also kill a coyote or two, or some other innocent animal. But, I am all for getting rid of ALL hunters in ALL wildlife agencies.

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  9. Removing hunters from the board of all wildlife agencies is the ultimate first step in dismantling the status quo that has been judge and jury for far too long. Hunters only represent approximately 7% of our population yet have power over the 93% of non hunters in our country. These hunters are not accountable to anyone and that has to change immediately. It’s time the 93% took charge and flexed it’s muscle.

    As long as these people continue to support hunting as a form of wildlife management and enforce game laws that protect their power and sick idea of recreation, they will continue to inflict cruelty and senseless suffering on our nations wildlife and we will never stop them
    If we dismantle their bias and power it will be the first step in replacing these people with non commercial biologists and ecologists that manage wildlife populations employing non lethal methods that would over a period of time, restore the balance so badly needed to our wildlife heritage and environment.

    We must pursue this goal, stay on course and let our politicians know that it’s time for hunting to be abolished to the dust bins of history!


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