Happy Easter

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  3. Be the howling!


  4. Love you Ruby. Thank you sweet sis!Happy Blessed and wonderful Easter to you and all you love!!


  5. Happy Easter! 🐰🌷


  6. Happy Easter to you and thank you for your greeting.


  7. Nabeki, On this Easter, let’s not be sad for the wolves we’ve lost, but be thankful for the ones that we have saved. We need to continue the fight to protect these majestic animals.


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  9. Would you care to comment on the article written concerning 19 elk killed by the wolves, and classified as a surplus kill.

    I have been a wolf advocate for, more or less, 40 years, and have found it an unending, exhausting and uphill battle royal for longer than I care to remember, and it has made me despise people more every single day and astonished at their stupidity, quite frankly.

    Since the State of Wyoming had what I would characterize as a s$%t hemorrhage when the wolf was not de-listed and continued to be federally protected, they appealed, it is my understanding, several times to undue this action. How do we even know this is not something they deliberately did by either poisoning or shooting the elk themselves in order to give their so-called arguments validation, and offer this BS up as proof the wolf needs to be delisted so they can begin hunting them again in earnest?

    I wouldn’t put ANYTHING past them.


    • Rebecca, concerning the “surplus killing” Wyoming is accusing wolves of I call BS on that. I don’t believe a word that comes out of their mouths, they’re so desperate to see wolves delisted I wouldn’t past them to stage something like this. Of course we’ll never be able to prove it but what I find ironic is everyday wolves are slaughtered and it doesn’t even make the local news but I’ve seen this ridiculous story on every major news outlet in the last day or so.

      “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes” – Mark Twain

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


      • Surplus killing is the term of wildlife biologists, MEANING, food for later.
        Wolves I have seen eating last fall’s dead. and the crusty snow that allows the wolf to shop their way and store in freezing and even decomposing fashion has great value.
        Wolf surplus killing has been shown to help the struggling grizzly bear, the overkilled black bear, the mesopredators, the many, many birds right down to fat & protein needing finches and songbirds.
        “Surplus” killing assists the existence of those necessary and beautiful (to me) condors,, turkey vultures, eagles.

        Ecologically effective numbers of wolves are NECESSARY, and their “surplus” killing is a necessary food source for so many, right down to plants, that human moralizing and selfish interest has NO place in the process.

        I have vast compassion for every animal’s and every plant’s life. Why should any one of us exclude a wolf or a hwak or a snake or a fish, because of some IMAGINED greater closeness to another animal?

        I would have stood with wolves even if I had not heard them in childhood, have lived with one who taught me intimately of himself, or those who seek their lives in the immense balancing of Nature. But the strongest compassion is love enough to grant autonomy and equal validity to another.

        Let’s ourselves every day make sure that we each grant each other being the validity they the selves feel for their own life.
        Darwin los this basic selfishness and gained equivalent compassion as he watched the living species of the Earth. He himself became more tolerant and experienced a greater compassion and connection not extant in his early life, even while he first explored south america and the island life. It is up to each of you to express your tolerance, and more, your empathy with each life, in order that our own kind be restored to sufficient kindness to overcome the fears engendered by the present greedy and unequal culture driving the hate and extinction of other lives.


  10. It is clear that they are in Noam Chomsky’s words ” manufacturing consent”. Clearly something has been designed to make wolves appear as weapons of mass destruction so that we can all beat the drums to their destruction. Such tactics are disgusting and unfortunately as the Media fails to inform people about all that we know about wolves and healthy ecosystems from the prevention of drought to the prevention of disease be it Lyme or Bubonic Plague nobody except those particularly dedicated nature discovers the natural/scientific facts.


  11. On myu trip surveying California’s ungulate population from Shasta to San Diego, I found some healthy news for the return of the woilf.
    Right now we wait for the Wolf Conservation plan’s next offer.

    Because the Mexican Wolf was found to be extremely closely allied to the wolf shot in 1922 in the Providence Mountains of now Mojave National Preserve, the deer and other ungulates of this rather remote range are also healthy enough (the New York (yes) Mts to the East have enough deer that there is public hunting there)) to support the return of the Mexican Wolf to the southeast CA mts.

    The introduced Rocky Mt Elk (Cervus elaphus nelsoni) population of Modoc to Plumas counties is growing e nough for the future young wolves to find suitable prey into the Northern Sierra.

    I have other ungulate news,, but since pronghorn and the SLOWLY recovering Sierra Nevada bighorn are only incidental prey, they alone cannot support wolf return. We have to hope for and advocate Rocky Mt , Roosevelt, and Tule Elk increase (and they are making their own wild efforts!), to help a vast area of safety for the wolf and for Nature to return.

    I really hope that Howling for Justice visitors will keep the Mexican Wolves in ind, and the suitability of the High desert mountains of California for these beautiful members of the wild clan.


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